Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1467

A move. Lei Feng has used merely only one move, was known as that first under Heaven Expert Xia Tian was hit to fly, does not have the strength to hit back. This is the Heaven Grade Expert fearful place. Beforehand Xia Tian has established the Expert style to the person. In the heart of people even thinks Xia Tian is the perfection, but his unexpectedly move was hit to fly by Lei Feng, this too exaggerated simply, although since Heaven Grade has been a legend. But they have not thought that Heaven Grade Expert unexpectedly is so fierce, they do not believe absolutely is Xia Tian is too weak. Because Xia Tian had already proven own strength. Therefore is not Xia Tian is too weak, but was Lei Feng was too strong, strong to inconceivable, Xia Tian this first under Heaven Expert was not his match. Quite fierce, is this Heaven Grade Expert? unexpectedly cannot block one move including world first Xia Tian.” Ended, this time all ended, Xia Family this time lost, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert possibly was how victorious Heaven Grade Expert.” Lei Feng wins, before regardless, Xia Family had the multi- cows to be useless, Lei Feng will definitely stamp out the source of trouble.” The surrounding these people deep shock arrived by Lei Feng's powerful strength, they experience fierce of Heaven Grade Expert today, now also nobody thinks again Xia Tian can win. Then has troubled, is really Heaven Grade.” Eastern Man frowns to say. I believe the Boss.” Qi Huan has gotten hold of the fist. Bang! Was struck Xia Tian that flies to drop on the ground, the whole person like this lies down there, motionless, scene exceptionally peaceful, everybody looked to him, looked that he was struck by Heaven Grade Expert gives to kill. Has lain down for probably about ten seconds. Excuse me, was too recently sleepy, slept a moment ago.” Saying of Xia Tian very apology. Heard the Xia Tian words, the scene emerges the infinite cheers all of a sudden. They also really think a moment ago Xia Tian was dying.

Human body defends unexpectedly such formidable.” A Lei Feng brow wrinkle, along with are more with the understanding of Xia Tian, he is surprised, as if on Xia Tian has the inexhaustible secret to be the same. Originally this is so-called Heaven Grade Expert.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. All people looked to him, because he had revealed Lei 12 to kill a moment ago, Xia Tian must reveal evidently now Heaven Grade Expert, after that was he revealed that Heaven Grade Expert is also not anything. So-called Heaven Grade Expert.” Xia Tian said here time: Actually is very fierce.” On the foreheads of all people is the heavy line. They think that Xia Tian must reveal Heaven Grade Expert, but has not thought that Xia Tian finally unexpectedly spoke such a few words. Although your human body defense endures compared with Heaven Grade Expert, but you same are not my match.” Lei Feng said that fights with the fists once more, Xia Tian this time may grow the memory, he starts retreat hurriedly. But. Bang! His body was hit to fly again. Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth. Scene once more peaceful, has been injured, Xia Tian unexpectedly has been injured, although before , he Lei 12 killed has also been injured to the attack, but that was only the skin flesh wound, his restoration speed was so fast, was already good. Now is but different. Present Xia Tian receives the internal injury. Although he wanted to move aside a moment ago furiously, but he has still not shunted Lei Feng's fist. Bang! The body of Xia Tian has not come to a stop, Lei Feng's next fist has hit. Whiz!

Flickers the body technique. Bang! Xia Tian thinks, if flickers the body technique to escape, what a pity failed, his body was hit to fly by Lei Feng again. Xia Tian, useless, I had said that in the face of the Heaven Grade strength, you is really is much weaker, your methods look like the child cross each family to be the same in my eyes.” Saying that Lei Feng disdains. Right. Xia Tian Martial Arts are many, the style are many, he can casually with any move Insta-kill Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but he is unable to use these styles to cope with Heaven Grade Expert, because this is disparity essentially. His these methods in the face of the absolute strength, absolutely do not have any use. The body of Xia Tian was knocked down directly. Lei Feng has not worried to get rid, because of this time, Xia Tian probably is a toy is in his eyes same: Runs, now escapes is your only opportunity, you also know, once leaves here, I cannot display the Heaven Grade strength, so long as you clamp the tail to escape from here, you lived.” Lei Feng was taunting Xia Tian intentionally. Right, so long as Xia Tian flees from here, Lei Feng does not dare to pursue absolutely, because Lei Feng does not use here strength, he absolutely is not the Xia Tian match. „Did you regard corrupt wolf me? Will run away.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth one, very ugly, at this time his on the tooth is the blood, the appearance seems is really scary. Hears the Xia Tian words, straight clenching teeth of corrupt wolf air/Qi. unexpectedly in this case, Xia Tian has not forgotten to insult him. Has remembered, the corrupt wolf is my younger brother, is not you can insult.” Lei Feng vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian saying that since he and corrupt wolf has sworn brotherhood, they were the brothers. He cannot look that corrupt wolf was insulted by Xia Tian. I insulted, can you be what kind of? Bites me.” Although now the Xia Tian condition is not good, but he is an arrogant appearance. Bang! Lei Feng this time rushed to front foot of Xia Tian to trample directly above the chest of Xia Tian.

Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth, is only the flash, the body of Xia Tian hits the following stone crushes. Saw that such scene all people were not cruel enough to look. Boss!” The Xia Family person worries looks to Xia Tian, but they know, regardless of what happened, they cannot come up, because this is the matter that Xia Tian most abstains from. You said that I can be what kind of?” Lei Feng coldly looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian wish stands, but his first time stands falls down directly, second time he closed tightly his tooth to stand difficultly, all people saw, the leg of Xia Tian even a little shivered. This is Xia Tian most miserable one time. Has seen Xia Tian from nobody hit is so miserable. This is Heaven Grade Expert and Earth Grade greatly is complete the disparity. My blood are many, spits point to be all right.” Xia Tian is still a face smiling face looks at Lei Feng: Swears brotherhood with the dog, no wonder you now also will bite.” Bang! His words, have not said that Lei Feng once more fought with the fists on the body of Xia Tian. The body of Xia Tian has flown upside down once more. Scene very peaceful, only then wind blows the sound of leaf, Xia Tian? Has not stood. Everybody waited for ten seconds, has not stood, 30 seconds, have still not stood, one minute, have not stood. Snort, is really the waste.” Saying that Lei Feng leng snort disdaining. Yeah, was really too sleepy, has fallen asleep, but warmed up to finish.” At this moment everybody heard that incomparably familiar sound.