Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1502
Xia Tian has not gained ground, but is the big stuttering meat, the big mouth drinks, was quick his front thing to be swept away by him. Em?” A that servant brow wrinkle. Why are you in curious I not dead?” Xia Tian pats there lazily saying. Is impossible, the toxicant that inside puts should be colorless tasteless, you are impossible to discover that and has eaten to eat all one's food the thing, that many toxicants have been able to kill by poison one to be ominously beastly.” That servant looks at Xia Tian very puzzled. „To kill by poison me, that is impossible.” Xia Tian obtained a new skill before. Is called to swallow. Is of small insect swallows. The small insect had the phoenix of black flame to gobble up, moreover did not have any untoward effect, that Xia Tian swallowed toxicant is anything, although this type of toxicant was colorless tasteless, but in the front of X-Ray Vision eye, all achromatic colors will turn colored. Since cannot kill by poison you, I have killed you, but you now disabled person, cannot move.” That servant said that has fired into Xia Tian directly. He to own strikes very self-confidently, after all he is also Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, if Xia Tian in the heyday he definitely is not a match, but Xia Tian in the injured situation, he thinks that now he can kill Xia Tian absolutely. But at this moment. The technique of third deep meanings eight Qi. Grasp! The Xia Tian left hand extends forward. That person discovered own unexpectedly could not control own body, his body flew on this directly to Xia Tian. Puff! The left hand of Xia Tian grasped directly on the neck of that person.

I, if achieves Buddhahood, the world does not have the demon \; If I to become demon, my what?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Ka! Sound of bone break, the Xia Tian left hand wields afterward, that person had been thrown by him directly. Xia Tian cannot move now yes right, but cannot move not to represent him unable to kill people. Does not need to guess that Xia Tian also knows is who does, definitely is the big young master they sends for doing, Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to him, in a while, this person by seven sons' people processing. Xia Tian lies there is bored, now he was unable to gather many Inner Strength again, therefore he simply started to study Formation. Xia Tian is different from others. Others cultivation gets up to be unitary, but Xia Tian solely does not meet Martial Arts, moreover meets Formation, Pill Refining, refiner wait / etc.. His Formation is list Expert stays behind \; His Pill Refining technology is pill emperor remains \; His refiner method is the study super refiner technique, initially Xia Tian also used the super refiner technique to refine the day cold sword. When he refines that moment of day cold sword, but also almost died under a day of tribulation. Because day cold sword is the weapon of that rank. That rank Xia Tian does not dare to say on Earth, although he does not know why cannot say, but his subconscious again told him, once he said that will have the disaster that was hard to imagine. Now he can say finally. Because here is not Earth. Day cold sword: Immortal.. Xia Tian does not understand why one will know the rank of day of cold sword, but in his consciousness has a sound in telling him, he refined immortal, therefore on the talent will lower the day tribulation.

Initially Xia Tian when knew the thing that one refined was immortal, he had a scare. Was only a pity final immortal destroying by Heaven Grade. The present day cold sword is the damaged condition, does not have including normal might extremely one, once Xia Tian can repair the day cold sword, so long as he wields conveniently, the entire day Yong city frozen will live by him. Naturally, the premise is he must be have the strength of use immortal. Ten days later! The Xia Tian wound was completely good. Seven young masters one time again have not come to see him, what Xia Tian has not said that after all here seven young masters are the masters, he is a servant, where has the master to be all right looks at the servant, the Xia Tian talent is formidable, again? After all he has not performed any merit to seven young masters. His present status can only be the subordinate of seven young master interior doors. After injuring, Xia Tian has worn clothes, these ten days he in studying diligently Formation, he determined after wanting cultivation to Heaven Grade, he absolutely can grasp Rank 3 Formation. Disparity between Rank 2 Formation and Rank 3 Formation is not the tiny bit. Will use the Rank 1 Formation person to have in the spirit world. Will use the Rank 2 Formation person, once had been discovered by some families, that will close, only supplies oneself family to use. Once will use Rank 3 Formation, where regardless of that this person arrives at others to call his Master, even if will be various City Lord Mansion of Daijouike will also revere him for the guest. However Xia Tian under not having the premise of strength, making him go to City Lord Mansion, when the guest he does not dare, what to do if others do detain directly him? When the time comes is delicious tastily is supplying him, does not ask him to leave. Xia Tian wants to use the Rank 3 Formation reason is because, Rank 3 Formation very cut-throat.

Cuts to kill ordinary Heaven Grade such as slaughter dog. Therefore , once cultivation to Heaven Grade, even if not calculate that other Xia Tian strengths, solely is Rank 3 Formation, can let Xia Tian in same level invincible, even can jump the ranks the challenge. Well, your wound?” When Xia Tian comes out, happen to have bumped into seven Mr. Em, you hurried hurried doing?” Xia Tian asked. Yeah, has been a long story, you follow me, on our road said.” Seven Monarch knows the Xia Tian talent, understands that seven young masters have take seriously Xia Tian, therefore he has not adopted the magnanimous attitude. Otherwise usually seven young master’s people under noticed that seven Monarch needs to bow. What's the matter?” Xia Tian asked. Is another two groups of strengths intentionally makes things hard for somebody seven young masters, couple of days ago head of the clan summoned their nine, the Formation master came Zhao Family to cause trouble, that Formation master behind had Mu Rong Jia to support, here came to rub our Zhao Family face, therefore the head of the clan wants to make their nine try to find the solution, if after all this time Formation of that Formation master could not break, that Zhao Family will also lose very big face.” Seven Monarch looked at Xia Tian to continue saying: Other two influences know that this is an assignment of very difficult office, because the opposite party is a Rank 2 Formation master, wants to discover a Rank 2 Formation master very difficult matter in the day Yong city, therefore they recommended seven young masters, finally the head of the clan has given seven young masters this time matter.” Listened to seven Monarch to say these many, Xia Tian understood, summarized to have the Rank 2 Formation master to find fault, other two influences did not handle, therefore pushed to seven young masters, if seven young masters can handle, that naturally beamed with joy before the head of the clan, if could not handle, that will cause the disaffection of head of the clan absolutely. „Do you go to do now?” Xia Tian asked. Looks for the Formation master.” Seven Monarch said. Did not need to look, I was.”