Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1497

Nine young masters hear that sound time knows that was seven young masters comes. He when hears this sound, not only has not stopped the movement in hand, instead picked up the speed. He must dare before seven young masters come massacres Xia Tian. Technique of Second Layer deep meanings eight Qi. Attraction! When nine young masters fire into Xia Tian, he felt that his body was thrown to fly again, pounded directly above the ground, flash of his body in pounding in ground, the flame scattered in all directions to go. Surrounding several people were embezzled by flame instantaneously. Thorough death. Thus it can be seen, the flame might is actually fearful. At this time seven Monarch, carries on the back is the cold sweat, when he saw nine young masters use this move, is worries, was good because of Xia Tian again nine young masters throwing. Bang! The form fell above the arena together. Seven young masters! He is the seven young masters in legend. Zhao Family nine child in talent strongest that seven young masters. „The stinking ninth category, my person do you also want to kill?” Seven young master coldly looks to nine young masters. Snort, this time matter has not ended.” Nine young master clenching teeth bodies vanished in directly same place. Young Master, you came finally.” Seven Monarch ran over hurriedly. Em, went to say.” After seven young masters looked at Xia Tian one, the body vanished in same place.

Saw after seven young masters leave, seven Monarch is beckoning to Xia Tian, afterward they moved toward the Zhao Family front door directly, this Xia Tian entered in Zhao Family. This is Zhao Family of day of Yong city four respected families. After Xia Tian they leave, the remaining two examination officials said directly that sword empty, Xu Tai comes up, a Xia Tian finger of final that person, other person powder, will continue a moment ago tomorrow. They know that seven Monarch will again definitely not come back to snatch these three people with them. Therefore they quickly these three people dividing, although their three do not have Xia Tian that super talent . Moreover the third person has not gotten rid, but these three people compared with other people absolutely are the super talents. Seven Monarch received the inner courtyard Xia Tian directly. Normal, Xia Tian can only be the outer court disciple now, the outer court disciple does not have the qualifications to enter the inner courtyard, but seven Monarch took charge of Xia Tian to enter in the inner courtyard. Has saying that Zhao Family is very big. This Zhao Family house is lives in the previous several thousand people not to think to push. Moreover in Zhao Family was arranged gathered spirit big, although here poly spirit big does not have spirit stone that in the Xia Tian family spends to be many, but here is the spirit world, gathers the spirit big effect itself to be better than Earth on ten times. Although the outer court was also covered in gathering in spirit big, but compared with the effect and inner courtyard, were the difference are too really many. In the inner courtyard the flowers and plants grow thickly everywhere, trees stand in great numbers, but these flowers and plants are not the simple flowers and plants, but is the efficacious medicine, these books are also not the nameless trees, but is the value priceless valuable tree. It can be said that the entire inner courtyard, has been full of the treasure everywhere. Quick, Xia Tian arrived at seven sons' courtyards, seven sons' courtyards are independent, here probably is in the palace the palace is the same. This time seven young masters sit in the middle of courtyard are steeping the tea. Sits!” Seven Monarch and Xia Tian sat in seven sons' opposite. Fears?” Seven young masters looked that asked to Xia Tian.

Did not fear.” Xia Tian said that although on Xia Tian the road of cultivation is very rough, but he has not feared absolutely. No matter what, you have hit the stinking ninth category, the Boss they will not give up.” Seven young master light saying. Will die?” Xia Tian asked. Has me to guarantee you, cannot.” Seven young masters said. Cannot die to have anything to be fearful.” Xia Tian said. 100 invincible might sticks you did not evade.” Seven young masters said that he among the dialog with Xia Tian is simple, but probably is many years of old friend is the same, seven Monarch does not dare to talk with seven young masters with this expression. My anti- getting down.” Xia Tian knows that these 100 invincible might sticks are not definitely simple, but after this is seven young masters try hard, strives for absolutely, otherwise he has injured the Zhao Family nine young masters, is definitely difficult to run away dies. Even if he escapes to the city, cannot escape from chasing down of Zhao Family absolutely. I am very curious, you obviously are Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, how do you injure the stinking ninth category?” Seven young masters have the interest very looks at Xia Tian to ask. Because he is proud, was too negligent.” Xia Tian light saying. „A your saying, seemingly was very so reasonable.” Seven young masters naturally knew nine sons' problems. His foundation is not steady, moreover does not have the actual combat experience, met time anything of crisis unable to use.” Xia Tian said. Em, good, your power of observation is good.” Seven young master satisfied nods of, continue to say afterward: Later does what kind of me?” What advantage has?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask directly. If outside, some people hears Xia Tian, that definitely is thinks that Xia Tian was too wild, his unexpectedly dares to discuss the condition with seven young masters, this is courting death simply, seven young master agree let him, this gives fully his face. But his unexpectedly also dares to discuss the condition with seven young masters. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Seven young masters laugh looks at Xia Tian saying: Your boy is good, I like your disposition, what do you want?” I must break through Heaven Grade.” Xia Tian said.

Good, I find the way to help you break through Heaven Grade.” Seven young masters thought that even compared with these people kneels with the agreement that Xia Tian reaches on the ground asks him, must with the actual benefit that he must come. I with you.” Xia Tian very tranquil saying. „It is dangerous with me, momentarily may die, don't you fear?” Seven young masters asked again. Wants who I die many, but I live the present.” Xia Tian said. Many people have thought must kill Xia Tian, but does not have any person to be successful finally, Xia Tian still station well here. I like your disposition, seven Monarch, gives me to tidy up nearby that room, lived to him.” Seven young masters order to say directly. Yes, Young Master.” Seven Monarch before seven young masters is very respectful, little speech. Thump! Seven sons' front doors were sounded. Big brother, comes, oneself family brothers also knock any door.” Although seven young masters have not opened the door, but he knows what was. Blood brother, clear(ly) did accounts, I do not knock your door today, next time you will go to my, definitely did not knock my door.” One line of four people walked, these four people completely are well-dressed. They are the Zhao Family big young masters, four young masters, five young masters and nine young masters. Big brother comes my this is not drinks tea?” Seven young masters asked. I come the important person, the law enforcement elder was waiting there.” Saying that the big young master comes straight to the point.