Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1499

Normal Earth Grade greatly complete enduring limit is 20 sticks, but Xia Tian had withstood 20 sticks now. He has not died, has not fainted! Such big is opening eye. Hasn't fainted?” The Zhao Family Boss brow selects, he has not thought that Xia Tian is a dauntless man, others 20 sticks either die, either faints, but Xia Tian not only has not died has not fainted, but also the eye also opens the eyes big. Bang! That two law enforcement disciples continued to hit. In Zhao Family inner courtyard. Eldest sister, that side hit person, we watched the fun.” Girl excited running over of. Hits the person to have something to look?” That female puzzled asking, if Xia Tian, he certainly will recognize at this time here, this female is not others, gives him that woman of number and route plate. Eldest sister, what hits is the invincible might stick, it is said is 100 sticks.” The girl said. My how many years were not at home, invincible might stick did unexpectedly still exist? Really must chat with that several old fogies, this penalty should not exist.” Saying that female unemotionally. Heard that this time was Seventh brother's subordinate nine elder brother injuring.” The girl looked like knew many secrets were the same. Walks, has a look, happen to I must let enforce the law hall change this penalty.” The females said that walked directly. The girl was excited followed, she knows that this time definitely had the good play to look, the female was her eldest sister, was the pride of Zhao Family, reason that Zhao Family can have the so high status in the day Yong city, because she had another terrifying status. Therefore in Zhao Family, even if these elders also to the female very polite. Moreover the relations between female and his Seventh Brother are very good. The name of female is called Zhao Yushu. So long as after she went, that only needs a few words, the entire penalty hall absolutely did not have any person to dare to continue to begin.

Eldest sister, I inquired a moment ago, hits that fellow of person is only the Earth Grade greatly complete person, finally gave to punch nine elder brothers, moreover heard punched was very miserable.” Following that the girl keeps after Zhao Yu stretches oneself said. „Isn't nine elder brother cauldron Rank 1?” Zhao Yushu puzzled asking. Em, the eldest sister you also knows that nine elder brother mixes with the Fifth Brother, that person is the person who the Seventh Brother just recruited, nine elder brother heard directly has looked for trouble, the result troublesome has not found, hit is very miserable.” She who saying of girl ancient spirit demon, said is very excited. Fifth Brother they do not want to see Seventh Brother to get up, will therefore let the person who nine elder brother copes with the Seventh Brother.” Zhao Yushu can understand among them the matter, this several years ago she leaves home is so. For these years, reason that seven young masters nobody dare to move , the part is her reason, because she and seven young masters is a mother live. Young lady, Young lady.” When Zhao Yushu they arrives immediately enforces the law hall, an old man hurriedly ran over. Day uncle, how?” Zhao Yushu front old man is the Zhao Family manager, she little sees the old man so hurriedly. City Lord came.” Day said. City Lord? Does he do?” A Zhao Yushu brow wrinkle. I also know that the master called you in the past.” Day said. Zhao Yushu looked at a front law enforcement hall, afterward direct turn around: Walks.” Eldest sister, you did not watch the fun.” That girl noticed that Zhao Yushu must walk, said hurriedly. You pass.” Zhao Yushu said that leaves directly. The girl noticed that Zhao Yushu such walked, honk mouth: Does not consider as finished, I look for the Seventh Brother.” The girl said, ran directly. Seventh Brother!” The girl arrives at seven sons' sides to say low voice. Seven sons' brows have been wrinkling, but sees girl's that moment, on his face presented gentle and love: How you came.”

„The eldest sister also came a moment ago, but afterward he was called by day.” The girl said. Hears the eldest sister in girl spigot, several people on the scene stare, but afterward heard that was called by day, the big young master their several people relaxed obviously, because that woman, once came, this penalty will terminate absolutely. They may be know relations between seven young masters and that women. If she came, she will maintain seven young masters absolutely. At this time Xia Tian had been hit 40 to be good, but he has not fainted, this made the people a little admire him, the Earth Grade greatly complete strength was hit 40 sticks not only has not died, unexpectedly has not fainted. This can explain his will formidable absolutely, moreover his physique is also very good. Seventh Brother, this was also too cruel.” The girl has drawn seven sons' clothes. At this time in the ground was the blood, Xia Tian also turned into half blood person, but Xia Tian was a non- throat, wasn't this possibly painful? Is impossible, but he did not shout. When I must have a look at you to be able actually very to arrive.” Saying that the big young master disdains. Does not hurt sorely, hurts to call.” Nine young master corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, now he is really very crisp, thinks that beforehand Xia Tian three times overcomes the arena him, he thought that does not have the face. However this time, he was vents anger thoroughly. Xia Tian clenches teeth, anything had not said. Pain! Really painful, he believes that if not he does not die is to protect him, perhaps he had been killed, now his fart. The meat on stock soon had been hit all not to have. Words that Seventh Brother, such hits, he will die.” The girl looks anxiously seven young masters said that she is also first time looks at this scene, before she had heard. Believes him.” Saying that seven young masters unemotionally. Bang!

50 were good. „Does the seventh child, how many you think him also to be able anti- under? You have a look at present him, opportunity that can live big?” Saying that the big young master disdains. 60 sticks! Big young master and the others did not speak, because they had not seen Earth Grade greatly complete Expert can shoulder 60 sticks. Their absolutely Xia Tian was a little also inconceivable. Bang! When the law enforcement disciple projects on 90 sticks, Xia Tian is still one does not have the throat, a painful character has not shouted, at this time, the big young master they four complexions were unattractive, although saw that Xia Tian hit they are very happy, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly this has not died. The final ten sticks had finished, each stick regarding them is the suffering. Seven young masters they are hope that Xia Tian can live, but the big young master they are hope that Xia Tian died. Bang! The 100 th stick finished. The eye of Xia Tian also closed. Died?” Sees such situation big young masters and on nine sons' faces simultaneously one happy, before they also really think that Xia Tian is the iron hits.