Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1475
That many spirit stone, that many spiritual energy, together spiritual energy on low grade spirit stone is very rich. Normal Earth Grade greatly complete Expert wants absorbs low grade spirit stone to take several months together, at this time the Xia Tian front, low grade spirit stone is innumerable, spirit stone also has that many, moreover there is most mystical high-grade goods spirit stone. These many spiritual energy all flush away to the mouth of Xia Tian now. Probably was eaten by Xia Tian was the same. Swallow! This is swallowing of small insect. Xia Tian thinks own this time fate was to explode the body absolutely perished, his present body is unable to withstand such terrifying spiritual energy. Bang! Incomparably huge spiritual energy entered Xia Tian within the body. Afterward Xia Tian has fainted directly. This time, Xia Tian does not know how long one have rested, when he wakes up also hoodwinked: „Is here a hell? Does not have in the legend is so terrorist.” The Xia Tian murder are countless, therefore after he thinks himself dead , certainly will go to hell. „It is not right, is here a heaven?” Xia Tian thinks here time jumped hurriedly, after he stands discovered that which here is any heaven, is the world of human beings entrance. „Haven't I died? Is impossible? Such big spiritual energy my unexpectedly has not died.” Xia Tian saw oneself front spirit stone pile, spiritual energy that at this time in spirit stone pile of these spirit stone nobody worsened. However he received these spirit stone, if later useful, said in again these spirit stone crossed 70-80 years to use again, as for that high-grade goods spirit stone, Xia Tian does not know that what happened. Right. Xia Tian has remembered own body suddenly, he eats that many spiritual energy not dead now, does he all of a sudden turn into very good B super Expert now?

Xia Tian has inspected carefully, afterward helpless shaking the head, his strength truly progressed, he arrives at Heaven Grade also merely to have the one pace now, but this he expected that during the difference were too many: Has swallowed that many spiritual energy, how to have arrived at Heaven Grade?” Xia Tian looks to own dantian. Small insect.” At this time his dantian completely by the small insect seizing, the strength of Heavenly Connection did not have thoroughly, moreover he inspects his hidden essence and blood strength carefully, discovered that this hidden essence and blood the strength also vanished, in other words, these two Xia Tian strongest strengths, now by small insect controlling. Moreover Xia Tian guessed, spiritual energy in these spirit stone definitely also by small insect controlling. Actually is this small insect what background?” Self-examining of Xia Tian innermost feelings doubts, but nobody gives him the answer. Ok, since has not broken through, that happen to can return to Xia Family, previous time goes back not to have accompanying well they, this time had the opportunity finally.” Xia Tian very much has thought actually also several females, but before , he does not dare to have slight relaxation. Once he has lost to Lei Feng, that is out he not to dare to imagine, although Lei Feng does not dare to attack Xia Family hardly, but if Lei Feng resorts to any method, Xia Family also little was nibbled, therefore Xia Tian does not dare to relax. However now has not related, Lei Feng died, the drunkard they also had been killed by Xia Tian. Present Xia Family did not have what powerful enemy. Even if some ganefs have been overcautious in dealing with people, Xia Family did not ask them to trouble that to be lucky. But when Xia Tian wants to leave, he discovered that he cannot walk, he was blocked, has probably a ray of light curtain to exist to be the same, wrapped him here: What situation?” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opened. Really the ray of light curtain here, this ray of light curtain is the circular, sealed up him thoroughly here, regardless of in other words he walked in that direction, was impossible to go out of here. Hateful, certainly is these two deceased people does the ghost, they closed me here.” Xia Tian indignant saying. „It is not good, if I certainly want the means to exit.” The Xia Tian left hand double refers to goes to the light screen point instantaneously. Bang!

His body has flown upside down, his attack not only an effect does not have, but also all rebounded his strength. Hateful, is not then easy to do.” How Xia Tian starts to find the way to break this light screen. [gold/metal] Dao! Gold blade of destroying the hardest defenses. He wants to try with the [gold/metal] blade to cut open this light screen. Goes! ! The [gold/metal] blade has passed through the light screen directly, has not left any trace on the light screen. In the past?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he also anticipated the [gold/metal] blade can cut open the light screen, but [gold/metal] blade unexpectedly passed now, his hurried right hand, [gold/metal] Dao was pulled back. This light screen only stops me, doesn't stop other things?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he picks up gravel from the ground afterward, has thrown directly. ! The gravel has also passed through the light screen. Really is this, this ray of light curtain is only stranded me, other not sleepy things.” Xia Tian this time may start to worry, he also wants to return to Jiang Hai City, was the present was good, he was isolated. Cannot go out of here. Xia Tian does not believe in evil doctrines, he starts to use various types of weapons to attack, finally wants is the attack of weapon, will penetrate the light screen directly, but he will use the attack of human body to be rebounded. Whistling!

Xia Tian the complete thunder has fallen to the ground, he is beating to this light screen today, probably to vent anger to be the same, finally the light screen has not opened, the strength that rebounds may heavy that he hits. Really not any means?” Xia Tian depressed looks at that ray of light curtain. He does not have to think own unexpectedly must be compelled to enter the spirit world, he has thought the way that various types enter the spirit world, after for example said goodbye, for example flew upwards, but he has not thought was blocked cannot exit here, let go to the spirit world that he was forced. Small insect, can't you eat? Helped to eat good this light screen quickly.” Xia Tian asked. The small insect is but motionless. Like this squats in the place of his dantian. Before the small insect lived on the Xia Tian arm, but the small insect starts dantian location in Xia Tian now, moreover helped him control the strength and Vampire strength of Heavenly Connection, although Xia Tian understands, these two strengths were not that casual can use, but these two strengths were also his two big card in a hand. Moreover. The small insect also helped his seal that many spiritual energy. That is Xia Tian all spirit stone inside spiritual energy, if that many spiritual energy Xia Tian can utilize, his strength was sitting the rocket same rapid promotion simply. Now his within the body is hiding a fearful strength. Ok, since cannot exit, I enter the spirit world.” Xia Tian clenched teeth, spells.