Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1493
Before the old man had not opened the eye, therefore everybody did not have what feeling. But after he opens the eye, eye inside has filled bright light, this bright light seems compared with the 30-year-old maturity also has strong . Moreover the imposing manner of his whole person as if also had the change. Tread! His footsteps as if tread in air. Stepped the arena directly. Good qing gong.” Xia Tian could not bear commend one. Your qing gong is also good.” Old man light saying. Many thanks commendation.” Xia Tian not polite, because his qing gong is truly good, therefore he not polite. I am the moving clouds and flowing water sword, sword empty.” Old man this is introduces oneself, only then the match of approval will identify one's role when first coming on stage mutually, at this time the sword empty has approved Xia Tian, therefore he will identify one's role when first coming on stage. Xia Tian.” The Xia Tian Jane Dandan introduction oneself, he only said their name, but this had indicated his manner, before he had not introduced himself with anybody. I must prepare to get rid.” Sword empty light saying. Xia Tian right hand sword one horizontal, nodded, starts. ! The sword empty sword direct thorn to Xia Tian, the body of Xia Tian dodged: Good quick sword air/Qi, is obviously same as the real sword that the sword air/Qi but actually does.” Speed is truly quick.” Sword empty body also vanished in same place. dāng! Xia Tian right hand 11, his sword has blocked the sword empty sword directly, the sword empty movement is quick, the sword is light, therefore his sword gets rid seems moving clouds and flowing water is common, is not loathsome.

Just was invincible Xia Tian, finally started to resist. The sword empty got rid to make Xia Tian start to defend. This is the disparity. Although similarly is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but their middle disparities have such in a big way, Bang! The sword empty sword air/Qi strokes directly above the arena, the arena was made a crack. Was such hit by these fellows, life big reduction of arena.” Examination official helpless saying. This time sword empty swordsmanship is good, can give you.” Seven Monarch light saying. You are really natural, said probably was you were same.” Another examination official said. Likes wanting, I have not wanted to deliver, their these three people mentioned by name by Xia Tian, naturally is my person, I can allow your to choose one.” Seven Monarch said. You, place never you of suffering a loss, profiting time must have you.” That examination official helpless shaking the head of. Bang! This time sword empty probably is a war machine is the same, he is having the absolute superiority, but Xia Tian can only be pursued runs everywhere. I also think he is perfection, now finally hit scurried about everywhere.” The person under stage thinks satisfies a craving, because beforehand Xia Tian too had been strong, making everybody look is not feeling well. Now sees Xia Tian to be inferior, they naturally must well crisp one. „Do you plan such to hide? Like this you will lose similarly, my swordsmanship is the might is getting bigger and bigger.” Sword empty light saying.

I and others is your swordsmanship might maximum time.” Xia Tian said. You favor.” The sword empty talk ends the sword in his hand just likes You Dragon is the same, drops from the clouds, the direct thorn to Xia Tian, this sword as if cut open the air was the same, moreover this sword from top to bottom how, regardless of Xia Tian dodged feels in own head. A sword that is unable to dodge. Longyou universe. The sword empty gives a loud shout. Name is good, it seems like that this move should be your unique skill.” The Xia Tian right hand flings, then the sword of Spirit Tool rank directly float in his front, at the same time, his body change. Wan sword returns to the birth family. Around his body starts to have the fierce change, His front sword, one point two, two points four, four points eight, such little was separated, finally the Xia Tian surroundings presented over ten thousand swords, these swords have formed an vortex shape in the Xia Tian surroundings. What?” All people were all shocked. But three examination officials have simultaneously looked at each other one: Domain embryonic form.” Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Seven Monarch laughs, this is the smiling face of the heart, he thoroughly cannot conceal oneself innermost feelings now was joyful, this time picked the treasure, had super Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of domain embryonic form. And is so young. Seven Monarch, your this time must ask us to drink.” On the faces of another two examination officials is the look of envy. They felt that own this time was really too aggrieved, looks that a such big talent such rushed to seven Monarch here, how possibly not to envy. You lost.” The Xia Tian sword has fired into that from top to bottom directly the sword, was only the flash, the Xia Tian body surrounding sword has formed the incomparably intense tornado, this time he not only can utilize Wan sword to return to the birth family freely, but also he can also return to the birth family to change various shapes to use Wan sword.

Sword empty, although unusual is not willingly, but he also knows that Xia Tian has shown mercy, otherwise he cannot block the attack of Xia Tian absolutely. Bye.” The sword empty talk ended has jumped down arena directly. Sword Light vanishes, Xia Tian has given back to the sword the sword empty sword empty. Won. Xia Tian has won, Xia Tian also empty was pursued a moment ago by the sword is hitting, but sword empty unexpectedly lost now, moreover Xia Tian intentionally is making the sword empty, this those present do not know really should say any was good. Splendid.” The form fell on the remote antiquity together, second that in three people this person a moment ago Xia Tian pointed out. At this time seems over 30 years old, but appearance truly very good-looking, on his face is hanging the smiling face, as if not by Xia Tian that shakes, Xia Tian Wan sword returned to the birth family to shake these people under stage a moment ago, in their created the invincible image at heart. But this person unexpectedly not any tense appearance. You rest first.” That man said. I have been resting.” Xia Tian said that this all people have covered their face once more, the Xia Tian speech that extremely arrogantly, his unexpectedly said one have been resting, the meaning was these fights he to rest, has not moved the physique. Eight Trigrams palm, Xu Tai one.” The men introduced oneself, since Xia Tian said that does not need to rest, he has not said anything. Xia Tian.” Xia Tian said again, although before , had said that but this after is the politeness. Hold up! Xia Tian threw in the arena nearby the sword in right hand directly, afterward stretched out the double palm. Really is Expert, is so self-confident to own strength, I am impolite.” The men said that moves toward Xia Tian directly.