Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1508

Sees Xia Tian that atmosphere the appearance, Sun Changyun has almost not irritated. Xia Tian unexpectedly takes his money to dazzle richly there! Moreover a moment ago was on a parahippus died the appearance, now unexpectedly on jumping for joy, this is blackmailing radically, saw such situation, Sun Changyun wishes one could to choke to death Xia Tian directly. „The Zhao Family seventh child, who is he?” Sun Changyun angry asking. „Can you directly ask me? I am a young master’s servant.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. A servant! His unexpectedly by a servant playing. Thinks of here, Sun Changyun a blood spouts. Puff! He is a petty person, launched a psychological attack by flying into a rage of Xia Tian air/Qi a moment ago, has put out a blood directly. Yeah, the anger is really big.” After Xia Tian sighed, turns the head to walk directly. Hateful, I must kill you.” Sun Changyun looks that the Xia Tian back said. You.” Seven young master helpless shaking the head of. If wants to be steady, must suppress.” Xia Tian said. Said is very seemingly reasonable.” Seven young masters nodded. Cultivates the behavior to want the high-sounding talk, you low-key also nobody will have given in any case for nothing your spirit stone, moreover wants to kill your person not to let off you, I had said helps you, that first step is to let day of Yong city all people all knows you.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. What does your boy want to do?” Seven young master puzzled asking. Most minimum Patriarch position should be your.” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha Ha Ha, your spirit is older than me, although I want to become Patriarch very much, but I absolutely do not have the means to go to and another two groups of people struggle, in recent years, they have suppressed me, does not make me develop, the appearances of seven Monarch is a coincidence, otherwise a I nice subordinate does not have.” Seven young master helpless shaking the head of.

Look.” Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face, he wants to break through Heaven Grade now, after he breaks through to Heaven Grade, had the capital of maintaining life in the spirit world, when the time comes, he can seek for the position of crevice prison. They moved toward inside of Mingyue Tower directly. Mingyue Tower exceed walks to inside, spends is higher. The day Yong city may not only then four respected families, other small families have many, even the strengths of some families are not worse than four respected families. Was here.” Seven young master light saying. Pavilion slightly builds, fine spring day, this place is good.” Xia Tian nodded. At this time enters here person is the honored and popular people. Before long. Sun Changyun has also come, but his side with anybody, he has not had a ticket obviously. Here person gradually are getting more and more. Altogether 100 tickets. Now only came 99. Today the person are really many.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his unexpectedly also saw the big young masters and nine young masters, but four young masters and five young masters not with them together. „The seventh child, you also are really natural, gets so far as two tickets with great difficulty, the unexpectedly also morbid leucorrhoea person comes to see.” Saying that the big young master disdains, intentionally he said the servant two characters is very loud. Small paid respects to the big young masters and nine young masters.” Xia Tian unexpectedly extraordinary is so respectful to these two people, this lets the big young masters and nine young masters does not adapt, but they listen not to be right immediately: Nine young masters, if which day you also want to take a beating, can look for me again, my fart. The stock was also itchy.” Hears Xia Tian these words, nine sons' complexions become pale. By Xia Tian hitting this matter, is his great shame, entire Zhao Family high and low nobody dares to mention this matter, but Xia Tian actually dares to raise. You court death!” Saying of nine young master coldly.

Em, kills me quickly.” Xia Tian said. Here is Mingyue Tower, do not cause trouble.” The big young master consoles to say hurriedly. Brat, you died.” Nine young masters stared Xia Tian one to say. Yeah, the present person likes boasting, said that anything must kill me, finally the gearing I one do not dare, really worthily is the Zhao Family nine young masters, gives the Zhao Family long face.” Although the Xia Tian sound is not loud, however the surrounding person all looked to here. Because they heard the Zhao Family nine young masters to boast. You.” Nine young masters do not want to continue to respond Xia Tian, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly said loudly he boasted. My what I? I may not be different from you, you said that must kill me already several times, but I also live, I said well must punch you, I have projected on to spit blood you.” Xia Tian also mentioned this matter. Were nine young masters hit? Also projected on to spit blood. Projected on to spit blood by a Zhao Family servant. Did this also lose face? Nine young masters felt periphery these person of burning vision, the face were red immediately. Looked quickly that was Li Yuan dominates.” At this moment suddenly some people shout. All people looked at the vision to the entrance. The Xia Tian vision also looked to the entrance. Who Li Yuanba is?” Xia Tian asked. Day Yong city youth one generation of first Expert, the meat stamina quantity holds up the person of 3000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron.” Seven young master light saying. Human body lifts 3000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron!!” Xia Tian has taken a look at this Li Yuanba. Solely can hold up 3000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron by the human body, this is the how terrifying fellow.

He is the inborn supernatural power, at age 11 held up thousand jin (0.5 kg) cauldron.” Seven young masters said. Seven years old hold up thousand jin (0.5 kg) cauldron.” The corners of the mouth of Xia Tian a little twitched, he seven -year-old time also plays with Brother Xiaoma and putty. Others seven years old of unexpectedly can hold up thousand jin (0.5 kg) cauldron. Em, his weapon is the bright moonlight sword, 1700 cattys in weight, ordinary Expert with cannot take, with him to war, so long as were seized the opportunity by him, that absolutely does not have any revolt ability.” Seven young masters have fought with Li Yuanba obviously. Good, elected him.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „Do you want to do?” When seven young masters see the Xia Tian smiling face, a little got muddled, he does not understand that Xia Tian must do, but he always one unlucky premonitions. Saw that Li Yuanba comes , the surrounding person cannot help but resigned a channel. This is Expert. Expert is where regardless of will arrive at to be paid attention. Also will be command respect. „The people in entire day Yong city know that he likes Miss zither Xiao, Miss zither Xiao has the performance each time time, he will come, to have some of his naturally people not to dare to disrespect to the qin Xiao young lady here.” Seven young masters answered. The Xia Tian corners of the mouth have shown a strange smiling face, afterward does not speak. After five minutes. In the rill, a boat has delimited from the river course, the scene was peaceful immediately, all people looked to that boat, what rowing a boat was two attractive females, but they were not Miss zither Xiao, but was the Miss zither Xiao maidservant. The Miss zither Xiao maidservants so were attractive, Miss zither Xiao? At this moment, the curtain screen on ship was lifted.