Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1482

The Xia Tian right hand day cold sword flings. This time he turned into a deicide probably. Under day cold sword in right hand, without any entire corpse. Quite fierce!” The big cow they looked completely silly. They have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so fierce. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to kill my Pegasus to help these many people.” Mounted bandit Third Brother right hand long spear searches, the direct thorn to Xia Tian, the long spear in his hand just likes the spirit snake leaves the hole, instantaneous thorn to Xia Tian. Whiz! The Xia Tian body dodges, has evaded a mounted bandit Third brother's (spear|gun) directly. Snort, although cannot see your weapon, but relies on the sense of crisis to determine that is a sword, the long spear in my hand is nemesis of short weapons, today I must make you die not entire corpse, making you know that kills my Pegasus to help the fate of person.” A mounted bandit Third Brother face angry looks at Xia Tian. Right?” The long sword in Xia Tian right hand flies, afterward his whole person disappeared in same place. Useless, I can feel the crisis that on your sword brings.” Mounted bandit Third Brother right hand long spear searched selects directly above the day cold sword, selected to fly the day cold sword directly. Seizes dragon! But at this moment, he feels his neck suddenly tightly one! Afterward his whole person according to the ground, all these had in the flash directly, therefore he cannot respond. This mounted bandit Third brother's strength and corrupt wolf are similar, therefore he radically is not the Xia Tian match. Although he compares ordinary Earth Grade greatly complete Expert to, is in the Xia Tian front, just likes the ants is ordinary. This time matter is very big to the Xia Tian attack.

After this also changed him , the path of life, if no this time matter, possibly the killing heart of Xia Tian can weaken, but this time matter made him see the brutality of this world. Law of the jungle. Here person kills people does not wink the eye. What?” Pegasus helps these remaining person whole faces inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, their three managed a household unexpectedly to be given one move according to the ground. Bang! Xia Tian fought with the fists on the mounted bandit Third brother's face, the mounted bandit Third brother's nose was broken by Xia Tian directly. Puff! The fresh blood from uterus flies. Bang! Under Xia Tian fights with the fists, the mounted bandit Third brother's tooth also all by the smashing that Xia Tian hits. The blood everywhere is. All people all by the Xia Tian method shaking, cruelly, the Xia Tian technique was really too cruel, hitting of his such fist then fist on mounted bandit Third brother's face, face-smacking, other place did not only hit. Runs away.” These mounted bandits want to run away directly. Who dares to run away.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, the person who these preparations escape has all anchored own footsteps. They do not dare, because they were too afraid. Xia Tian has stood slowly: Only then a person can live, that is tells me Pegasus to help the person in position.”

Hears the Xia Tian words, immediately some people have stood: I know that I know.” Puff! cold light flashes through from his side together, since hair of that person was blown by the cold wind. His whole person there, a moment ago that flash he has almost thought one died, when he turns head to look, he discovers besides him, other mounted bandits all died. Such scene frightens the both legs him directly one softly, a warm current flowed from the leg root. You said a moment ago you know, leads me the position that goes to Pegasus to help, then for a lifetime do not make me see you.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying. Xia Tian, we also go with you.” The big cow said directly. I can solve, you help them be buried for secure.” The Xia Tian sound is cold, he was angry, these people are he arrive at the first group of friends in this world, the first batch must give him the person of family. They that simple and honorable. But finally, actually death is so miserable. Moreover the unfeelings of other tribes and villages also made Xia Tian understand, was not good by anyone in this world, can only depend on itself. The so-called backer, so-called alliance, in the moment of benefit, becomes will not be worth a red cent. Initially the monster jade had told him world of human beings bad risk, guarded against the villain, when person who when he bumped into this village, he has let loose oneself that vigilant heart, because the person in this village was very simple and honorable. The village head also promises him to him a place build the house, that girl must ask him to eat meal. But now, all did not have, the person died, dying is very miserable, he person village has regarded is his family member. Finds the individual place to settle down, I will revenge for the village.” Xia Tian has not turned head, he does not dare to look at the village again, because he feared that he will unable to control his mood, he has an idea now.

That revenges for the family member. Hand stroking of Xia Tian gently on the body of hot high-spirited horse, the hot high-spirited horse had not moved: I and you go to revenge for the villager together.” Although that mounted bandit some legs are soft . Moreover the pants are wet, but compares with the life, he wants awfully, therefore he starts hurriedly: Sir, I guide for you.” Graciousness Xia Tian nodded: I do not hope to waste the time, on the road can introduce your Pegasus gang with me.” Good, Sir.” That mounted bandit leads the way hurriedly: Sir, our Pegasus helps is not nearby mounted bandit, this time comes some people to lead the way.” „Do some people lead the way? Is who?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Is the mounted bandits of other horse bandit gangs, they also told us, today this village is defended weakest one day, making us attack today.” That mounted bandit answered. „Haven't you asked why?” Xia Tian does not believe this Pegasus gang vigilance does not have, after all among their mounted bandits also has the conflict of interests. Naturally asked that is greatly asking, but the opposite party said that was their leaders' brave warrior by this village is punctured blindly the eye, therefore wanted to retaliate, this time they asked us to deliver many commodities.” That mounted bandit answered. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, he always felt that matter is not simple. However now he must do, even if massacres the person of that horse caravan completely, the Xia Tian handling matters method counter-violence, kills. Our horse caravan altogether three manage a household, you a moment ago massacred is our three manages a household, the population adds altogether more than 700 people, the combatants has more than 500.” The mounted bandits answered. „Is strength how is it?” Xia Tian this is to know oneself and other side. Combatants completely are above Earth Grade, three fiercest, what it is said greatly is below Heaven Grade the non- rival.” That mounted bandit said. Below Heaven Grade doesn't have the rival? Snort!” cold snort who Xia Tian disdains, many people called themselves are below Heaven Grade do not have the rival, but finally? But is they do not have one to bump into a stronger enemy: I must have a look at him to have any skill but actually.”