Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1487

Em?” That two people simultaneously look to Xia Tian. Younger brother please two elder brothers drink, don't two elder brothers give a face?” Asking of Xia Tian face smiling face. So-called puts out a hand not to hit to smile the dough figurine! Xia Tian shows good will on own initiative, moreover a face smiling face, opposite party will certainly not catch up with Xia Tian to walk. Younger brother's where words, drink together, drinks together.” That two people are also very heroic saying. Two elder brothers, younger brother named Xia Tian, just came from outside area, I am interested to the matter that you said a moment ago very much, can give the younger brother to say again well?” Xia Tian very polite asking. Where words, Brother Xia came from outside area, you must pay attention, the day Yong city biggest taboo offends these respected families, so long as sees is the person of respected family, do not contradict.” The reminder of one of them cautious and solemn said. Em, I knew.” Xia Tian in fourth of Heavenly Connection tower knows that the status of person of these families, Earth Grade late stage Expert carried a sedan chair. Naturally, we wanted to contact these family juniors not to be easy, but some vagabonds should better do not offend, these people have the background, possibly is their friends and relatives serves as a petty government official anything in some family , will be very when the time comes troublesome.” Another person reminded. Many thanks two elder brothers reminded.” Xia Tian holds up one glass of liquor, he custom in bright Baicheng, simply speaking wanted the low key to cultivate the behavior in the city, if here you do not have the backer, does not have the background. Others bully you, you must endure. Naturally, after us, cultivation to Heaven Grade Expert, we have not needed to fear that these smelly rascals, when the time comes had the respected family to gather us, had the respected family to support, so long as we did not offend should not the person of offending, that can also live unusual be good.” Xia Tian understood, this is here person's dream. Their cultivation to Heaven Grade to obtain gathering of these respected families, gives person family belongings goon.

„The matters about this various respected family hiring, I gave you to say in detail, you from outside area, should not know that the influence distribution of our day Yong city, I gave you to say in detail.” That person spoke of here to drink liquor, then continued saying: „The day Yong city, the biggest influence is City Lord Mansion, City Lord is surnamed Ye, City Lord Mansion inside Expert like clouds, it is said Heaven Grade Expert is not high in inside status \; Next is four respected families, Zhao, Sun, Li He Murong, the positions of these four respected families respectively are located in the east , south , west and north four directions, they in the surroundings of position are their spheres of influence, the position that we are at now is the Zhao Family sphere of influence.” „.” Xia Tian nodded, he also really underestimated the day of Yong city. Has not thought here, Heaven Grade Expert is not anything. Before listened to the big cow to say after differentiating grade of Heaven Grade Expert, Xia Tian once thinks what these high-grade was only the legend does not exist, although here possibly had Heaven Grade Expert, but the quantity should not be many. But he has not thought that City Lord Mansion inside Heaven Grade Expert status is not high. Thus it can be seen, in the day Yong city, Heaven Grade Expert is not fierce. It seems like I also need to promote my strength, otherwise has not waited to inquire the crevice prison, I died here.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. This four respected families are completely public the hiring, so long as is the strength can try in the Earth Grade late stage above person, has the examination official, has wanted that pass of examination official, can join four respected families, became the entrance door person.” That person of incomparably excited saying. „, After that became the entrance door person, what advantage had?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally had the advantage, every month ten spirit coins, Bai Na, has mission to give money alone, moreover after you exited, said one were the entrance door person of respected family, that nobody dares to offend you absolutely.” That is truly good.” Xia Tian tallies said. Naturally was good, joins entrance door is only a start, if later has the opportunity becomes the person of interior door, that called true making a rapid career advance.” Another person is also saying of incomparable expectation. The nod that „,” Xia Tian keeps, he asked afterward in a low voice: „Have two elder brothers, you heard the crevice prison?”

Crevice prison? No, where is that?” They shook the head. Xia Tian chatted with these two people was very long, but the majority was they were saying that Xia Tian was listening, because Xia Tian hear was too earnest, therefore they felt that the Xia Tian person was specially solid, appearance that greatly feeling sorry not to have met sooner. However Xia Tian obtained a news. The crevice prison is no one knows that should, only then Expert knows that in other words Xia Tian wants to know crevice prison is, that must enter the respected family to say first again, because the average person knows nothing about this place probably. The night falls. Xia Tian saw outside that two moon by the window, these two moon no matter how look like are the eyes of person. Spits! Xia Tian heard the voice of hot high-spirited horse, afterward shows a faint smile, the body fled from the window directly. In this time horse stable. Do not call, has taken these many anesthetics, but can also call.” A'San depressed saying, he has fed many anesthetics to the horse obviously, is the horse not but actually. Needs to help?” Does not need.” A'San said that when he said that immediately one startled, he is comes: What? Do not be stealthy, comes out to me, what matter that weighs on the conscience made not to dare to come out?” A'San this polite talk said directly, the imposing manner came up immediately.

You steal probably is my horse, makes the matter that weighs on the conscience is also you?” Xia Tian jumped down from the house directly. Is you!!!” A'San recognized Xia Tian, clothes and normal person who because Xia Tian wore had some differences, looks at will, but was quite as if attractive. Right, is I.” Xia Tian serious saying. You also my Chu bag.” A A'San face angry looks at Xia Tian, he is a thief, finally his money was stolen away by Xia Tian on the contrary. What Chu Wudai doesn't, I know?” Xia Tian said that the right hand searches, the Chu bag of thief waist was received by him again. Saw Xia Tian that face bad smiles, the A'San feeling is not suddenly right, he touched hurriedly to his waist, Chu Wudai loses. Added that is not you!” A'San angry saying. My first time sees you such stupid thief, is steals the thing obviously, finally the thing cannot steal away, own Chu bag also built this.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Brat, quickly gives back to me the Chu bag, your Chu bag and this horse I wanted.” A'San said directly. How? Changed to snatch?”