Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1483

This time mounted bandit big team. „The third child so is how slow.” Boss very discontented asking of mounted bandit. Big brother, haven't you known third child's disposition? Definitely looked for the woman, we walked first, did not need to manage him, neighbor cannot defeat his Expert in any case.” The second in command of mounted bandit said. „His will be bad the important matter.” Manages a household to say greatly. Big brother, when he comes back me to teach him, should not be angry, was right, thing that this that fellow brings real?” The mounted bandit second in command shifts the topic hurriedly. Greatly hears the words of second in command, really no longer raised three matters: Real, although I have not seen, but I have inspected carefully, should not have the mistake, is the key of illusion.” Had it, can we turn on the illusion in legend?” Incomparable excited saying of second in command. Naturally is impossible, illusion has nine keys, it is said only then collects nine keys to solve the secret of illusion.” Greatly answered „, if for this thing, I will not run such exists to start to one.” These outcastes, killed have killed, nobody supported to them in any case.” Saying that the seconds in command do not care at all. Snort, you understand anything, do not despise these villages, no one is able to guarantee the old monster that in these villages does not have anything to return to native place, what this time we bump into is only ordinary village, this is the luck is good, but will should better not these villages next time.” Greatly obviously is the heart has the scruples. Was right, Big brother, actually in illusion to have what?” Asking of second in command. I do not know, but it is said is the secret of legend family.” Greatly shaking the head. Legend family, what is that?” Second in command puzzled asking. Legend family exists in legend, it is said is thousand years ago existences, these legend families are some super respected families, their strength very formidable, but a drastic change made these legend families vanish, but can untie this secret place is the illusion, I heard that who can solve the secret of illusion, he can obtain the strength of legend family.” Greatly this time innermost feelings have filled with the incomparable anticipation.

He had also heard the legend of illusion before, but he does not have to think own unexpectedly has this opportunity , the entire spirit world only then nine keys, he does not have to think own unexpectedly can also get so far as, this proof was he spring comes. His luck came. Spirit world so many Expert, but he obtained, this can only say person who is he has the destiny. So long as he can solve the secret of illusion, he can reach the sky in a single bound absolutely. Perhaps when the time comes he can also become any super Expert. Big brother, were we developed?” After second in command the matter of hearing mirror flower snow month's, excited saying. Em, when the time comes our three brothers on foundation own family, own city, when also City Lord plays.” Greatly even started infinite giving free reign to the imagination in the future, in his eyes his future is not the dream. This was really good, we must solve the secret of illusion.” Seconds in command was also exaggerated by this imposing manner. Bang! At this moment, outside bang transmits. Greatly, died, died.” Under a famous artisan hurried ran. Spoke well, your T. M died.” Seconds in command cursed angrily one. Second in command, was not, is the brothers dies.” Under the famous artisan spoke a little speaks incoherently.

What's the matter?” Hurried asking of second in command. Some people got the gate, the gate had been broken open a moment ago . Moreover the these brothers of entrance were also battered to death.” Under hurriedly said. What? Do some people get the gate? How many people came?” Second in command puzzled asking. „A person.” Under the famous artisan shouts. Goes to the NI mother, a person you fears anything.” Second in command very angry shouting. Second in command, we cannot block him, dozens brothers come up, was given to kill by him directly.” Under the famous artisan answered. „The second child, is Expert, goes to have a look . Moreover the third child has not come back to the present, I was a little worried.” The greatly directness stands up, second in command also followed. Good.” Nod of second in command. Afterward they walk toward outside directly, when they arrive at outside time, by the present situation shocking, the horizontal corpse has spread wildly, this how long, unexpectedly can kill these many people. This is how possible.” On the greatly face has written all over inconceivable, at this time in front of him is the corpse, the corpse is everywhere countless, the juniors who their Pegasus helps all died. The personnel who corpse 400-500 in ground, can fight all died. What's all this about?” Seconds in command also front all shocked. The sign that at this time their surface advance party a charming man, Pegasus is helping stands in the middle, that person stands in the above of sign.

„Who are you? Why must kill the person who my Pegasus helps.” The mounted bandits manage a household greatly stubbornly stares at the opposite person to ask. My name is Xia Tian, comes to here is the revenge, you have killed the person in village, I must make you be buried along with the dead.” At this time stands the person there is not others, is Xia Tian, he got rid to cut to kill these Expert of Shanzhaili. Regarding him, the person of this rank radically on the insufficient homicide, a moment ago in the flash that he came, he directly used Wan sword to return to the birth family, all killed here all people. Village!” Hears this glossary time, greatly suddenly one unlucky premonition: Third child. You the third child how?” You said that but is that uses the person of (spear|gun)? I have hit to explode his head.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. You dare to kill my younger brother, I want you dead.” Second in command shouting of anger, their three are the blood brother, the second child usually most takes care of the third child, he and third child's relations are also best, at this time heard the third child dead, he thorough mortgage did not live in his anger. Relax, I will deliver you to accompany his.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. At this time greatly frowning, he most is worried is this matter, he is not willing to cope with these villages is worried to have Expert, he does not have to think one have met Expert. However thinks the key of illusion this time obtains, he did not regret, in his opinion, even if were his person dies, so long as he can solve the secret of illusion, that this loss was not anything, when the time comes do not say that a horse caravan, he even can create a city: No matter what, you have killed my Third Brother, I must kill you.”