Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1506

The big young master feels his face burning heat. He just said complete human family Xia Tian radically not Formation . Moreover the righteousness words said that but Xia Tian makes him see true Formation Expert now. A moment ago that Rank 2 Formation master with the words that Xia Tian compared, was not right, absolutely did not have compared with the means. I cannot break.” That Rank 2 Formation master looked around Formation. Shaking the head that the result keeps. „Can't you break?” The big young master looked asked puzzled to that Rank 2 Formation master: „Aren't you Rank 2 Formation master? He arranges is Rank 2 Formation, how can't you possibly break?” „It is not the Rank 2 Formation master can break Rank 2 Formation, his Formation hits with the Ancient hand imprint, exquisite incomparable, the communication between Formation is perfect, can say that this Formation is impregnable, except for using the brute force breaks forcefully, otherwise is impossible to break his Formation, even if the Rank 3 Formation master is impossible.” That Rank 2 Formation master this time lost is sincerely convinced. Although before him, was being compelled kneeling down by Xia Tian, but he has to acknowledge that Xia Tian in the Formation attainments was more outstanding than him are too many. „Can't the Rank 3 Formation masters break?” The big young master complexion changes. We walk!” Five young master expression ice-cold saying, they must kill Xia Tian before, but after previous time intoxicates the failure, seven young masters protected Xia Tian. They again had not started. But after passing through this time matter, five young masters understood, regardless of pays any price, he must kill Xia Tian. Before the Xia Tian talent and will have made their hearts be startled. Now they discovered that Xia Tian unexpectedly is a Formation master, a super Formation master, whatever if he such grows, that seven young masters can be next Patriarch absolutely. If Patriarch knows that this matter, that also absolutely can train seven young masters with emphasis. Therefore they must removal Xia Tian as soon as possible.

Walks!” The big young master stared Xia Tian one angrily, afterward leaves directly. The Rank 2 Formation master bowed to Xia Tian, afterward leaves with that two Heaven Grade Expert directly. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” After these people left, seven young masters start to laugh loudly, nobody knows that he is smiling anything, perhaps was smiling itself to meet Xia Tian. This original manuscript is other eight brothers forms a partnership to suppress seven young masters together, but they have not thought that had Xia Tian such uncertainties, not only cannot suppress seven young masters, but also gives back to the opportunity that seven young masters have rendered meritorious service. Patriarch after hearing seven sons' subordinates broke Formation, is happy, commended seven young masters in the face of their nine people greatly. Xia Tian, comes out.” After seven young masters returned to their courtyard inside, shouts. Shouted that what shouted?” Xia Tian lazily saying. If others uses this expression to speak to seven young masters, that seven young masters can definitely come up are suddenly to beat up, but said that the person of these words is Xia Tian, he not only does not have the slight disgruntledness, but also smiling looks at Xia Tian: Tidies up, leading you to go to a good place.” Does not go, I am busy cultivation.” Xia Tian direct rejection. Doesn't go really?” Seven young masters asked again. Cannot say that does not go, kills does not go.” Xia Tian said. „, That has been a pity, today is Miss zither Xiao a time qin skill demonstrated every half year that I also want to call you to have a look together, now looks like you do not have the interest, Miss zither Xiao is first beauty of our day Yong city, since you do not have interest that me to ask seven Monarch to look together, avoid has wasted a quota.” Seven young masters said that must move toward seven Monarch's rooms. Seventh Brother!” Xia Tian ran up to seven sons' front hurriedly, has shown a very charming posture. Does?” Seven young masters asked. I have thought that the quota, truly cannot waste, seven Monarch he is a blockhead, temperament how speaks to understand?” On the face of Xia Tian has piled up with smiling face.

„Do you understand?” Seven young masters asked. Slightly understands, slightly understands.” Xia Tian grinning saying. But you do not have the time, you must cultivation, I also think, you truly need cultivation well now, the promotion strength regarding you are main, I support you.” Seven young master serious saying. Seventh Brother, no matter what, I cannot disappoint your good intent am not.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Is killing that who said did not go a moment ago?” Seven young masters asked intentionally. I said that so long as cannot kill me to go, Xiaoqiang who Xiaoqiang who I cannot kill, 100 invincible might sticks cannot kill, therefore I must certainly go.” Kungfu of Xia Tian brazen came up. Good! We must now.” Seven young masters said. Good, the Seventh Brother, I listens your.” Xia Tian has exhibited an appearance of obedient treasure. Seven young master helpless shaking the head of, bring Xia Tian to walk toward Mingyue Tower afterward directly. Mingyue Tower! In day Yong city most luxurious place. It is not any influence, but similarly, even if City Lord Mansion gives the green light to it, because the back of Mingyue Tower has the large amount gate support. In Mingyue Tower is various consumer sites. The average people do not dare to go, because in why , regardless of must spend. In Mingyue Tower, everywhere is the high official juniors, even if will be the juniors of four respected families frequently here will also appear and disappear, will therefore come here person to learn, that will be the low key.

Seventh Brother, that quota very difficult lane?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally, Miss zither Xiao 29-day lunar month in has only deducted zither Ji in the building pavilion, ticket each time has 100, each Zhang San ten low grade spirit stone.” Seven young masters said. Is so expensive?” Xia Tian was admires dead really the son of the influential of this group of wealthy families. Money next, regarding these sons of the influential in day Yong city, puts out 30 low grade spirit stone is actually not the difficult matter, but Mingyue Tower forbids a person to buy many tickets, moreover is you wants to send under to buy is not good, who buys who enters, others can not enter, I can do to two tickets have both spent very big favour.” Seven young masters said. Xia Tian nodded. Truly, he can hear this ticket is the difficult lane. Quick, they got to the entrance of Mingyue Tower, Xia Tian have looked up, the sign of Mingyue Tower was very big, most made him feel what was speechless, the sign of Mingyue Tower mounted with spirit stone, on this had over a thousand low grade spirit stone. Luxurious! Xia Tian can only describe with the luxury. The lower-level public figure in day Yong city to spirit stone work oneself to death together, upper society people unexpectedly of day Yong city builds a signboard with over a thousand low grade spirit stone. Well, isn't this Zhao Family seventh child? Hadn't died to the pit by your brothers?” At this moment unharmonious sound appears in Xia Tian together they.