Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1505

Big young master who and the others also wants to speak a moment ago do not speak, they think that Xia Tian was too wild. Actually Xia Tian broke that Rank 2 Formation to report on accomplishments a moment ago. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly also makes the opposite party arrange strongest Rank 2 Formation, this is increasing the difficulty to oneself simply, they will not prevent Xia Tian this stupid behavior, moreover how they had not noted Xia Tian to break through the enemy lines a moment ago. This time they happen to can open the eye to favor, actually having a look at Xia Tian how to break through the enemy lines, good to look for the problem from this inside. In their opinion, Xia Tian these words simply are stupid. Em?” That Rank 2 Formation master looks puzzled to Xia Tian. I said that makes you arrange fiercest Formation of your meeting, hasn't understood what is heard?” Xia Tian vision one cold, immediately frightened that Rank 2 Formation master to jump. Good, my this arranges.” That Rank 2 Formation master starts the lineup hurriedly. Rests a meeting.” Seven young masters said. Needs for a long time?” Xia Tian asked. His beforehand Rank 2 Formation has arranged for three hours, this is small Formation.” Seven young masters said. Is so slow.” If Xia Tian arranges this Formation, most not over one minute . Moreover the effect and might compared with his good. Seven young masters their several sat in directly one side started to rest. Here had to prepare good tea. Xia Tian they sat there start to drink tea. But big young master and the others awkward standing there, because their this does not have the seat, can only stand there, but they have not dared to walk now, was worried after they walked, Xia Tian will do any trick. After all this Rank 2 Formation master a moment ago by Xia Tian scaring. However quick, their subordinates have moved in the furniture and tea to them.

Confident?” Seven young masters open the mouth to ask. After all Xia Tian the procedure is going looking for trouble, therefore he asked one simply. Xia Tian had not answered, but shows a faint smile. Although smiles, but seven young masters understood, therefore he has not asked anything. „Do you want to break through Heaven Grade?” Seven young masters open the mouth to ask. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Our Zhao Family has a day of erysipelas, after taking him, can help the person tow spiritual energy that within the body erupts, breaks through Heaven Grade.” Seven young master light saying. „It is certainly precious!” Xia Tian said. By my Zhao Family strength , can only one year bring forth one, this compounded drug only then our nine have the qualifications assignment, I three years ago obtained one, took to seven Mr.” Seven young master light saying. How can obtain a day of erysipelas?” Xia Tian asked. Who in most outstanding that the past years displays, who can obtain the day erysipelas.” Seven young masters said. If Zhao Family only remaining you?” A Xia Tian face badly smiles looks that seven young masters said. Do not act unreasonably, although they are unkind to me, but I do not want to kill them.” Seven young masters compare to care about brothers friendship, although they are not the blood brother, but they after all are the brothers of peer. Since childhood together long to big brothers. That is also easy to do, regardless of family gives you anything, was then good.” Xia Tian very optional saying. You said like this time?” Seven young masters noticed that the Xia Tian that incomparably self-confident appearance said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded.

The time passes quickly, that Rank 2 Formation master this time has arranged day of Formation, the big young master they looked here for day, Xia Tian has not done any ghost, when Formation has become that moment, that Rank 2 Formation master was also tired directly lies down on the ground. Thus it can be seen, actually this Formation he has spent the big painstaking care. That moment when Formation completes, their several have all stood. „The seventh child, your person can on, this time we open the eye to look well.” The big young master said. How to open the eyes again, your eye so is also big.” Xia Tian very optional saying. You.” The big young master wishes one could to rush a foot to kick dead Xia Tian directly, but he bore: I am disinclined to assume the rapidness of argument with you, how I must have a look at you to break through the enemy lines actually.” Xia Tian slowly walks up, left hand touched directly above Formation, afterward shook the head once more: Yeah, you also really disappoint me.” This was I strongest Formation, Rank 2 killed, had the skill to break.” That Rank 2 Formation master stands up to say slowly. Puff! The flash, that arranged day of Rank 2 Formation like this to vanish in everybody's front. Broke! This Formation was broken by Xia Tian again. What?” Big young master and the others this time really open the eye to look that but their anything has not looked. Opposite that Rank 2 Formation master collapsed, he arranged day of Formation laboriously, unexpectedly like this is broken, several seconds, this attack kept him a little from accepting. This is he strongest Formation. Is impossible, you used certainly any improper method to break through the enemy lines. Absolutely is, your this is destroying our Zhao Family reputation.” Although the big young master had not looked that actually Xia Tian how achieves. But he started to use the fabricated way.

With a wish to incriminate has no lack of a pretext!” Xia Tian light saying. You do not understand Formation, do not install here, you definitely used the mean method to win.” The big young master stated categorically that Xia Tian acted shamelessly. „Don't I understand Formation?” Xia Tian has not spoken, but is a weapon of Spirit Tool rank throws in airborne, the both hands fast transformation, his hand fast quickly to was afterward inconceivable, nobody knows that he is doing. Only then a that Rank 2 Formation master face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian: Ancient.. Hand.. seal.” Bang! What Xia Tian is hand imprint unceasing racket on ground. After three minutes. Becoming! Formation just like appeared before the people. Rank 2 Formation. Saw that this Rank 2 Formation time all people have been shocked, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so fierce, his unexpectedly is also a Rank 2 Formation master, moreover he compared that Rank 2 Formation master to be fiercer. That Rank 2 Formation master arranges Rank 2 Formation most little to take 34 hours. But Xia Tian unexpectedly has only used for several minutes. They had not heard several minutes can arrange Formation, this simply was too fierce, seven young masters also completely had been shocked by Xia Tian, although he had inquired Xia Tian a moment ago, moreover he also believed Xia Tian. But he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can such quickly arrange Rank 2 Formation. Solution.” Xia Tian said to that Rank 2 Formation master that afterward he turned the head to look to big young master and the others: You can help together, be not standing, didn't you say me unable a moment ago Formation?”