Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1461

The atmosphere coagulated. A moment ago was laughing appearance Xia Tian, now whole person on cold like an ice, in others eyes, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert kept aloof, but in the Xia Tian eye, so-called Earth Grade greatly complete Expert anything does not calculate at this time. He grasps conveniently, can grasp in the hand. Xia Tian, today is you and fights of our several people, has nothing to do with him.” Lei Feng shouts hurriedly. This is I with his matter, gives your Lei to have nothing to do.” Xia Tian said. Xia Tian, you cannot injure him.” Ka! A sound of bone break, but this time is the neck bone, Xia Tian unexpectedly stiffly that Earth Grade greatly complete Expert neck pinching, must know that strength stronger person, the bone is harder, but Xia Tian unexpectedly so superficial his neck that bone pinching smashing. What did you say? I have not heard clearly.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Lei Feng. Powerful! Xia Tian was really too strong, was in front of Lei Feng to kill the person of Lei. What pursues is main, Lei Feng unexpectedly also with own eyes looks that own subordinate such died a tragic death in the Xia Tian hand, means do not have. Xia Tian, you went too far.” Lei Feng looks at Xia Tian angrily. Excessively? I did not think that I here is kills today your, excessive what this has?” Xia Tian very optional saying.

Xia Tian, first fights me to come.” The corrupt wolf flew from behind directly, his right hand wields, when a long sword presents in his hands, the person sees the sword in his hand in the presence of everyone stares. Because in his hand is taking that sword is the Wei Guang sword. He puts out this goal of sword is to again tell everybody, Wei Guang is he kills, truly so, the average person saw this sword time the desire of not having fought, cracked a joke, Wei Guang by the homicide, that on the scene can defeat his person also to have several. You do not know that this shouldn't turn over to you sword?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the corrupt wolf. Wei Guang was killed by me, his sword naturally is my spoils of war.” Corrupt wolf very proud saying, since this has been he for a long time the proudest success, therefore he wants to make the world Expert know. Xia Tian since knows after his father has not died, again has not borne a grudge Wei Guang, especially now Wei Guang died, he is an honourable match, moreover Wei Guang is Yin Nie Junior Brother, therefore Xia Tian does not want to make Yin Nie difficult to do. The corrupt wolf takes the Wei Guang sword to show off this at this time everywhere is to the Wei Guang biggest insult. Corrupt wolf, you meets Wei Guang time, Wei Guang is the severe wound.” Xia Tian looked that said to the corrupt wolf, he very clear was absolutely impossible to win Wei Guang by corrupt wolf then strength directly. I do not know.” The corrupt wolf starts to quibble directly, he sees Wei Guang time, Wei Guang is not only the severe wound, simply is the condition that the frequency dies, but he is unwarrantable, otherwise everybody thinks that he is mean and shameless. Sneak attacks in the condition of Wei Guang severe wound. Let alone was your then strength, even if present you do not hit the heyday Wei Guang, what that Wei Guang wasn't the severe wound is?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. Snort, Xia Tian, the matter with a deceased person, the present should not be dead in any case not verify, how you said that was OK.” Corrupt wolf cold snort, he wants to uncover this matter, because started some people to discuss that now he took advantage of somebody. Right, truly is dies not verifies.” Xia Tian nodded.

Hears the Xia Tian words, corrupt wolf probably was revealed the card in a hand to be the same, but he is hard broken saying: Xia Tian, the idle talk little said that actually strongly actually today I must have a look at your this to be known as the world first man.” Corrupt wolf, looks in the share of your long clown, I let your three moves, so long as your three moves can injure to obtain me, my you win.” Xia Tian said. What is called to look down upon the person? This called to look down upon the person. No matter what the corrupt wolf is also one of the China four big Expert, but Xia Tian unexpectedly so looks down upon the person, probably is teaching Junior to be the same. Hateful, Xia Tian, do not look down upon the person.” Corrupt wolf angry looks at Xia Tian, no matter what he now is also one generation of Expert, but does not have in a Xia Tian here his unexpectedly self-respect. You told me, why was I thinking highly of you? Have you won me? Previous time fought you very one to incur? I remember that our two first time fought has most at least hit dozens rounds, the second more than ten rounds, the third time less than ten rounds, the last round, what qualifications did you have to make me think highly of?” Xia Tian used most real data statistics the result. His these data can indicate that a phenomenon, that was the he and corrupt wolves disparity between was getting bigger and bigger, the corrupt wolf forever is unable to follow his footsteps. Hears the Xia Tian words, the people on the scene also saw among them the disparity. Snort, I am disinclined to make the struggle of argument with you, under our hands sees the true facts.” The corrupt wolf discovered one were such compared by Xia Tian, probably compared not to have, he cannot tolerate this matter occurrence, the face that therefore this time he must discard before all won. Yeah, bored, Qi Huan, helping me lift a stool to come.” After Xia Tian sighed, said. Good.” Qi Huan lifted a stool, Xia Tian directly by sitting above. Cow B.

This is really good B, sits on the stool to fighting of corrupt wolves China four big Expert, if others, wishes one could to bathe to change clothes first, hits this startled world, indescribably tragic major battle, but Xia Tian is such optional, probably is teasing the child to be the same. You go too far, I will certainly make you regret.” The corrupt wolf could not control own anger, he had not seen looks like Xia Tian such to look down upon the person, no matter what he now is also one of the China four big Expert, but Xia Tian unexpectedly must sit there and he hits. I told you, I was am bullying you, can you I be what kind of? The idle talk are really many, do you hit, the words that does not hit let you behind on that 12 waste.” Xia Tian very impatient saying. Courts death!” The flash, the corrupt wolf has gotten rid, the corrupt wolf worthily is new China four big Expert, he leaves the speed of sword to be quick, moreover every time probably is quickly is entering to be the same, the movement is wonderful, attacked directly to Xia Tian. dāng! When his sword must attack Xia Tian immediately, two fingers of Xia Tian gripped his sword directly: Yeah, was too slow, with the Wei Guang sword compared with incoming messenger several ranks.” The first move. Xia Tian loosened the sword of corrupt wolf. Hateful, you court death.” A body revolution of corrupt wolf, the long sword in his hand as if changed into a long line to be the same afterward, the whole person flew.