Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1479

Sees the complexion big change of village, in the Xia Tian heart one cold, he has thought hurriedly, were oneself the speaking incorrectly words, but afterward thinks that have not spoken incorrectly probably any words. This village I am biggest, I do not make him receive, he cannot receive.” The village head said directly. Little brother, listens to the village head.” Inn Boss said hurriedly. Good!” Xia Tian nodded. Em, this was right.” The village head said that turns the head to leave directly. Big cow, will lead him to watch to lift the cauldron tomorrow together.” The big tiger said that nodded to Xia Tian, afterward also left. In the inn returned to once more normal, the inn Boss big cow looks at Xia Tian saying: In the village, the village head said that anything is anything, does not use politely, does not need to reject, this is the execution, you later result in the limelight, will go to the tribe tomorrow, must listen to others there, how others said how we do, have the thought of revolt.” „, I understood.” Xia Tian nodded, he finally discovered now a point with the Earth different matter, that is here leader has the absolute right to speak. Said that anything is anything, cannot revolt. Looked like was the same a moment ago, Xia Tian was only polite, however the complexion of village head changed. All right, the temperament of village head is very good, is also good to everybody, you do not need to think.” Inn Boss is worried about Xia Tian because of this matter, but thinks, therefore consoles to say. „, I am all right, was right, tribe distance here far?” Xia Tian asked.

„It is not far, our tribes only manage nearby five villages, therefore distance these five villages are not far, likely is not these big tribes, is having jurisdiction over 20-30 villages together, such village has any disaster time, sometimes without enough time supports.” The meaning in inn Boss words is to let Xia Tian felt relieved, their village unusual securities. Was right, lifts the cauldron to need several Heavens!?” Xia Tian asked. Child are not many, under normal conditions, lifts the cauldron only to require the half-day time, afternoon time is the climax, the people in five big villages also will come when the time comes out to lift the cauldron, shows the strength of oneself village by this.” Inn Boss said. „? Do that major villages lift the multiple cauldrons? Is the cauldron that a that strength stronger person holds up heavier?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, the Earth Grade greatly complete person absolutely be bigger than the Earth Grade late stage person strength. Lifts the cauldron is a very sacred ceremony, cannot use Inner Strength with spiritual energy, this stipulation entire spirit world is the same, it seems like you lost really recall.” Inn Boss heard the Xia Tian issue to determine Xia Tian lost the matter that recalled. Because of Xia Tian, if attire, absolutely impossible attire such looks like, but this matter absolutely is the entire spirit world well-known matter, looks like 123 this type of digit that Earth goes to school are the same. The person who even if has not gone to school will also look up 123. Xia Tian came from Earth, naturally did not know this matter, therefore he did not need to install, he does not know. In our village fiercest is the big tiger, when the time comes he will get rid, previous time he has held up 600 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron.” On the inn Boss face presented the look of worship, regarding him, 600 jin (0.5 kg) truly is a legend. Does not use Inner Strength to hold up 600 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron, is truly fierce.” Xia Tian nodded, he does not know if now one do not use Inner Strength and in the spiritual energy situation can hold up the multiple cauldrons. The however 600 jin (0.5 kg) truly were not the small digit.

Previous time I have also tried, I can only hold up 300 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron.” Big cow helpless saying. Truly is this, normal, uses Inner Strength, then Expert can hold up very heavy thing generally, but if in does not use in the Inner Strength situation, even if Expert also merely compared with strength of average person in some. Why this is these Expert can shunt the bullet, but the body actually cannot defend the reason of bullet. However in the spirit world, here person advocates the strength. Was right, why must lift the cauldron, but doesn't lift other thing?” Xia Tian asked. Hears Xia Tian these words, a big cow face strange looks at Xia Tian, afterward light saying: It seems like you are not small part lose recalled, but is loses majority of recalled that this matter including the children knows, what spirit world worship is the cauldron, Yu Wangshen the cauldron, therefore this world makes the survey and computation with the cauldron generally, for example Heaven Grade above Expert is cauldron Rank 1 to cauldron Rank 9, is two cauldrons, finally to Nine cauldrons.” Nine cauldrons!” Xia Tian knows how finally the Heaven Grade later Expert strength has divided, Nine cauldrons. Right, because Yu Wang has Nine cauldrons, therefore differentiating grade in this world is nine.” The big cow answered. „, Is this.” Xia Tian nod of silently. In our village strength strongest was the village head, next was the big cow, they were Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, I heard in the big tribe to have Heaven Grade Expert, but we had not seen.” The big cow as if turned on a record player to be the same with Xia Tian. That city?” Before Xia Tian, has heard any day of Yong city, the log city and so on city.

The big city is not so is good, only then the talented people of tribe have the opportunity to go to the big city, goes to a time big city to ship to supply, because the big city is very far, moreover on the road also has many mounted bandit robbers. „Do you go to the oversized city?” Xia Tian asked. No, but the big tiger has gone, he has gone with the sending under custody car(riage) of tribe, he us told that the appearance of oversized city, is very big, is very attractive, it is said there house is several, with the stone construction, on the street spreads with the rock.” The big cow more said is more excited, regarding him, as if big city looks like the dream land is the same, went to one time has been dead the value. Xia Tian and inn Boss chatted for quite a while, chatted the dinner from the lunch. The night falls, Xia Tian discovered that although this world only then a Sun, but two moon, among these two moon have very big distance, probably is the both eyes of person is the same. Has not thought after Heaven Grade, unexpectedly has that multiple changes, it seems like I must press ahead with effort cultivation, but must find the way to go to the big city first, only then can inquire existence of crevice prison in that place.” Xia Tian daytime time exploratory asked the inn Boss crevice prison, but he directly had not asked that inn Boss does not know to that place obviously. Next morning, inn Boss has sent the breakfast to Xia Tian, after having had the breakfast, Xia Tian will arrive in the village, at this time here gathered many people. „Are you Xia Tian?” At this moment, the voice of female reached in the ear of Xia Tian together.