Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1503

Rank 2 Formation master! In the day Yong city almost does not have, even if some are not willing to make him show face in public. But admires Rong to be different, Mu Rongjia was used to the high-sounding talk to work, they just had a Rank 2 Formation master to start to find fault, they first set eyes on Zhao Family, if Zhao Family did not accept, that affirmation face will have the loss. Moreover this most has a headache is, others cloth has gotten down Rank 2 Formation, you cannot break forcefully, otherwise enters Formation after Zhao Family these many Expert a crazy bang explodes randomly, that will be large-scale Rank 2 Formation also directly is broken. But once this, that Zhao Family lost face. Others challenge your are Formation, you come up to be strong with the strength, this is just like in the school, others challenge your language, you must say one can overthrow the opposite party, this is completely unreasonable. Head of the clan Zhao Family the busy matter were too recently many, therefore he does not want to pay attention to this matter, therefore he convened Zhao Family nine. Let everybody help to recommend this time matter to give anyone. Usually is everybody fought, but this all person unexpectedly all agreed that makes seven young masters do, seven young masters usually are very low-key. Therefore finally was one's turn seven young masters. Seven young masters do not have the means to reject, other eight brothers here strength recommend him, if he said that own incorrect words, the head of the clan will be certainly disappointed, therefore he is braces oneself following, after having met this mission, can he everywhere seeks for the related Formation book in the family, look break Formation that Rank 2 Formation master arranges. Formation of that Rank 2 Formation master arranged in the inner courtyard. Seven young masters are in a daze to this Formation every day. What did you say?” Seven Monarch bewildered looks at Xia Tian. Do not look for the Formation master? I.” Xia Tian light saying. Your meeting?” Seven Monarch face inconceivable facial expressions.

Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Seven Monarch felt that was really too inconceivable, Xia Tian seemed that young, but he resembles anything to be the same, his obviously strength actually abnormal was inconceivable, now his unexpectedly added one met Formation. He was hits in mother's womb born really starts cultivation? Walks!” Seven Monarch brings Xia Tian to walk toward the developing practice grounds in inner courtyard directly. The Rank 2 Formation master, absolutely is cow B, especially has the Rank 2 Formation master who the respected family supports. In this time developing practice grounds had been built a natural pavilion, that Rank 2 Formation master like this sits in inside, his side has stood two Heaven Grade Expert: Yeah, is really bored, such simple Rank 2 Formation, you have thought three days could not break, it seems like your Zhao Family is also mediocre.” Seven young master coldly looked at a that Rank 2 Formation master, anything had not said. He wishes one could to rush to punch one now this Rank 2 Formation master, is he cannot, because others are visit to challenge Formation, if he directly others hitting, that Zhao Family has been possible to become famous in the day Yong city. I said that Zhao Family seven young masters, are you good, the incorrect words give the words, I am good next.” This Rank 2 Formation master is not the plan only copes with Zhao Family obviously, several other respected families he must rub the spirit. This admires certainly Rong to support. Snort!” Seven young master cold snort said. Whoops, the seventh child in this, this Formation has not broken, is really laborious, you said that you think so, three days three nights do not eat and drink, resemble you to be able this Formation to look are different.” The big young master their several fitted out passed by here is the same, actually they intentionally came. They must taunt next seven young masters to here every day. But two young master their group of people appeared the low key were many, although this time matter also had them to add fuel to the flames, but they may not have to taunt seven young masters, this to cultivate the behavior to keep a bottom line. Seven young masters have still not spoken, eye looks at Formation in this.

Em?” At this moment, the big young master their several brows is a wrinkle, then they looked to not far away: His wound was unexpectedly good?” Person Xia Tian that they see. At this time Xia Tian and seven Monarch are walking to here. How good is so quick?” Nine young master whole faces inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, this time Xia Tian seems as if nothing has happened, walks normally, the complexion is also normal, this was too inconceivable. How many Heavens! then passes? Ten days? Xia Tian wound unexpectedly was but good. This made them under decide must kill the determination of Xia Tian, because Xia Tian has a little gone against heaven's will, the talent or the fight skill, the following will was too in addition strong, once made him grow, that absolutely becomes right-hand of seven young masters. „Did you come?” Seven young masters see time nod of Xia Tian slightly, the Xia Tian wound good speed truly want to be quicker than him. Em, I heard that has the Rank 2 Formation master to find fault in that?” Xia Tian asked. That is!” Seven young masters gained ground. The Xia Tian left hand extends forward, all people do not understand that he must do. The technique of third deep meanings eight Qi. Body unexpectedly of that Rank 2 Formation master flew directly to Xia Tian, saw that this action all people hoodwinked, first, they do not understand that actually what happened, how Xia Tian achieved. Second, can't they think through Xia Tian this are must do? To hit this Rank 2 Formation master.

But he, if has hit this Rank 2 Formation master, that situation may not be wonderful, admires Rong certainly to find fault, when the time comes Patriarch will act to deal with this matter. When the time comes can preserve Xia Tian on nobody. Whiz whiz! Heaven Grade Expert of that two Mu Rong killed instantaneously to Xia Tian, the speed was fast, they were cauldron Rank 1 Expert. „A cauldron Rank 1 waste also dares to get rid before me.” Seven sons' facial colors one cold, afterward the right hand fights with the fists. Bang! Bang! That two people have flown upside down directly, a move, seven young master unexpectedly moves hit to fly that two cauldron Rank 1 Expert, but at this time the neck of that Rank 2 Formation master was held by Xia Tian. I heard that you do find fault? Moreover very good B?” Xia Tian coldly looks to that Rank 2 Formation master. „Do you want to do? If you dare to injure me, your Zhao Family reputation thorough was notorious.” Rank 2 Formation master angry saying. I am not the Zhao Family person, I am only a servant, has killed you, Zhao Family takes me to work as the scapegoat at most, trades the life of your this Rank 2 Formation master with my inexpensive life, you said that is worth?” A Xia Tian face cloudy evil looks at the Rank 2 Formation master. Saw that the Xia Tian appearance Rank 2 Formation master has a little feared, the words that after all Xia Tian spoke really made sense. I give you now an opportunity, kneels down, I can not kill you.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks at this Rank 2 Formation master.