Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1495

Reason that nine young masters do not have to begin directly, and other excuse. The juniors in Zhao Family may know. The big young master, four young masters, five young masters and nine young masters are online \; Two young masters, three young masters, six young masters and eight young masters are online \; Seven young master jumps online. Definitely some people passed to here news nine sons' ears a moment ago, therefore nine young masters will come out, how he possibly noticed that seven young masters were under many a talent so high talent. Therefore this time comes here goal is to eradicate Xia Tian. The person of this recruitment entrance door, altogether three arenas, are turning, today's arena is 6783 sons' person here hiring, has not related with their cliques. Therefore nine young masters will act. Do not dare, the person who probably I bully the Seventh Brother is the same, I give you now an opportunity, with opportunity of my fair fight, one-to-one.” Nine young master corners of the mouth have revealed the sinister smile. Obviously is the appearance that a goal prevails. But nine young masters Heaven Grade Expert. Xia Tian is Earth Grade is greatly complete, now his unexpectedly proposed that must be one-to-one with Xia Tian, this clarified must cope with Xia Tian. Hits hits, who fears anyone.” The Xia Tian tooth bites, he knows that today perhaps cannot hide. Good, that comes the war of field life and death, this has the quality of being worth looking, you have killed me, I do not investigate you, I have killed you, thinks that the Seventh Brother will not say anything.” Nine young master unexpectedly directly proposed the war of life and death. This time, everybody understood, he got down has killed the heart.

His was must kill Xia Tian. Regardless of Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is fierce, is only Earth Grade is greatly complete, is unable to contend with Heaven Grade. Earth Grade is greatly complete with Heaven Grade has the drainage ditch that cannot be surmounted. Nine young masters, you such do are not perhaps good.” Seven Monarch said hurriedly. ! A clear palm of the hand sound reached in the ears of all people: Qualifications that here some you spoke? Although you are also Heaven Grade Expert, but you are just my Zhao Family dog.” Even if status of Heaven Grade Expert in the respected family merely is also just like this. Seven Monarch clenched teeth, has not said anything, if seven young masters, nine young masters absolutely do not dare to hit him here, nine young masters depend seven young masters not to bully here their. Seven Monarch shook the head to Xia Tian, he wants to tell Xia Tian, this is one not the competition that is possible to win, and has won, Xia Tian could not live, to the person who the Zhao Family juniors started, Zhao Family will let how possibly off. Who is Xia Tian? Earth most Expert, will he fear? Will he flinch? Compared with on ratio!” Xia Tian is always not the person of being afraid of getting into trouble, after arriving at the spirit world, he was low-key enough, but he discovered himself , regardless of being low-key, always some people look for his trouble. The people were bullied friendly, horse Shan was ridden, even if dies, he cannot the vexed death. Hears that moment that Xia Tian complies with, seven Monarch clenched teeth. He bumps into a natural talent so high person with great difficulty, his original manuscript thinks one this time can look for several to have the potential subordinate to seven young masters finally, but has not thought that nine young master unexpectedly come first one step.

It seems like this Xia Tian must be doomed. Happy.” Nine sons' brows select, afterward said in a low voice: Boy, my most repugnant talent, therefore does not have Seventh brother's matter, I will be also same will kill you.” Nine sons' talents are not high, he can have the present strength because he is the Zhao Family juniors, with the strength that the compounded drug and spirit stone pound stiffly, therefore he most hates the talent, the Zhao Family seven young masters is a talent. Although his age not compared with nine young master big many, but he actually keeps is breaking other eight people of records. At that time family inside old fogy cherished seven young masters, is he? Family inside these old fogies are not even seeing him, this makes him hate the talent. He envies seven young masters. Therefore he has wanted to defeat seven young masters, this time he heard the news saying that seven sons' subordinates have drawn on a super talent, and has the talent of domain embryonic form, heard this news time, he decided that must kill this person. Cannot remain. Otherwise after waiting for this person to grow, that seven young master definitely strong trends. This absolutely is he intolerable. That comes!” Before Xia Tian is not, that about the person who Heaven Grade Expert did not know, he understands that now Heaven Grade Expert forms of defensive action, that was the element attack. Before Lei Feng's element was the earth, but does not know that front this nine young master’s element was anything. But Xia Tian can affirm, although this nine young masters are Heaven Grade Expert, but his strength also merely is only cauldron Rank 1, most common Heaven Grade Expert, because of this, therefore Xia Tian plans to try. If the opposite party is a cauldron Rank 2 strength, that Xia Tian absolutely easily will not have attempted, after all after Heaven Grade, among each Rank 1 strengths the disparity is not small. Also he now was unable to use Vampire changes the body.

Vampire changed and strength of Heavenly Connection all by the small insect suppressing. Seven Monarch, restrains grief, did not have the means that nine young masters clarified are kill his.” Another examination official said that although the other two are six young masters and eight sons' people, but six young masters and eight sons' with being two sons' influences. But nine young masters are the big young master’s influence. I have informed seven young masters, but should be without enough time.” Seven Monarch helpless shaking the head of, although he has informed seven young masters, but nine young masters after all are Heaven Grade Expert, Heaven Grade Expert wants to kill the Earth Grade greatly complete person, that absolutely was too simple, although their three were also Heaven Grade, but their three do not dare to block nine young masters. First did not say status difference in that solely is title nobody of nine young master that mad dogs dares to provoke him. Everyone who nine young masters became famous bites, bullies the person specially everywhere, if they dare to come up to mind others'business, that takes a beating definitely is must have, looked like seven Monarch was the same a moment ago, but nine young masters do not dare to kill them, after all they were the major sons' trusted friends. „Does boy, you know? Did not die fearfully, waited for death is most fearful!” Nine young master faces ponder looks at Xia Tian, he as if not worry to begin to be the same, but wants little playing dead Xia Tian. I will not die.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Right?” Nine young masters said that right hand congealing fist, afterward a fist makes directly. This fist was the Heaven Grade Expert strength, the Xia Tian front presents a wall with flues for heating directly, the speed of wall with flues for heating as if must quickly embezzle Xia Tian instantaneously is the same. Nine young masters, are the hot attributes.