Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1477
Hears that sound time, the guard who gone on patrol has not gone to meet the Xia Tian money. Xia Tian thinks spent money to solve, but this sudden person unexpectedly did not make the guard put him, moreover these guards listened to the words of this person obviously very much, money has succeeded in obtaining immediately, they do not receive. Xia Tian has not spoken, but looked that has not let the person who he comes to that. Recently the mounted bandit was rampant, all people can not enter the village.” That man said. You walk, our village does not let.” The guard of patrol said. I am not a mounted bandit.” Xia Tian depressed saying, he just arrived at this world unexpectedly to work as the mounted bandit. Which mounted bandit will acknowledge one is a mounted bandit?” Saying that man is not feeling well. You seemingly said is very reasonable, I had nothing to say in reply unexpectedly.” Xia Tian helpless saying, he truly does not have the means certificate one are not a mounted bandit. His original manuscript thinks own this time can enter to the places of some people, but he does not have to think own this unexpectedly cannot enter to the village, he must find the next place, but, where he does not know the next place. „Does big tiger, you do, external is the guests, how you can keep them out the person.” At this moment seemed the 70 - 80 years old person walked from behind, the old person was leaning on a walking stick. Village head, my this does not consider for the village.” Big tiger suffering from injustice saying. Words that considers for the village, does to have the matter of advantage to the village.” The old person said that turns the head to look said to the guard of patrol: Releases people, now outside turbulent situation, whose day does not feel better.” Many thanks!” Xia Tian has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest, then has paid five spirit coins, his spirit coin obtains in Heavenly Connection tower fourth, just started is these people apportions his, he also had plundered afterward from others much. Present he does not miss that five spirit coin.

After entering the village, Xia Tian directly entered the inn. Boss, prepares point to eat to me, then opens a guest room.” Saying of Xia Tian very atmosphere. Good.” Boss very polite saying, because of here inn radically nobody, therefore Boss so will be warm to Xia Tian. Quick, Xia Tian looked at room first, has saying that sees that moment of room, he missed homeland, here inn do not say that has compared with the five-star hotel, that one-story house of his family did not compare. Here condition was also too bitter a point.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. After Xia Tian looked at the room, went to outside hall to prepare to eat meal, he wants to have a look at the thing that here ate is anything. Quick, Boss gave his meal to carry. Does not look does not know that looks to have a scare, this is the fast-food on Earth, the big rice adds on two vegetables: It seems like the spirit world and Earth also do not have much difference, the only difference is here spiritual energy is rich, ok, eats to look here thing anything flavor first.” Rice gets into the stomach, Xia Tian nodded, on here rice also has spiritual energy. The flavor is also sweet. Holds it quickly.” At this moment outside some people shout. Hears this sound time, Xia Tian looks to outside, this inn nobody, Boss is not truly busy, therefore simply sat in the Xia Tian opposite: Little brother, came from Daijouike.” Does not calculate that became lost.” Xia Tian said.

Now outside the mounted bandit able to move unhindered, surely must be careful, these mounted bandits may be one group of cold blood heartless fellows.” The Boss reminder said. Many thanks the reminder, was right, outside that is any situation.” Xia Tian asked. He sits in the window at this time, happen to can see outside situation, a horse is dashing, then the surface is pursuing with several people, but difference of this horse from Earth, its speed is quick. Xia Tian had looked a moment ago, here person is not an average person, majority is Profound Grade greatly complete Realm, above Earth Grade also has, here as if becomes a Earth Grade Expert difficulty does not have. Is the hot high-spirited horse, it acted crazy, every day must act crazy several times, but it is in our village the speed quickest horse, but day line two thousand li(500 km).” Boss said. What? Two thousand li(500 km)?” Xia Tian hears this digit time is a little surprised, Japanese line of two thousand li(500 km), this is quicker than the speed of car(riage), on Earth only then the ancient times blood and sweat BMW can the day line 800 li (0.5km), be known as the splendid steed. Em, the speed of hot high-spirited horse is quick, was the big tiger caught in the past, village high and low, only then the big tiger can the uniform he, the average person, if dares to ride secretly, that fate was very miserable, previous time had such a person, finally the bone broke several, has lain down for one month on the bed.” Boss said. The bone broke several, lies down on the bed for one month, if this in Earth, has a fracture least three months. Big tiger, I remembers him, but other people?” Xia Tian comes is the big tiger is blocking him. Big tiger is the militia chief instructor in our village, he usually is very busy, on road that now should in catching up.” Boss said. The prestige of big tiger in village is high, everybody listens his. Em, his long is truly strong.” Xia Tian nodded. That was natural, the big tiger eight years old lift the cauldron, at that time were called the inborn supernatural power by everybody, our cultivation condition was too just bad, otherwise his achievement is limitless.” Saying that Boss regrets.

Eight years old lift the cauldron, are so fierce.” Xia Tian is listening to a little legend, he eight -year-old time, cannot move including a 20 jin (0.5 kg) stone, big tiger unexpectedly can eight years old lift the cauldron, although he does not know that here cauldron multiple, however eight years old lift the cauldron truly are the extraordinary skills. Treads! At this moment, Xia Tian looked suddenly to out of the window, Boss also follows the Xia Tian vision to look, at this time the hot high-spirited horse went into out of the window. „It is not good.” At this moment, they also said. At this time in front of the hot high-spirited horse is having three children to play there, they have not felt this suddenly arrival completely the crisis. The speed of hot high-spirited horse is fast, although here child physique also on good compared with Earth. However such quick speed is the Sir is hit to fly, say nothing was the child, if this hot high-spirited horse hit on these three children's bodies, that these three children must die without doubt. The body of Boss vanished in instantaneously same place, he was also Expert, Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage, was his speed is insufficient: Hateful, I cannot follow.” Whiz! At this moment, the form flashes through together, that three children disappeared in same place, hot high-spirited horse had also overrun from that position, in the ground has raised the dust.