Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1465

Heard Xia Tian to say when true Sword Technique, all people all opened the eye. What unique skill they want the outcome that has a look at Xia Tian to use are. Wan sword returns to the birth family. Red Abyss in Xia Tian right hand flings, spiritual energy in within the body covers entirely the sword blade instantaneously, afterward around the body of Xia Tian starts to present dozens Red Abyss, afterward is over a hundred Red Abyss, over a thousand Red Abyss, finally enough appearances of over ten thousand Red Abyss. Every one probably really exists. Moreover these swords exist regarding Xia Tian. At this time the Xia Tian surroundings probably are an incomparably huge sword tomb are the same, but Xia Tian controls the master in this sword tomb. So long as he issues an order, then these swords will attack the Xia Tian enemy. Domain?” Lei Feng sees Xia Tian uses this move of time, the tooth bites, but when these people hear Lei Feng's words looked to Lei Feng, they do not know how the domain was a matter. Big brother, what is the domain?” The corrupt wolf asked. Now he forms is also not the domain, but this is the domain embryonic form, sooner or later he can form the true domain.” Lei Feng looks that the Xia Tian time complexion is ugly, afterward he continues saying: „After domain is Heaven Grade, ability that can have, once the awakening domain, that showed that this person has into the super Expert potential . Moreover the that moment of the domain forming, he has surmounted these so-called talents, person who Expert of same rank, has the domain can hit ten.” „Does hit ten?” The corrupt wolf looks at Lei Feng surprisedly. Right, is one hits ten, moreover this was also only just started, I heard that the domain can also promote, exceed arrived at behind, the domain might was bigger.” Lei Feng answered. Hears Lei Feng's words, all people all are inconceivable looks to Xia Tian. Today, Xia Tian has taken to them too many surprised, before they think that Xia Tian the first under Heaven Expert is just a reputation, in fact he compared ordinary Earth Grade greatly complete Expert many.

Now they are but clear, this time Xia Tian has surmounted Earth Grade greatly complete Expert completely, these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert before him like ants. This is true first under Heaven Expert. This move is called Wan sword to return to the birth family, if your 12 do not die, I do not kill you.” Xia Tian first time used Wan sword of complete body to return to the birth family, this time Lei 12 killed completely in front of these over ten thousand Red Abyss by Xia Tian shocking. If sword air/Qi, they are easy to do. Because beforehand Xia Tian has used the sword to be mad, they can find the way to resist, but at this time in front of them is Red Abyss of over ten thousand genuine goods at reasonable prices. Every one probably really exists, does this also hit? Hateful, this we admit defeat.” Lei Feng's angry shouting. Admits defeat? Lei Feng, I am not ask you to contend in martial arts, we today are the wars of life and death, I did not mind that you get rid directly, but you same must die finally.” Very Xia Tian disdains looks to Lei Feng. At this time periphery these people are also very discontented looks to Lei Feng. Xia Tian gets the gate, moreover he fights Lei 12 to kill, but Lei Feng unexpectedly must act shamelessly at this critical moment. Xia Tian, they are my person, I do not allow you to injure them.” Lei Feng gives a loud shout, afterward his body occurred changed, all people saw color light that dropped from the clouds fell on Lei Feng's body directly, afterward Lei Feng's body was stronger than before, the muscle also increased were many: Today I must make you experience anything am true Heaven Grade Expert.” Heaven Grade Expert! When hears Lei Feng's words, all people all opened the mouth, Lei Feng unexpectedly turned into Heaven Grade Expert now. Since Heaven Grade Expert has been only a legend, a nobody has seen legend that the legend, all people do not know, but they must see true Heaven Grade Expert today.

However also has few people to think that Lei Feng is boasting, because in this world is impossible to have Heaven Grade Expert. If you are not Heaven Grade, I will also think that does not have the meaning.” Xia Tian is also looks to Lei Feng who a face anticipates, he has not seen Heaven Grade Expert, today he can experience finally, fierce location of Heaven Grade Expert. Hears the Xia Tian words, these questioned the person of Lei Feng strength all surprised looks to Lei Feng. Originally Lei Feng now is really Heaven Grade Expert. If Lei Feng said that everybody possibly does not believe that but unexpectedly links Xia Tian also to say now, everybody believed firmly, at this time all people all steadily look at Lei Feng. Regarding them, Heaven Grade Expert was really too mysterious. This type mysterious probably is human before landing on Moon to the suspicion of Moon is the same, they have thought the innumerable possibilities, but has not seen, today finally has the opportunity to experience anything is true Heaven Grade Expert. Go! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward around his body these Red Abyss fired into Lei 12 to kill directly, enormous and powerful over ten thousand deep pool rainbow swords have killed to 12 of Lei on such thorn, the present Lei 12 kills does not know how completely should dodge. The thought of even continually resisting did not have. They do not believe one can evade this all over the sky deep pool rainbow sword. 12 people must die of the Xia Tian sword shortly get down. Snort! All people heard numerous cold snort sound, afterward Lei Feng's body appears in the front that Lei 12 kills.

earth! The dirt wall appears together, all deep pool rainbow swords all kept off outside the dirt wall. Over ten thousand deep pool rainbow sword unexpectedly have not broken that [say / way] seems like the simple dirt walls, normal, smashing that let alone was the dirt wall is the stone also hit, but was this simple dirt wall has blocked Xia Tian that enormous and powerful attack. Xia Tian, this is the Heaven Grade strength, your Wan sword returns to the birth family to cut to kill all Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but Earth Grade is greatly complete is only Earth Grade greatly is eventually complete, it and between Heaven Grade has the insurmountable drainage ditch, once enters Heaven Grade, then cuts to kill Earth Grade to be greatly complete like chopping the melon cuts the vegetable.” Lei Feng's big hand wields, dirt wall vanishes directly, his sound has spread over in the ears of all people. Heaven Grade Expert. This is the Heaven Grade Expert strength. A simple dirt wall on neutralize Xia Tian that enormous and powerful attack. Earth Grade is greatly complete ultimate is only Earth Grade is greatly complete. Although it and Heaven Grade only miss a rank, but Earth Grade is greatly complete with Heaven Grade has on this day between difference, reason that Heaven Grade calls Heaven Grade, is once because cultivation to this Realm, that can call the day, but no longer is the mortal. Xia Tian is first under Heaven Expert, but this merely regarding Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. But now his opposite Lei Feng is Heaven Grade Expert.