Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1504

Sees such scene, big young master and the others is a face bad smiles. They wait for Xia Tian to begin to kill people, once Xia Tian begins to kill people, that Xia Tian must die without doubt, moreover seven young masters must be implicated. This is they the result that likes seeing. Seven young masters had not spoken in side, but he has not prevented Xia Tian, this represented him to tacitly consent to the Xia Tian behavior. That Rank 2 Formation master has feared, he looked to understand, Xia Tian was the person who did not fear death, person who dares to breakneck, this clarified must trade a life with his life, he treasured his life. How he possibly goes to trade the life with Xia Tian. I look up three, I ensure you can hear oneself neck break the sound.” Xia Tian may not have the patience to continue to refuse to compromise the aspect. One! Saw Xia Tian really start Zha Shu, everybody knows that he was is not cracking a joke. Frightened! The flash has attacked the heart of Rank 2 Formation master. He has not seen Xia Tian to work person who like this does not have the principle, because Xia Tian is breaknecking completely. Five sons' complexions have been cloudy, nobody knows that he is thinking anything. Two! Time that Rank 2 Formation master who Xia Tian looks up this two characters obviously is in the heart one cold, at this moment he felt really death, he determined that at present this person dares to kill him, dares to perish together with him. When all people waited for Xia Tian looks up three. I kneel, I kneel!” That Rank 2 Formation master said hurriedly. He does not know that Xia Tian is looks up three to begin, counts three to begin, if Xia Tian said three times began directly, he died, he mixes the status of today with great difficulty, he did not give up.

Xia Tian loosened own left hand slowly. Puff passes! That Rank 2 Formation master knelt on the ground directly. Sees such scene, seven young master nods of silently, this Rank 2 Formation Master Ke had not taunted little him for these days, but he concerned about the status, is impossible to go to him to begin, but Xia Tian is different. Although he looks after Xia Tian very much, but Xia Tian after is only under his famous artisan, therefore was Xia Tian began, most also receives a penalty. This next seven young master’s air/Qi also left, the face also struggled. But the complexions of big young master their several person must be ugly, their was scolding this Rank 2 Formation master at heart is the coward. Has remembered, later sees our other act high and mighty.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Hey, the seventh child, what do you mean.” The big young master opens the mouth to say directly that saw Rank 2 Formation Master Rensong, he naturally was unusual not being feeling well, but before , his actually a meaning of dissuading. Seventh Brother, my absolutely your this is not good, others are challenge Formation, you oppress others by the potential now, if this made the head of the clan know, perhaps the head of the clan definitely will be angry.” Saying that nine young masters disdain. Your line of you come, other not good BB.” Has not waited for seven young masters to speak, Xia Tian started talking. Brat, your unexpectedly dares such to speak to me!” On nine young master faces a anger. „Does defeated, what qualifications have to clamor with me?” Xia Tian treats the enemy not to be always impolite, since he had recognized one and these people can be the enemies, he will be definitely impolite. You.” Nine young masters have not seen Xia Tian such person. If normally, the Xia Tian status is only a servant, the servant dares such to speak to him this absolutely is the big death anniversary, before looking like, he hit seven Monarch to be the same outside, but now seven young masters here. He impossible to get rid absolutely dozen of Xia Tian.

After all Xia Tian is seven sons' people, if he gets rid, seven young masters will not manage. My what I? Refuses to accept again to hit one time, father's fart. The stock was itchy, does not care suffers 100 sticks again, but I ensure this time I will make you compared with me in the time on the bed treating long.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. The meaning in Xia Tian words is, the father has breaknecked with you, isn't 100 invincible might sticks? Endured one in any case time, at the worst comes again one time. You.” Nine young masters do not know thoroughly should say any was good. „Does the seventh child, you such teach your person?” The big young master opens the mouth to break through for nine young masters. My person has me to manage.” Saying of seven young master coldly. Seventh child, two days of time, if you could not have broken this Formation, I believe that head of the clan there you are not good to confess, when the time comes I looked who can also support to you.” Big young master this has torn to pieces the facial skin with seven young masters. Formation? Where is at? I come.” Xia Tian turned head, saw Formation, afterward he moved toward Formation directly. Ha Ha, the boy, do not break through the enemy lines use violence directly.” Smiling that the big young master ridiculed. Rank 2 defends Formation, the technique is quite rotten.” When Xia Tian arrives at the Formation front disappointed shaking the head , before he comes, was anticipating that what other Formation master arranges Formation to be. Now visits him also is really too disappointed, although this Formation is Rank 2 Formation, but the detail linked his Rank 1 Formation not to compare. Do not say by the mouth that has the skill to move.” Nine young masters noticed with great difficulty had the opportunity to taunt Xia Tian. Shaking the head that Xia Tian keeps, he turned the head to look afterward to that Rank 2 Formation master: This is Formation you arranges?” Yes, is I.” On Rank 2 Formation master face has piled up with the smiling face. Later exits, let alone are the Formation master.” The Xia Tian right hand has placed above Formation, afterward inconceivable appeared.

Formation vanished. Without a trace of disappearance. Swallow! Method of Xia Tian use swallows, Xia Tian swallowing that obtains from small insect there can swallow all, Formation was no exception, especially him has completely understood this Formation, so long as he started to swallow from the base, can very relaxed swallowed Formation. What?” Saw Formation to vanish, all people all inconceivable looked to Xia Tian. Is impossible, is this possible? Was Formation broken by him? But his obviously anything has not done.” Deeping frown of nine young masters, he does not believe the situation that one see, Xia Tian unexpectedly broke Formation. Moreover is so silent explaining. „It is not right, you used certainly any method to break Formation forcefully.” The big young master said directly. Your line of you come, other not good BB.” Xia Tian looked that said to the big young master. You court death.” Big young master’s anger has come up immediately, but also nobody dares such to speak to him. On seven sons' faces has also written all over inconceivable, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly broke Formation, saw the big young master is angry, he also directly gains ground: Big brother, my person no one can move.” Warning. This is seven sons' warnings. Really, hears seven sons' words, the big young master has not moved. Hey, fiercest Formation of your meeting is anything, arranges.” Xia Tian looked said directly to that Rank 2 Formation master.