Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1500

Whiz! After the 100 th stick finished, seven sons' bodies vanished in directly same place, afterward his compounded drug fed in the Xia Tian mouth, and took out a small jar, sprinkled inside liquid in the Xia Tian wound place. Seventh child, useless, he died, but this boy also is really a man, unexpectedly insisted that finally does not utter a sound, moreover intense oppresses own spirit, was not fainted by oneself.” The big young master smiling looks that seven young masters said. Has saying that their several all admire the Xia Tian will. Xia Tian unexpectedly entire journey does not have throat, and has not fainted, has arrived very finally. When the big young master they take pleasure in others'misfortunes, middle finger that they saw shivering. This middle finger Xia Tian, but Xia Tian slowly has lifted the head, both eyes red sees the big young master their several: Grass!” Has not died! Saw that moment that Xia Tian has not died, the big young master the complexions of their several people all changed. This unexpectedly has not died. This time Xia Tian already hit did not have the human appearance, but his unexpectedly has not died, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert was hit 100 invincible might sticks not dead, this has surpassed their cognition. It can be said that Xia Tian broke the hit record. Other normal Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, 20 sticks either faint, either the death, they saw the person who most anti- has hit to be hit 50 sticks also to kill, moreover that person or the physique were good. But Xia Tian unexpectedly has shouldered 100 sticks. Has not called out pitifully, has not fainted, to has not died finally. These three types have not occurred absolutely.

This unexpectedly has not died, I must tell the eldest sister to go.” That spirit elegant girl ran away directly secretly. This time big young master their four does not know that should say any was good, five young masters who had not spoken trace their ear, when everybody saw this action understood, five young masters got down have killed the heart. Five young masters touch their ear each time, that represented him to kill people, his these brothers knew his custom. Walks!” Five young masters said that their four people leave afterward directly. Seven Monarch, carries to walk him, I have prepared the medicinal bath.” Seven young masters already prepared all, including the tea that starts Xia Tian to drink, he fed the Xia Tian compounded drug a moment ago, liquid that is used to restore the Xia Tian wound. All is he prepares beforehand. These things each same are value priceless, can say him to preserve the Xia Tian life, takes great pains absolutely. Seven young masters also saw five sons' actions a moment ago, he understands that this Xia Tian has not died, definitely will make five young masters they more painful under kill the heart, after all Xia Tian has taken to them too many surprised. They first time saw that was hit the person who 100 invincible might sticks had not died. This absolutely is the formidable talent. If Xia Tian does not die, after that absolutely will become right-hand of seven young masters, when the time comes troubled. In inner courtyard big young master’s house. This person must die.” Saying of five young master coldly. Seventh child's talent is high, that girl supports to him, solely these two points made us not dare to move him, if made him develop own influence again, after us, radically was not his match.” The big young master said. Has second child their group of people already suffices the headache, if the seventh child grows again, that Patriarch seat we could not snatch.” Four young masters they said.

Kills, must kill him.” Nine young masters must kill Xia Tian, Xia Tian made him lose that big face, how he possibly let off Xia Tian. Cannot make the seventh child get up, otherwise he absolutely is a big trouble, although we cannot kill him, but also similarly must be built on stilts him, as for second child their group of people, is one crowd of mob, several days later Songyuan congress will be direct.” The fifth child spoke of here time traces own ear. Hears his words, presents other people all cannot help but trembles. Ruthless! The fifth child is in their several people the strength strongest person, is cloudy the most ruthless that person, fifth child's movement had indicated a moment ago he must kill people, his unexpectedly must kill including the brothers. Although they are the different cliques, but they may not think must kill other brothers, most is also suppresses. But the fifth child now unexpectedly must kill them. „The fifth child, you are earnest?” Boss exploratory asking. Cannot move besides the seventh child, other people must die, otherwise do not want to sit the Patriarch position for a lifetime.” Saying of fifth child coldly. Hears the position that grips. The Boss clenched teeth: Did.” Good, Big brother, I forever support you.” Nine young masters said. But, the fifth child, what to do should we?” The big young master asked. Meanwhile, in inner courtyard two sons' houses. That boy unexpectedly has not died , the life is big, but he lives, will not let off by fifth child's disposition absolutely his.” Two young master light saying.

I heard that boy had the domain embryonic form, and has injured the stinking ninth category by the Earth Grade greatly complete strength, extraordinary, was really too extraordinary, if made him grow, seventh child's influence absolutely was once started , it can hardly stop.” Three young masters said. Seventh child's talent is too high, moreover there are that girl, his potential is too big, cannot make him grow, if after this boy breaks through Heaven Grade, that can be the big boost of seventh child absolutely, when the time comes does not have the advantage to us, but stared well by the fifth child in him, even if we do not get rid, he also died.” Six young masters said. Was right, immediately must hold the Songyuan congress, when the time comes the east gate opens, the treasure are innumerable, our time must seize this opportunity, surpasses the fifth child at one fell swoop they.” Eight young master incomparably excited saying. Em, this time Songyuan congress is an opportunity, so long as our luck is good, displays, that Patriarch and elders will definitely attach great importance to our.” Two young masters said. „The fifth child their crest of wave was too abundant, this time happen to can rub their spirit.” Three young masters nodded. At this time in seven sons' courtyards. Xia Tian was lying in a convalescent pond, his body of body originally not dying, restored the speed is dozens times of average man, in addition these medicines, at this time his meat started slowly was long. This time you were evade finally tribulation.” Seven young masters sit in drink tea from Xia Tian not far away. Is you to the tea that I drink?” Xia Tian asked. Has not thought that your unexpectedly discovered.” Seven young masters nodded. „If not that tea, I can shoulder to 80, will lose then the will, what tea is that?” Xia Tian knew then situation, if were not that tea, he could not insist absolutely finally.