Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1466

Although the Xia Family person already prepared for at heart. But when they see with one's own eyes Heaven Grade Expert, somewhat shocks. Eastern Man they several controls also perspired. Although they diligently have been attacking Heaven Grade Realm, but they had not arrived at that Realm, now has seen with one's own eyes Heaven Grade Expert, they also very anxious, moreover they also started are Xia Tian worry. Lei Feng said right, Xia Tian is Earth Grade greatly is truly complete inside first under Heaven. However and compared with Heaven Grade? That attack showed all a moment ago. Xia Tian can easily the Insta-kill Earth Grade greatly complete Expert style, actually by Lei Feng so superficial neutralize. This is the Heaven Grade Expert strength.” On the face of Xia Tian does not have the slight fear, but is excited, present he specially excited, today he sees Heaven Grade Expert finally, moreover then he must carry on to fight with this Heaven Grade Expert. Lei Feng. Since continuously most formidable match. This world most formidable two families are Xia Family and Lei, Xia Family are support by Xia Tian, Lei is Lei Feng and Lei 12 kills, now Lei 12 killed to defeat, if were not Lei Feng gets rid, they must die in the hand of Xia Tian. Remaining was Lei Feng. Everybody believes that Lei Feng is also Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. But now they have determined, Lei Feng is Heaven Grade Expert, Heaven Grade Expert of genuine goods at reasonable prices, super existence in legend. Xia Tian, you had not realized that you did lose now? In front of Heaven Grade, your so-called formidable methods are to collapse at the first blow.” Saying that Lei Feng disdains.

Below Heaven Grade such as slaughter dog. This is Heaven Grade Expert. Right?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „Since Heaven Grade has been a secret, but I tell you today a news, is not cultivation can become the talent quickly, all cultivation quick people, the foundation is not steady, so long as Heaven Grade Expert uses spiritual energy to give you to supplement spiritual energy, you will overstate.” A Lei Feng face badly smiles looks to Xia Tian: I remember that you were greatly complete to Earth Grade from the average person have only used for a half year.” A half year. Hears Lei Feng's words, all people all inconceivable looked to Xia Tian. They only know that Xia Tian is first under Heaven Expert, but they do not know that Xia Tian was greatly complete to Earth Grade from the average person has only used for a half year, this cultivation speed also too monstruous talent, this simply broke the legend. How is this possible?” The corrupt wolf has thought one were the talent in talent, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly only used for a half year to be greatly complete to Earth Grade on cultivation, was this possible? Went against heaven's will simply. You can give a try.” Xia Tian calm saying. Courts death.” Lei Feng right hand wields, a pure strength direct cover to Xia Tian. Xia Tian felt that pure spiritual energy since own within the body, the consumption all restored, even his spiritual energy a little changed, was equal uses spirit stone to absorb about 78 days to him the effect. Comes again.” Xia Tian smiling looks at Lei Feng to say. What?” Sees Xia Tian to be all right, Lei Feng also stares, afterward he together spiritual energy flings: I do not believe you unable to overstate like this.” Also spiritual energy enters Xia Tian within the body together. Normal, even if Lei Feng's spiritual energy is unable to make Xia Tian not possibly overstate to be absorbed by Xia Tian, because this after is Lei Feng's strength, but does not belong to Xia Tian own, but before Xia Tian is not that Xia Tian.

Initially when pill emperor cavern third. Xia Tian took flew upwards pill. Takes to fly upwards pill's process not to be simple, flies upwards pill simply the foundation reorganization of Xia Tian , helping the Xia Tian temperance foundation, although therefore present Xia Tian only cultivation a half year, but his basis is deep on these cultivation 100-200 years of old monsters. What is main, the ability of small insect was also obtained by him, but he may unable to eat up these big monsters, but eats spiritual energy, others slowly absorb spiritual energy, but Xia Tian swallows. He can swallow spiritual energy in spirit stone. Then makes the body digest slowly. After digesting, continued to swallow. This is the new ability that Xia Tian obtains. Therefore Lei Feng these two not only cannot cause any damage to Xia Tian, but also was Xia Tian has made the bridal clothes, direct helped Xia Tian cultivation free several days. How is this possible?” Saw appearance that a Xia Tian face enjoys, inconceivable of Lei Feng whole face: Your foundation should very frail is right, why do I get rid unable to make you overstate twice?” „, Forgot to tell you, I have taken compounded drug, after taking, my foundation was equal in others cultivation 100-200 years, therefore your move did not have to my use.” Xia Tian very optional saying. At this time on-the-spot person already thorough does not know that should say any was good, they understand why finally Xia Tian can become first under Heaven. The talent adds on the luck. Lacks anything to come anything. His unexpectedly can also obtain this type of treasure compounded drug.

Good, even if were you took this type of god level compounded drug, can be what kind of? You just enhanced your foundation, but you are still the Earth Grade greatly complete person, has that together insurmountable drainage ditch with Heaven Grade.” Lei Feng thinks can easily solves Xia Tian. His that move probably was Earth Grade Expert uses Inner Strength manifestation to attack the Earth Grade following person to be the same. Regarding the Earth Grade following person, the attack that Inner Strength manifestation is unable to explain, but regarding same Earth Grade Expert, Inner Strength manifestation was not any skill. Lei Feng wanted to make Xia Tian overstate with spiritual energy a moment ago, this is Heaven Grade Expert bullies the Heaven Grade following means. But he failed. Hits has known.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, at this time he really very excited, becomes regarding him Heaven Grade is not difficult, but he did not have to experience the Heaven Grade Expert strength. Today he can finally positive experience Heaven Grade Expert was fierce. Good, actually I must make you have a look at Heaven Grade Expert and Earth Grade today am greatly complete the disparity in a big way.” Lei Feng said that the body moved, when he is away from the Xia Tian also distance, he fights with the fists. What does? Studies the spatial bright fist? Spatial bright fist such far distance is unable to make the too big injury.” Xia Tian doubts looks at Lei Feng. Bang! But at this moment, all people saw the sudden dirt wall, hit directly on the body of Xia Tian. Does not have the indication. Earth Grade late stage above Expert can feel the crisis approached, but this dirt wall seems sudden, Xia Tian has not discovered his existence.