Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1476
Spirit world! Mysterious is. Is it Earth? Perhaps does not belong, isn't it Earth? That is not right, it is not other star. Regarding many super Expert, lived on Earth was unable to pursue their martial arts, therefore they wanted to Advanced was , was also the spirit world, Xia Tian wants to go to the spirit world the reason to have two, first was rescues Brother Xiaoma, second was his parents in the spirit world. If not these two reasons, he only wants to go back accompanying well oneself family member, the lover and friend. He thinks he can also treat in Jiang Hai City previous some time, after all Earth Grade was greatly complete casually not saying that to Heaven Grade can break through, but now he not only has not broken through to Earth Grade is greatly complete, and is unable to leave here. Only can go to the spirit world, does not know that I will be transmitted to world of human beings where, listening to the monster jade saying that probably was the random transmission, what to do if that accidentally did transmit me to the cliff on may?” Xia Tian depressed saying. Is the cliff, what to do transmits to me to which family supreme headquarters and monster nest in may.” Xia Tian more is more depressed. Actually, Xia Tian wants. This transmission gate will only transmit the person to the village or the city outside, because these places have the Coordinate, if said like Xia Tian really transmits randomly, who also dares to sit transmission. Yeah, if after I go, what to do died, is not good, I must leave behind a thing here, if I have had an accident, can bump into a being predestined friends person to pass on my cassock and almsbowl is not.” Xia Tian sighed saying that he finally understands now before these Expert die, why left behind own inheritance, because they with the present Xia Tian mood are the same, does not hope after one died, really and this world has broken the relations. Moreover a oneself institute studied should not such waste. Keeps here technique of first several heavy Core Law eight Qi.” Xia Tian puts out the white tiger dagger directly, starts to carve characters on stone wall, although the white tiger dagger is only the false Spirit Tool rank, but Xia Tian has placed his body. His Spirit Tool many to has more than enough, is significance of this white tiger dagger regarding him is different. The white tiger dagger is he builds personally, therefore he has brought on the body.

Quick, Xia Tian technique of first several heavy Core Law quarters eight Qi on the stele, afterward Xia Tian directly has placed mouth several gathering miracle cures. Ten steps! His present range spirit world only then ten, when he walks these ten steps, he thorough entry to the spirit world, wanted to enter the spirit world to be easy, wants to return to here to be difficult again. Although Xia Tian has not prepared for entering spirit world at heart, but he must enter. Tread! The ninth step! Yeah, my spouses, have sorry, forgives my leaving without saying good-bye, sooner or later I will come back to get married sight your, believes me.” Xia Tian felt one are unfair to their these spouses very much, since Xia Tian and they, absolutely do not have the time to accompany them together, oneself every day is busy. In is all kinds of matters is busy. The eighth step! Brothers, Jiang Hai City gave you, China gave you, although this shoulder pole was very big, but I believe that you were the good soldier in my China, the road I to help you spread, presently remaining looked your.” Xia Tian prepared all weapons for own these brothers, the compounded drug and spirit stone, so long as they arrived at that Realm, Qi Huan to the thing that they earned. The seventh step! „Since Senior Official, thank you continuously attendance, what a pity finally I cannot add on too many busy, but my brother will continue is China works, I believed one day, our China will stand in the most peak of world absolutely.” Saying that the Xia Tian innermost feelings incomparably rush. In each man heart the heroic dream, Xia Tian is no exception. The sixth step! The fifth step!

The fourth step! . The first step! Xia Tian thanked all people, but at this time his front was transmission. Once has stepped into this transmission, he went to another world, in a completely strange world. Spelled!” Xia Tian clenched teeth directly to clash, after going in shortly, transmission exploded. Enters to the first feeling of spirit world is, here spiritual energy is very rich, is 45 times of Earth, in other words the normal cultivation words, here person cultivation speed absolutely be faster than on several times Earth. Xia Tian just entered to here time does not dare to open including the eye, when he opens the eye felt that cannot smile bitterly: Which my TM this is the spirit world that comes, I returned certainly to the rural area to farm.” The Xia Tian front is the big piece farmland, but here plants is not the corn and paddy rice, but is other Xia Tian have not seen the plant. Takes a broad view to look, Xia Tian saw a village! Has the person! There has the person, had a look first in the past.” Xia Tian knows nothing about here, he can only find the person to ask the situation first. Walked for quite a while, Xia Tian had discovered that here was richer than Earth besides spiritual energy, other did not have what difference with Earth, but was the development must fall behind many, here Xia Tian could not see the smoke, in other words here did not have the factory and so on place. Moreover the front these houses are also very crude, majority make with the blockhead. Xia Tian walks is not quick, he has been looking around all the way, as to see anything to be the same from here.

When he walks into the village, the guard of patrol blocked him directly. What person?” The guards inquired. Lying trough, spirit world also entire TM said that China language, it seems like that the China ancestor is really the profound culture foundation is very high.” Xia Tian innermost feelings infinite says with emotion, he just started still to think, after going to the spirit world the words that what to do, others spoke are different from him, that is unable to communicate. But these people open mouth are the China languages that said. Xia Tian at this time is the infinite feeling, on Earth, everybody likes learning any English, however in the outside, is the China language that everybody said. Volume, I from outside.” Xia Tian said hurriedly, outside that he said is Earth. Is the person of inner ear, enters in the village, but must pay five spirit coins, although our village is very crude, but has the inn.” The guard of patrol said. One hear can spend money to be solved, but the Xia Tian innermost feelings blossomed happily, can matter that spends money to solve, is not the matter. He was worrying still, saw the person with great difficulty, if such walked, that may trouble, moreover he when the time comes goes to other place definitely also to be blocked. These people also regard him are the people of inner ear, he has not explained anything. Xia Tian just right having mystical powers coin, he has put out five spirit coins directly. Wait / Etc., cannot make him enter.” At this moment the form fled from behind together.