Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1507

Hears this sound time Xia Tian and seven young masters turns head together. You have not died, how I feel all right to predecease.” Saying that seven young master faces badly smile. I may unable dead, I do not have your many powerful brothers.” Saying that man laughs, at this time his with 12 people, Heaven Grade, 11 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. Relax, before I die, definitely first takes you.” Seven sons' corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. „Does Seventh Brother, in Mingyue Tower let begin?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally does not let.” Seven young masters said that Mingyue Tower does not dare to offend City Lord Mansion, do others dare to begin in inside? „!” Xia Tian nodded, afterward the vision looks to not far away: Looks quickly, flying saucer.” Hears the Xia Tian words, the vision of that several person to behind looks. ! Meanwhile a clear palm of the hand sound. Person unexpectedly that and seven young masters quarrelled solid had been slapped by Xia Tian. S. B.” Xia Tian scolded to crash in Mingyue Tower directly. Sees such situation, these people hoodwinked, they had a dream have not thought will have such matter, seven young masters also hoodwinked, but he in recovering, entered Mingyue Tower immediately afterward. When he enters Mingyue Tower, discovered that Xia Tian smiling looks at itself. You.” Seven young master helpless shaking the head of. Ha Ha Ha Ha, vents spleen?” Xia Tian looks that seven young masters asked. Venting spleen vents spleen, but that fellow is not affable, his name was called Sun Changyun, he was the Sun Family eldest son eldest grandson, the next Patriarch successor, the strength was immeasurably deep, you have hit him, he was impossible to let off easily your.” Seven young masters said.

At this moment, the gate of Mingyue Tower opened. Sun Chang the cloud band his enormous and powerful subordinates were walking, he comes in discovered a Xia Tian face badly smiles visits him. You court death.” Sun Changyun looks at Xia Tian angrily, afterward must begin directly. Oh mother!” Sun Changyun has not projected on Xia Tian time, Xia Tian directly lay down on the ground: Hit the person, some people hit the person in Mingyue Tower.” Heard the Xia Tian scream, the guard in Mingyue Tower all comes. Saw the guard in Mingyue Tower, Sun Changyun also slightly gawked, afterward his subordinate protected him, the guard in Mingyue Tower all was not the person in day of Yong city, they may, no matter you were the young master of which family, no matter also your background big. Any person dares to begin here.” Guards angry shouting. Is he, is he begins to hit my.” Xia Tian points at Sun Changyun to say with the hand. Young Master Sun Da?” A Mingyue Tower steward, he naturally knew Sun Changyun. Steward, you may calculate, I have not hit him, is he is being unfair to me.” Person who Sun Changyun sees a understanding with great difficulty, that naturally must explain well, otherwise the guard in Mingyue Tower does not recognize people, once these people begin, that must kill absolutely. You draw back first, here gives me.” In charge light saying. Steward, he has hit my brother, this matter cannot such consider as finished.” Seven young master expression ice-cold saying: I have thought before Mingyue Tower is one speaks the just place, if links the logical expression that here can bully casually, I believe that the young master buddies by day after tomorrow Yong city will fear few to dare to come.” The stewards hear seven sons' words, a brow wrinkle. Now two sides is the sons of the influential. One is the Sun Family eldest son eldest grandson, Sun Changyun, another is the Zhao Family seven young masters. These two people he do not want to offend.

Moreover the Zhao Family seven young masters said is very reasonable, currently here has many people to look that if this matter does not process, after everybody, does not dare here relaxation of total involvement. What to do do that seven young masters plan?” Effective asking. I am not the mindless person, I know that he is the status is not common, therefore you cannot kill him, person but who he has injured my, the medical expenses must have.” Seven young masters said. Hears the medical expenses. Whoops yo! The Xia Tian direct loud start called out pitifully. The appearance that sees Xia Tian this rascal, Sun Changyun has almost not irritated, he has not bumped into Xia Tian, now Xia Tian unexpectedly installs with received very big wound to be the same really: Hateful, do not install, I have not bumped you.” Whoops yo! The Xia Tian sound was more miserable. Good, I accompany, give you ten spirit stone to buy the coffin to use.” Sun Changyun angry saying. You are sending to beg for food?” The Zhao Family seven young masters said that looks effectively to: I put out 20 low grade spirit stone, this time matter I did not request to reconcile, 20 low grade spirit stone remained is buying the coffin for him.” „The Zhao Family seventh child, do not go too far.” Sun Changyun clenches teeth to say. Whoops yo! Xia Tian started to call out pitifully. What's wrong? Do you want to link me to hit together? That dozen, your backer is in any case big, I cannot stir up you, does not dare to take you to be what kind of Mingyue Tower, I also can only recognize.” Seven sons' voice are very loud, surroundings these people hear clearly. Hears seven young master these words time, an effective brow wrinkle.

Now these people look that seven young masters said Mingyue Tower does not dare to be what kind of the sun|descendant long cloud, this simply in the face of buckle Mingyue Tower: Young Master Sun, if you cannot solve, my person must begin, when the time comes I may, no matter you are the Sun Family eldest son eldest grandson.” „The Zhao Family seventh child, are you how is it?” Sun Changyun looked asked angrily to seven young masters. Easy to do, fixed-price, 1000 low grade spirit stone.” Seven young masters said. What?” Hears seven sons' words, Sun Changyun the mouth opens the eyes big: „Did the Zhao Family seventh child, you think Qian Xiangfeng?” 1000 low grade spirit stone trade your Sun Family eldest son eldest grandson's life, I think the value.” Seven young masters asked. „It is not good! Most 100 low grade spirit stone.” Sun Changyun said. Steward, gave you, helping my brother revenge, the coffin money I left.” Seven young masters said that must walk directly. Whoops yo! Xia Tian in ground is a pitiful yell, that called pitiful, it can be said that made the person listen to feel that this person fell into the wok with cooking oil to be the same. I leave!” Sun Changyun has acknowledged that the punishment is deserved, that is 1000 low grade spirit stone, he felt that own meat was sheared one stiffly. Seven young masters direct has seized Sun Changyun the hand Chu bag, afterward the right hand held to draw Xia Tian directly: Gives you.” Xia Tian not polite, received Chu Wudai directly. Seventh Brother, wants to eat anything, told me that I invited, my other did not have, was money are many.” Saying of Xia Tian very atmosphere.