Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1472

Bang! Xia Tian fights with the fists on Lei Feng's body. Puff! Lei Feng understands at this time that he died, but he has not dropped down. Walks!” Lei Feng clenches teeth to say. Big brother!” The corner of the eye of corrupt wolf has flowed out tears, he looked at the Lei Feng last eyes, afterward his body has fired into that [say / way] transmission gate directly. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian flashes through from Lei Feng's front, but the flash arrived at the front of corrupt wolf. What?” The corrupt wolf has not thought that Xia Tian speed unexpectedly is so quick. Bang! In the fist of Xia Tian hits immediately on corrupt wolf, hit to fly him vigorously directly, was Lei Feng, this time Lei Feng whole body blood red, this was the blood sacrifice big law, was the technique of taboo, used own life receiving in exchange short strength, very short strength. Walks!” Lei Feng gives a loud shout once more. This corrupt wolf not hesitant, he has not even turned head, he fears death, simultaneously he also knows, only then live can revenge, therefore he must run away, if he continues such to get down again, he will certainly die in the hand of Xia Tian. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian flushes away once more forward. Bang! Lei Feng's keeping off again in the Xia Tian front: Do not want to pass.” Bang! Hitting of Xia Tian fist fist on Lei Feng's body, Lei Feng has not then resisted, whatever like this fist of Xia Tian hits on his body, hitting of fist then fist on his body.

Ka! Sound of bone break, Lei Feng's bone in breaks, but his no snort comes out obstinately. Since Lei Feng has been a dauntless man, simultaneously he also unusual being loyal, takes care of the subordinate, but he should not with Xia Tian for the enemy, otherwise he will not end up to turn out so is out. bo! The corrupt wolf has run into that transmission gate directly, after he enters the transmission gate. Bang! The transmission gate explodes directly, periphery more than ten meters will explode the flat land, suddenly here mist and dust rises from all directions. Distant place Qi Huan and the others in had been shocked by this fight completely. Strong! Xia Tian was really too strong, his unexpectedly has ruined the entire Lei by strength of the, this transmission gate was also forced to ruin, this time can say that Lei has defeated thoroughly, moreover defeated very miserably. Mist and dust divergence gradually. All person all clear seeing, Xia Tian at this time hitting of fist then fist on Lei Feng, Lei Feng's body had been smashed under the ground, the bone has broken completely, but Xia Tian has still not called a halt. Very strong killing heart.” A Yin Nie brow wrinkle. Walks, Qi Huan, ordering all people to leave Hidden Sect, returns to Xia Family.” Eastern Man shouts hurriedly. Draws back, withdraws from here, the Xia Family juniors return to Xia Family.” Qi Huan direct shouts loudly. Is his sound is too perhaps big. Was hitting to pound Lei Feng's Xia Tian to call a halt suddenly, he turned head directly, the vision happen to looked to Qi Huan and the others, when they discovered that Xia Tian looked to their moment, their hearts hung, although Xia Tian with them was one group, but was staring by Xia Tian at this time, probably observing closely was the same by the devil. Walks quickly.” Qi Huan has one unlucky premonition.

The surroundings these person and Xia Family person starts retreat completely, why does not know, they felt that then perhaps will have any terrifying the matter. Whiz! Vanished. The body of Xia Tian vanished in once more same place. Vanished.” Qi Huan saw that Xia Tian vanished has been immediately startled. In above.” Eastern Man said hurriedly. When Qi Huan gains ground, Xia Tian has stood in his front, at this time distance between Xia Tian and Qi Huan be only does not take one meter, Qi Huan to have a scare by Xia Tian. Boss, you are all right.” Although Qi Huan had a scare, but he asks. ! Xia Tian gets rid instantaneously, fought with the fists to Qi Huan. Bang! Qi Huan Saint armor appears directly, Xia Tian attack neutralize part. bo! But quick, his Saint armor was crushed by Xia Tian this fist. Qi Huan without enough time shunts this fist radically, saw that he must die under the fist of Xia Tian. When dāng! dāng! Yin Nie, Eastern Man and Northern Army also get rid, assigned the body of Xia Tian there, his fist only missed one centimeter to hit on the face of Xia Tian. Boss, you awakes.” Qi Huan anxious shouting.

On the face of Xia Tian presented very puzzled expression, at the same time, his within the body has had two strengths, one is the strength of pill emperor compounded drug, another is the strength of statue powder, these two strength short suppressions the strength of fallen angel. Qi Huan, walks quickly, I must unable to control this strength . Moreover the strength of my within the body in the rebellion, Xia Family I could not possibly be going back, later Xia Family gave you.” The eye of Xia Tian returned to normal. Boss, is.” Not anything, but, walks, do not disappoint me to your expectation, after your cultivation to Heaven Grade, will have one to ask the person of monster jade to look for you, when the time comes you follow him.” Xia Tian said that direct turn around runs to the Hidden Sect deep place. Walks!” Eastern Man helpless shaking the head. Boss, I will certainly not disappoint you to my expectation.” Qi Huan is grasping own fist firm saying. They understand that Xia Tian definitely is unable to control own strength now, he worried that he will slaughter, therefore he is not willing to return to Xia Family. His present strength too Berserk, the mysterious strength that if not present finally suppressed this Berserk strength, he will directly turn into a killing devil, even if this, he is very also difficult to control itself.” Eastern Man said. To defeat Lei Feng, he has used very fearful strength, now he is finding the way to control this strength, moreover he momentarily was breaking through the Heaven Grade edge, once he broke through, he was impossible to keep in this world again.” Northern Army helpless saying. Xia Tian most formidable enemy solving, but he also left behind one group to think of his women and brothers. Now Lei Feng died, Lei by Xia Tian extinguishing, in the world the first respected family, only then Xia Family, did not have any family with Xia Family to being a worthy opponent again, before also in blowing hot and cold Expert also changed to under their nationality the China name. Suddenly, world Expert emerged China, especially Jiang Hai City, now everywhere is super Expert, but they did not have any person to dare in Jiang Hai City to stir up trouble. Meanwhile, in another stretch of the forest of cover. Monster jade, comes out, I need your help.” A man of whole body black air/Qi shouts loudly, this male appearance is good-looking, the position of shoulder has two wings, the black wing, the feather on wing is sparkling, this person is not others, is Xia Tian.