Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1473

Ka! This time Xia Tian movement is strange, in his right hand unexpectedly is taking spirit stone, moreover he is eating spirit stone, this one after another is eating. Eats spirit stone. If this makes others see, perhaps the chin will fall the ground, even if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert saw spirit stone time will be also excited, diligently robs, because spirit stone regarding them is the most precious object, but Xia Tian unexpectedly is eating spirit stone now. This is spirit stone, is not that spirit stone of snack. Moreover ate spirit stone this matter too to be also shocking. That must need sharp tooth to bite spirit stone, said again, the strength in spirit stone and is very strong, the average person will eat these many spiritual energy certainly to explode the body to perish directly. Monster jade, are you doing.” Xia Tian shouts once more loudly. Do not shout that I came.” The form appeared in the Xia Tian side together, was the monster jade, at this time a monster jade face strange was sizing up Xia Tian: Has blamed, are you also the person of monster clan? It is not right, even if I have not seen to grow into the monster clan your such.” I am a person, is not the monster.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Volume, that is.” The monster jade nodded. What is, I am a person, I am ask you to help, what to do you have a look at my present situation should!” The Xia Tian consultation said that in this world he knew experience most people were the monster jade. Good Berserk informed and experienced, although I do not know that on you what happened, but defers to normally, such Berserk strength should already lose your mental is right.” A monster jade brow wrinkle. My within the body had two strengths to help me suppress this Berserk strength, but I am eating spirit stone to maintain these two strengths now.” Xia Tian answered. Eats spirit stone!!!!” The monster jade looks at spirit stone in Xia Tian hand to be very speechless, this is a local tyrant, absolute local tyrant, even if in the spirit world, spirit stone is not that fond of playing jokes, but Xia Tian unexpectedly eats spirit stone here, this simply was too the ruined family, the black sheep of the family in ruined family \; You may really be a local tyrant, wants to control the strength of your within the body absolutely not to have the means that but first do not control, you did not think that your matter hasn't done?” What matter?” Xia Tian puzzled asking.

World of human beings entrance may two not defend the enemy of principle, they were you biggest the enemy in this world, if they must cope with your Xia Family, I did not have the means to stop.” The monster jade said. Right, I first go to the world of human beings entrance.” Xia Tian said. Lei Feng should be killed by you, I could not feel the demon entrance front door.” The monster jade guessed. Em, he died, gate probably also from exploding.” Xia Tian nodded. You have two choices, first, after having killed that two people, you enter the world of human beings, henceforth has destroyed the world of human beings entrance, then in this world only then our monster clan entrance, later Heaven Grade Expert can only enter the monster clan, second, is keeping the world of human beings entrance, is about within ten years, the world of human beings also will definitely send the protector.” The monster jade has not concealed Xia Tian, but said the matter. If the entrance of monster clan also did destroy? Was that Heaven Grade Expert in this world does not need to leave?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts, he asks certainly that has not wanted to start to the monster clan entrance. No, if the monster clan entrance has destroyed, that will present a random entrance, where when the time comes meets the random assignment to enter.” The monster jade answered. Monster clan and person clan which bad risk?” Xia Tian asked. Spirit world bad risk, there is Expert is Venerable everywhere, but monster clan only famous war, but world of human beings not solely famous war, dark war.” The monster jade said. Good, I ruin the world of human beings the entrance.” Xia Tian understands that the meaning in monster jade words, went to monster Expert, although will also come across the crisis, but there person and must compare the symbolic strength, everybody can only the fist. Matter many point that however the world of human beings must manipulate strategically. The bright (spear|gun) is easy to hide the stab in the back to be difficult to guard! Xia Tian does not hope that the later Xia Family person also steps the world of human beings, therefore he decided that makes them go to monster to discipline first. Hey, I said you, this ate up more than 30 spirit stone all the way, you were rich.” Monster jade helplessly looks at eating of Xia Tian spirit stone then spirit stone, he who visits loved dearly. That is spirit stone.

„Do you eat, the words that you eat, are divided you to select.” Xia Tian said. Considers as finished, I do not eat.” The monster jade shook the head, he does not dare to eat, does not hate to eat, the words that because he eats, the tooth will be collapsed flies, moreover he felt that ate this thing feeling of guilty to be too strong. Good, I eat.” Xia Tian said directly. Em, crossed front that river is the world of human beings entrance, did you have confidence?” The monster jade asked. So long as I maintain now this condition, kills Heaven Grade Expert not any pressure.” But Xia Tian now self-confidence full house, although he did not remember before , are how to cut to kill Lei Feng, but he can affirm, oneself not fee big strength. Good, that continues to go forward.” The monster jade said. Whiz whiz! Their body fast shuttles. Quick, they arrived at the world of human beings entrance. Leave.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout. Whiz whiz! Two forms appear in the Xia Tian front. That person of drunkard and yellow hair. Em?” The person brow wrinkle of yellow hair: You are.” Who I am unimportant, the harmonious society is most important.” Xia Tian light saying.

Drunkard, has killed him.” That person of yellow hair orders to say. Puff! The body of drunkard suddenly presented ray of light glow, was the gate strength, the drunkard has replied on the gate strength. Monster jade, he is you brings? Snort, is your this wants to revenge? What a pity, the monster is the monster, without the brain, depends on you also to dare to walk , did you forget us to turn into Heaven Grade Expert?” Saying that the man of yellow color hair disdains. Bang! But at this moment, he saw inconceivable one suddenly, the body of drunkard was hit to fly. Must know, but now drunkard Heaven Grade Expert, but his unexpectedly easily was hit to fly a fist. Ka! Xia Tian continues to nip own spirit stone to look that the opposite yellow hair man said: Excuse me, forgot to introduce, I was Xia Tian.” Xia Tian?” Hears this name time, the male sudden complexion of yellow hair changes. He has not thought that one month has not seen, Xia Tian unexpectedly became such formidable. Puff! On the man of yellow hair also presented ray of light: Drunkard, in our two same places, kills him.”