Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1481

The speed of hot high-spirited horse is quick, the big tiger returned to the village quickly, when he comes back, here has filled the gunsmoke everywhere. The house was killed, the corpse are innumerable! The village head was also nailed tight above the front door. Here experienced large quantities of mounted bandits, lots of troubles, but was shipping the grain and commodity on remaining more than 100 people now. I must kill you.” The anger of big tiger already thorough control. His family did not have. His village did not have, these villagers also all died here, everywhere was the old person and child's corpse, he must kill front these mounted bandits, revenged for the person in village. Third Brother, there also has a person.” Has killed him.” Saying of these 100 people of leader coldly. All mounted bandits all have fired immediately into the big tiger. Kill! Big tiger one jin (0.5 kg) thorough could not control own anger, he must kill, he must kill off all people. The hot high-spirited horse flushes away to the opposite party directly, afterward, the big tiger right hand makes an effort to grasp, has caught from the horseback a mounted bandit directly, the left hand makes an effort, gives pulling down of that person of number of people stiffly directly. And has seized the sword in that person of hand. Third Brother, is Expert.” The beforehand that mounted bandit said. Em?” A that mounted bandit leader brow wrinkle, looked afterward to the big tiger, saw only the sword in big tiger right hand to create an incident tigerishly, several rounds got down has more than ten mounted bandits dead in his blade gets down. Comes back to me.” That mounted bandit leader gives a loud shout, afterward right hand, has put out a long spear. I must kill you.” Now the big tiger thinks kills off front all people. Hot high-spirited horse, good, has not thought that in this small village also has a hot high-spirited horse, I wanted.” That mounted bandit Third Brother said that rides a horse to fire into the big tiger directly, his speed is fast.

dāng! First round gets down, they also discontinue. Strength is good.” Saying that the mounted bandit Third Brother appreciates. I must kill you.” Big tiger now already thorough was insane, his mouth was speaking these words, besides this, did not have other words. „To kill three that my Pegasus helps to manage a household, you were too tender a point.” The mounted bandit Third Brother said in the hand long spear just likes the spirit snake leaves the hole to be common, direct thorn to opposite big tiger, so-called one inch length one inch. The long spear in mounted bandit Third Brother hand trigged the big tiger completely, the big tiger is unable near body, the broadsword in his hand to link the half of others long spear not to have, radically hit can only dodge. This is the restraint on weapon. Long line! The mounted bandit Third Brother seized the opportunity, long spear punctured directly, a long line cut off to the uneven root the left shoulder of big tiger directly. A pitiful yell shouted from the mouth of big tiger. The mounted bandit Third Brother has not shown mercy, he leaves while a big tiger action his time bayonet once more, has cut off the right shoulder of big tiger, afterward a (spear|gun) has selected the big tiger directly. Third Brother Might!” Third Brother Might!” These mounted bandit excited loud shouting of scene, they have only fought less than 100 rounds, the big tiger defeated under the mounted bandit Third brother's (spear|gun). Snort, waste, depends on you also to dare with our Pegasus gang to oppose, we walk, making him run its own course.” The mounted bandit Third Brother said that has fired into the hot high-spirited horse directly, but the hot high-spirited horse is not quite tame, wants to fall from the horseback him. Puff! The mounted bandit Third Brother is also a ruthless role, the direct blade gripped on the body of hot high-spirited horse. Ah!

The mouth of hot high-spirited horse has sent out a pitiful yell. Obedient being obedient, otherwise I have killed you.” The mounted bandit Third Brother fought with the fists on the body of hot high-spirited horse, this hot high-spirited horse was peaceful. The big tiger lies on the ground, present he is the air vent is many, the air admission has been short, looks love horse unexpectedly that one love dearly was so treated, he felt that his sky collapsed, died regarding him is the best extrication, but he biggest unwillingness cannot revenge for the person in village. Three Might!” These mounted bandits continue to shout. Walks, following the big brother they to go.” The mounted bandit Third Brother said directly. Do not want to walk!” At this moment, the big cow they came back, their this enormous and powerful 30-40 people all are in the village elite maturity, looks that own village has all destroyed, their hearts in the drop blood, look to lie in the big tiger and village head of nail on front door of ground, they have the boundless anger. Walks, walks quickly, you are not his match.” The big tiger shouted such a few words with the final strength. Snort, unexpectedly also has the fish of being caught, that one and killed.” Mounted bandit Third Brother cold snort said. Brothers, on, have killed them together.” These mounted bandits said that has fired into the opposite these people directly. You save others, these hybrids give me.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying, his present complexion is ugly, he has a dream has not thought that this morning is he with this village final farewell. Died! The people all died. Looks that that dignified and benevolent village head was sewn in the gate, Xia Tian unusual hate! The big cow has fired into the position of big tiger directly, but Xia Tian clashes forward, at the same time, his right hand wields, the day cold sword appears in his hands. ! Dozens sword air/Qi project directly. Puff!

The flash, that dozens all frozen were lived personally together with the horse of sitting down, Xia Tian behind the maturity in that 20-30 village all are the whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, the big cow was shocked. However he has rescued the big tiger. Big. Good.. Bringing. The brothers run.” Big tiger difficult saying. No, we must revenge for the person in village.” Big cow angry saying. He.. Very.. Severe. Evil.” The big tiger said. You look!” The big cow helps up the body of big tiger, making the big tiger look forward, when the big tiger sees front scene, suddenly smiles, afterward has closed the eye, he strongest wish cannot see that this group of mounted bandits die, when he noticed that Xia Tian gets rid to kill that many mounted bandits, his final wish. Big tiger!” The big cow shouts loudly, but the big tiger could not hear. But at this time opposite that mounted bandit Third Brother is a face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian: „Who are you?” Pays for a murder with one's life, goes into debt to render back the money, I am a dunner.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Snort, who no matter I you are, our Pegasus helps is not good to offend.” That mounted bandit three also by Xia Tian the shaking, therefore he starts to identify one's role when first coming on stage. Good, I have remembered, I will deliver them to see together your.” murderous aura of Xia Tian within the body erupts directly, afterward his whole person disappeared in same place. Bang! Bang! Bang! These ice pieces all explode, has spent all over the sky borneol, but the body of Xia Tian has fired also into the remaining these mounted bandits. All gives me dead.”