Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1486

Good, his horse is the hot high-spirited horse, value a lot of money, this horse also makes in the evening to me.” Another shadow light saying. Relax, does the Boss, I get rid you not to feel relieved?” That shadow said that vanished in directly same place. After Xia Tian enters a city, keeping looks that here somewhat seemed to be similar to the China ancient times, but also be more advanced than the ancient times, according to this development, here should not be impossible not to have the thermal weapon and transportation vehicle. But Xia Tian here has not seen any electric appliance and so on thing. Holds him, his body has the contraband goods.” At this moment, Xia Tian hears suddenly behind broadcasts the sound, therefore he turns the head to look that he discovered more than ten guarded controlling a man. Crash-bang! The thing of that male arms also fell on the ground. Is a gear. Is the gear the contraband goods? Ended, ended, his unexpectedly dares to bring the contraband goods to enter a city, this time he died.” Such young makes this business not awfully, was really a pity.” Anything had not been a pity that what he brings is the contraband goods, everybody also knows the contraband goods the harm in a big way, therefore he is the punishment is deserved.” The surrounding these people said that heard their words, Xia Tian guess somewhat a point, here did not allow to develop the high tech, this matter in the spirit world was also passing that can think, after all the development high tech will destroy this world spiritual energy, world spiritual energy and treasure in gradually like Earth on, disappearance gradually. Em?” When Xia Tian watches the fun, he felt suddenly some people in touching the Chu bag of his waist, the thing that in his Chu bag puts are not many, reason that so long as several spirit stone, the spirit coin, the simple several bottles of compounded drugs, he hangs this for not to cause others' suspicion. After all but outside him anything does not have the belt, others may suspect when the time comes that he has the Advanced Chu tool, he definitely will stare, but he has not thought that he will change into the ordinary Chu bag also to stare.

In this world, the person of Earth Grade intermediate stage, so long as is not too bad will have Chu Wudai who mixes. Now some unexpectedly person of people must steal the Xia Tian thing. Really too comedy. This is shows off meager skills before an expert simply, stole the thing to steal Yama this to come, although the Xia Tian stealing skill has not stolen the day to be high, but was steals the day not to be impossible to steal away the Xia Tian thing. Say nothing of this fellow, although his technique is good, but with stealing the day compared to probably miss many. Stole away that moment of Xia Tian thing in him, Xia Tian feels his excited expression obviously, but he had not discovered that the Chu bag that he took had already made a fraudulent switch by Xia Tian, moreover his Chu bag also by Xia Tian taking away. That person thinks after own hand, first leaves. Xia Tian looked for an inn. Helps me look after my horse well.” Xia Tian said the direct guest room. Meanwhile, moreover one side. Boss, went well.” That man takes up the Chu bag in oneself hand to say excitedly. Opens has a look, what does this inside have?” That Boss asked. Good.” Saying of that male face anticipation, in their eyes, Xia Tian is a wealthy and powerful family, pulls the fire high-spirited horse the person possibly not to have money? In their opinion, in the Xia Tian Chu bag definitely has spirit stone.

But when he opens Chu Wudai that moment, he was shocked. What situation? What does inside have?” His Boss asked. Quick speech Ah! that Boss impatient saying. Anything, anything does not have, the Boss, I was deceived.” On the face of that thief has written all over inconceivable, he does not have to think own unexpectedly has stolen a spatial Chu bag. Small three, your Chu bag?” At this moment, the Boss asked suddenly. My Chu bag?” That thief touches own waist hurriedly, is at this moment, his whole person was shocked, his Chu bag disappears, his Chu bag unexpectedly lost: Boss, in me incurred.” What? Your unexpectedly has incurred, hateful, this boy unexpectedly dares to start to my lyeopodium complanatium nine elder brother's people, really courts death, in the evening first received to me his horse, then tomorrow I will ask him to do accounts again.” Lyeopodium complanatium nine elder brother angry saying. But he neighbor earth overlord, some unexpectedly people dares to move his thing now, this is not he can endure. Boss, you felt relieved that I definitely give you you to steal tonight the hot high-spirited horse, that thing most little can sell least three spirit stone in the market condition.” That thief incomparably excited saying. Ok, the thing value that you lose is less than together spirit stone, if can come back horse Tou, that has gained, but that boy same must teach, making him understand that here the low key cultivates the behavior.” Lyeopodium complanatium nine elder brother very aggressive saying. In the city has the custom in city. After Xia Tian exhorts the waiter in inn, spoke several words in the ear of hot high-spirited horse. Afterward hall of Xia Tian in inn wanted the point to eat. This place most can inquire the news place, because here some people drink, drank in a big way the person liked boasting B, drew an analogy, had such a story in the northeast hotel.

My 15 difference societies, alone struggle for many years, the property 35 million, live in the villa, yacht, luxury car three, unmarried, I do not seek marriage here, does not dazzle here richly, I only want to tell everybody: Gives me again case of beer, I can blow to let the life that you start to suspect. Before drinking, I am Harbin \; After drinking, Harbin is my. Naturally, is not only Harbin, everywhere is the same, so long as drank in a big way, that absolutely started to blow, naturally, they will also say that some know, matter that others did not know. Xia Tian must listen is these matters. „Did buddy, you hear? Disciple who now various respected families are incurring entrance door.” Nearby one table of people of said. I heard, but requests to be very high, wants the Earth Grade late stage above talented person to be able, probably after a period of time will have any important matter to occur.” Another person said. Now good opportunity, if can join these respected families, that status definitely is upward rises, later definitely nobody who keeps dares to bully us.” Not only that moreover I also heard that these families this time will choose the elite juniors to study Martial Arts of their family, even some Earth Grade greatly complete super Expert, these families will also help to break through Heaven Grade.” They more chatted vigorously. Breaks through Heaven Grade?” The brow of Xia Tian selects, afterward he stands up directly, takes up the liquor on oneself table, has arrived at the side of that two person directly: Boss, adds several vegetables again, this table of I invited.”