Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1469

Heaven Grade will Expert possibly only meet the tough head-on with toughness with the person with the fist? A moment ago collision between he and Xia Tian, to experiment the Xia Tian strength. Since confirmed now, he naturally must put out Heaven Grade Expert to have the strength that Lei Feng only used the Heaven Grade Expert little ability a moment ago, is the earth fist, fights with the fists, the incomparable formidable dirt wall can explain various attacks. Regarding Heaven Grade Expert. All people are the blind spots. Unknown Expert is most fearful, looks like Earth Grade late stage Expert, can know in advance the crisis, does not know that this person will suffer a loss, but what Earth Grade is greatly complete is slight, if not know this also will suffer a loss. Heaven Grade won't Expert have the card in a hand? Obviously is impossible. Has any skill to use freely.” Xia Tian does not believe Heaven Grade Expert, only then this skill, if Heaven Grade Expert, only then this skill, that Xia Tian does not use the fee that in a big way was flustered. Really was too splendid, this was collision between world first Expert and Heaven Grade, was really too extraordinary, can watch this competition, really made me not have lives in vain a chapter.” This is the contest between true Expert, summer Senior worthily is world first Expert, even if facing is a Heaven Grade Lei Feng unexpectedly inferiority does not occupy.” Moreover summer Senior has only used six months, a half year, greatly has been complete to Earth Grade from average person cultivation, even can with the Heaven Grade fight, this break the legend absolutely.” Surroundings these people all is a face worship looks at Xia Tian, regarding them, Xia Tian is one living legend, moreover they believe that the Xia Tian cultivation speed is absolutely unprecedented. Bang! Lei Feng fights with the fists directly. Still is the dirt wall.

The Xia Tian right hand pulls, cold ice wall with dirt wall hit in one, afterward Xia Tian fast retreat, Lei Feng's forms of defensive action already completely by Xia Tian neutralize, regardless of he hits several times results is the same. Can Lei Feng this truth? When Xia Tian retreat, his ground becomes cannot withstand suddenly ruggedly. „It is not good.” The Xia Tian complexion changes, afterward he runs hurriedly upwardly, the ground he was unable to walk, he can only walk from heavenly. But at this moment. Already knows that you will fly.” Lei Feng suddenly appears in the Xia Tian sky. Bang! A fist overcomes directly, if so the fist of short distance in hitting, that does not die is remnant, Xia Tian human body formidable, he absolutely cannot shoulder this fist. In the most critical time, the Xia Tian left hand double refers to selecting instantaneously. Bang! His left hand double referred to with Lei Feng's fist to one. Although Xia Tian blocked these has attacked, a fist that but Lei Feng made from top to bottom, strength very big, pressed Xia Tian directly above the ground. Bang! The might of Lei Feng Dirt wall had not been iced wall neutralize a moment ago completely, Xia Tian thinks one can hide the remaining attacks, is at this time, he had been fixed by Lei Feng there completely. Bang!

The body of Xia Tian was raised to fly directly. In Lei Feng's right hand presented a crudely fashioned gun, he took the crudely fashioned gun direct thorn to pour in ground Xia Tian. Was bad.” Xia Tian feels own body unusual pain, moreover he probably by ground firmly surrounding, having made him unable to move, saw that Lei Feng's (spear|gun) must stab his heart. ! The illusory wing of his back moves, body of Xia Tian. Puff! The long spear in Lei Feng hand pierced the left shoulder of Xia Tian directly. The body of Xia Tian was known as the attack that the body of dying, Lei 12 does not kill cannot break his skin, although has left behind the scar on his skin, but is not serious, but crudely fashioned gun unexpectedly in ten times Lei Feng hands pierced the shoulder of Xia Tian directly. The dirt wall in piercing that moment of Xia Tian shoulder changed into the soil directly, drops on the ground, but what in the soil wraps is a silver long spear, this long spear is the weapon of Spirit Tool rank. A moment ago Lei Feng earth element including in this (spear|gun) on. Whistling! Lei Feng in big mouth is panting for breath, thus it can be seen, that move was not that with ease can display regarding him. Can say Lei Feng's set of double hit very attractively. Finished?” All people all by Lei Feng's set of double hit shaking, have had saying that Lei Feng's strength is really very formidable, the Heaven Grade Expert ability also emerges one after another incessantly. Although a moment ago Xia Tian neutralize dirt wall, but he was still pierced the shoulder by Lei Feng at this time, then decided Xia Tian the silver long spear above the ground.

Let Xia Tian unable to move. Xia Tian, you lost, between I and you am the war of life and death, loses dies, moreover I will not let off Xia Family.” Lei Feng coldly looks at Xia Tian. Right?” This time Xia Tian incomparably tranquil lying down above ground: Has been a pity, present Xia Family I have arranged Rank 2 to kill, let alone you left here are not Heaven Grade Expert, even if you were Heaven Grade Expert if dares to rush hardly, died \; By your present strength, so long as goes out of Hidden Sect, my Xia Family juniors can kill you, therefore do not frighten me with such weak threat.” Rank 2 kills!” On Lei Feng's face presented many surprised. Formation, even if in the spirit world is also very mysterious, a Formation master will obtain gathering of major influences, can say where, regardless of a Formation master arrives, there master will come out to greet personally. This is the fearful place of Formation master. Do not say that is the Rank 2 Formation master, even if will be the Rank 1 Formation master will also receive the attendances of some respected families, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will be a Formation master . Moreover the Rank 2 Formation master, now he starts to admire Xia Tian. But people other on the scene hear the Xia Tian words, starts to sigh with emotion Xia Family was formidable. Lei Feng truly cannot Xia Family be what kind. This person cannot remain absolutely.” Lei Feng innermost feelings secretly thought, he understands that he must kill Xia Tian, otherwise Xia Tian in the future definitely is a fearful match, now he can win Xia Tian, however one year later? Ten years later? „Can't I move your Xia Family to be also what kind of? Now you must die without doubt, you are impossible to live are leaving from here.” Saying of Lei Feng coldly. Shouted, Lei Feng, I do not want to use that move actually very much, but looks like does not use now is not good, the Heaven Grade Expert strength was very fearful.” Xia Tian light saying, expression very tranquil, on his face does not have slight panic-stricken. „Do you have the card in a hand?” A Lei Feng's brow wrinkle. „The Xia Family disciple obeys orders, all people remove to one kilometer beyond, regardless of here what happened do not come.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout directly, afterward his right hand crumb a vessel, a drop of blood flowed in his mouth.