Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1498

The Zhao Family big young master’s appearance is grand, his body has filled the explosive muscle everywhere, the voice of speech is also very loud and clear. Xia Tian stands up, 11 has taken a look at these four people. „Does boy, refuse to accept?” The Zhao Family big young master disdains looks at Xia Tian. Definitely refuses to accept, but does not have the means that your fists are big, you decide.” Xia Tian impolite saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha, but also really dares to speak the truth, but I am very curious, actually you how meet under that 100 invincible might sticks, looks at your this physique, 20 sticks can want your assigning, although the seventh child spent the good money to preserve your life, but 100 invincible might sticks and death penalties did not have what difference, seventh child's money also can only be throws away carelessly.” Saying that the Zhao Family big young master disdains. Xia Tian only knows, seven young masters for he have also spent a lot of money, but he has actually discovered a secret. I have thought before the Boss should be the status is highest, but I was grow in experience today.” Xia Tian has not continued, but hears the Xia Tian words, several other people all is a little surprised looks at Xia Tian. They know. In these four people, fifth child's status is highest, but the fifth child usually did not speak, stood in Boss' side, therefore the common bystander thinks that the Boss was their four person inside leaders. Should not know do not know are too many.” Saying of Zhao Family big young master coldly. Seven young masters appreciated Xia Tian really more and more, he understands from the Xia Tian those words that Xia Tian saw the relations between these four people. Walks, don't you want to see a play? That is quite attractive.” Xia Tian said directly. Walks!” Seven young masters take the lead to walk toward outside directly. At this time stands in the Xia Tian behind five young master eyes narrows the eyes, seemed a cheetah observes closely a game to be the same. Xia Tian felt own whole body one cold, but he has not turned head, because he knows that is who is staring at him. One line of people moved toward directly have enforced the law hall. Enforces the law hall is Zhao Family law enforcement place, so long as were the Zhao Family juniors has made mistakes, the people in inner courtyard or outer court must carry out here, Xia Tian has injured nine young masters, was the death penalty, but seven young masters spent the high price to preserve Xia Tian, changed to 100 invincible might sticks. Although before nine young masters, said with the Xia Tian fair competition. But this thing verbal statements are no guarantee, even if some people heard, who dares to come out to testify?

Therefore Xia Tian was also disinclined the strength of multi- fee that lips and tongue. He knows that he cannot escape these 100 invincible mights to be good, although he does not know that actually this was any penalty, but he understands, light not. After entering has enforced the law hall, all people to the law enforcement elder slightly are all bowing. This time law enforcement elder sits on seat of honor. Other law enforcement disciples sit in two sides. Xia Tian, you injure nine young master matters, you may acknowledge guilt.” Law enforcement elder very serious asking. I acknowledged guilt.” The Xia Tian slight argument, he has not known that he argued is also useless, because he is only a bystander, nobody believes that his words, more many that he explained that possibly was more troublesome. Therefore he simply acknowledged guilt. Seven young masters have arranged in any case. Good, since you acknowledged guilt, I sentenced your 100 invincible might sticks, did you take to refuse to accept?” The law enforcement elder asked again. Clothing!” Xia Tian said. Law enforcement disciple, executes.” The law enforcement elder said that the law enforcement disciple has moved in a stool. Lies.” The law enforcement disciple said. Xia Tian understands finally the invincible might stick was anything, hit the fart with the stick. The stock, this penalty China ancient times used frequently, but this definitely with ancient difference. Xia Tian has lain directly. Two law enforcement disciples stand in two sides. Starts!” The law enforcement elder shouts. Bang!

! This first directly hit the Xia Tian cold sweat, he also wants to protect the body with spiritual energy a moment ago, but this group of children can download spiritual energy probably, his spiritual energy direct has broken dispersed, in other words, he can only close right up against the human body the defense effort this to plunder. Bang! Second. Pain! Really painful, but Xia Tian clenches teeth, any words had not said that clenching teeth stubbornly, he knows own present, if shouted to make noise, that can only these to look at the joke. Boy, this offends my fate.” Nine young master faces badly smile looks at Xia Tian. Bang! Third. On the Xia Tian forehead has flowed off sweat, in the final analysis, he is also only human body every embryo. „A Earth Grade greatly complete boy, can shoulder 20 has been the miracle, I said that the seventh child your unexpectedly is willing to spend Qian to come to bet his anti- past, do you think the value?” Very the big young master disdains looked that asked to seven young masters. Isn't worth, is I believes him.” Seven young master calm saying. Bang! Fourth, all people saw Xia Tian difficultly. „The Earth Grade greatly complete person never has any to live 100 invincible might sticks.” Big young master light saying, he does not believe that Xia Tian can shoulder 100 invincible might sticks. You had heard Earth Grade injures Heaven Grade greatly completely?” Seven young master light saying. Snort!” Hears here time, nine young master cold snort, this is his sore spot, his unexpectedly was injured by a Earth Grade greatly complete boy, this said that his face all lost completely. The big young master for a while is also at a loss for words.

After all this matter he has not heard, Earth Grade is greatly complete with Heaven Grade Expert the disparity is not small, but Xia Tian unexpectedly has injured Heaven Grade by the Earth Grade greatly complete strength. At this time passed ten. Xia Tian puts in order. The stock is bruised and lacerated, but he has not shouted one. How long I must have a look at you to be able actually to support.” Big young master coldly looks at Xia Tian to say. Also here installs the dauntless man? Hurts shouted that making us know.” Nine young masters noticed that Xia Tian was hit, mood very crisp. Xia Tian continuously stubbornly is nipping own tooth, a few words had not said that he will not shout, at this moment, he experienced the rule of law of the jungle in this world, he did not have any influence . Moreover the strength could not compare others, therefore can only lie subjects to a penalty here, but these people actually watched the fun there. 20 next passed. The Xia Tian spirit somewhat was absent-minded. Also really had insisted 20, extraordinary, some skills do not shout, dauntless man.” Very the big young master is not feeling well looks at Xia Tian, at this time he hopes to hear the Xia Tian pitiful yell sound. Because he can insult seven young masters like this. But Xia Tian does not give him this opportunity. Ticktack! The blood of Xia Tian drops on the ground, at this time his on the leg, latter carries on the back is the blood. Yeah!” Seven young masters sighed. I will not die!” The Xia Tian clenching teeth innermost feelings shout.