Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1490

Seeing Xia Tian must point at and Spirit Tool with two collides. On the face of scene presented disdaining, although the Earth Grade greatly complete Expert physical quality was better than to be too many average person, but does not have to well to be able with the degree that Spirit Tool compares. Court death! This courts death absolutely. All people think that the finger of Xia Tian this time definitely could not preserve. dāng! But at this moment, these people all saw inconceivable one. That Earth Grade greatly complete Expert quick sword unexpectedly on this stiffly by two fingers of Xia Tian gripping, has only used two fingers, these people cannot help but looks to own two fingers. They do not believe absolutely the finger can grip the sword. But now on the stage, this actually really exists. Quite fierce, originally he is Expert, before twice possibly was the luck or the sneak attack, that this time? This time absolutely no longer was the luck issue.” Grips the sword with the finger, did this also too exaggerate? How possible?” I am not am having a dream, this absolutely real, but actually does he how achieve?” The person under stage had been shocked completely, they felt that this was too inconceivable, two finger unexpectedly can grip that quick sword . Moreover the weapon of Spirit Tool rank, this has surpassed their cognition. On liquor!” The examination officials shout loudly. The examination officials of nearby two platforms also shift the vision, they know that definitely was appears any lives it up. The technique of second deep meanings eight Qi. Attraction.

The Xia Tian left hand wields, the body of that person like this was flung to fly, fight time is distracted, this had judged his failure, Xia Tian naturally will not show mercy. Bang! Until that person of body falls to the ground, he responded. Has won, Xia Tian has won, moreover wins is so relaxed, at this time the person under stage looked that the Xia Tian look is different, before they think that Xia Tian possibly boasted own strength, but they understood now, Xia Tian had not boasted absolutely that his strength is Earth Grade greatly is really complete. The Xia Tian right hand extends, brings once more together the beast meat, moreover at this time the liquor also delivered. A Xia Tian meat, liquor, like this stands on the stage. Next, you, with of long handle.” The examination officials have not inquired the meaning of Xia Tian, because Xia Tian had said a moment ago, on casual, so long as there are him of eating to hit. The famous artisan comes to power with the man of long handle directly. Examination official this is must test Xia Tian to fighting various Kungfu, the abilities of various types of weapons. This time was a long spear. Xia Tian the two fingers of left hand gripped the sword of opposite party a moment ago, but this time was different, this time is a long spear, definitely cannot grip with two fingers, actually they want to take a look at Xia Tian to use any method to resist the long spear. In their eyes, the Xia Tian method seems emerging one after another incessantly is the same. When can you finish eating?” With person very impatient saying of long spear. I momentarily can start.” Xia Tian very optional saying. The person has been used to the wildness of Xia Tian, person who because does not have the strength such in a moment wild, is the competent person is different, the first several times, Xia Tian has cashed his words. Therefore this everybody also very much anticipated that he can use any new ability. Snort!” No matter the Xia Tian strength is what kind, he such in a moment will cause others' disaffection, that gets rid with the person of long spear instantaneously, the long spear in hand like rainbow, a leap direct thorn to Xia Tian.

So-called one inch, one inch. The long spear can control the body of opposite party, blocks his advance route. The opposite party shakes the spear head, immediately as if presented more than ten silver (spear|gun)s to be the same. Whiz! Although Xia Tian is eating the thing, drinks . Moreover the eye has not gone to look at the opposite party, but his body such with ease has evaded the long spear of opposite party, afterward his body forwarded fast. Whiz! You look quickly, is ice, under his foot has the ice.” Suddenly some people shout, at this time everybody discovered that Xia Tian under foot unexpectedly has the ice, Xia Tian has stepped on the ice to go forward. Saw before Xia Tian clashes, that with Expert hurried retreat of (spear|gun), simultaneously wants to force to draw back Xia Tian with the lance point, but he how, regardless to puncture not to puncture Xia Tian, present Xia Tian completely is a Expert style. The idle courtyard was free rushed to that person of front, afterward all people noticed on the shoulder of Xia Tian suddenly presented the clear Jingjing's ice piece. Bang! Shoulder of Xia Tian on this collision stiffly on that person of body. Bang! That person was dislodged arena directly. Wins, this Xia Tian unexpectedly uselessly won including the hand, this simply was too fierce. Shock! The person under stage had been shocked completely, Xia Tian strength too formidable, his unexpectedly had not won with the hand, at this time side the examination official in that two arena has also terminated competition on their arena. All rushed to Xia Tian this arena to come.

Seven Monarch, your this time picked the treasure.” One of them said. Em, truly is together treasure.” Seven Monarch nodded, afterward he looks to Xia Tian: Why can you join Zhao Family?” I listened to others saying that here had the food to eat, but can also break through Heaven Grade.” Xia Tian very optional saying, although he said is very optional, however the ears sounds so to be sincere in seven Monarch and the others. Good, what skill but also there is able to make us see?” Seven Monarch asked. Has the meat to hit.” Xia Tian said. High quality meat.” Seven Monarch shouts loudly. At this time three examination officials all stood in Xia Tian this arena, simultaneously seven Monarch shouted to below: Now who can force him to use more unique skills, who was enrolled.” Hears seven Monarch's words, the people under stage think that this is an opportunity. Because seven Monarch do not make them defeat Xia Tian, but forces Xia Tian to use more unique skills, this hear must be simpler. It seems like today has the good play to look, these many days, came a good fellow finally.” An examination official said. I warned you, this was my person, do not want to hit any evil idea.” Seven Monarch very serious saying. Do not be mean-spirited, our gang does not look.” Another examination official said. Snort, no one is good, this boy I settled on.” Seven Monarch cold snort said. „It is not good not good quilt, is angry.” That examination official helpless saying. At this time another person moved toward above arena, sees Xia Tian there station, he asked directly: Hasn't used the hand?” A few words.” Xia Tian light saying, at this time his opposite that man, although is also Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but the face whiten, obviously is cultivation anything cloudy evil Martial Arts.