Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1510

Everybody asked the group id, here announced that the flowered camp: 203799451 Heard the Xia Tian words, all people are all shocked. His unexpectedly has issued the challenge to Li Yuanba. Insane? Was certainly insane! Moreover before here person all did not know the Xia Tian status, but knew now, because Xia Tian had identified one's role when first coming on stage a moment ago, he is a Zhao Family seven sons' servant, a servant. Servant unexpectedly attended such big meeting . Moreover the servant's unexpectedly before these many sons of the influential dares to be so wild, servant unexpectedly dares on the Miss zither Xiao ship. Servant unexpectedly can think that Li Yuanba issues the challenge. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” These sons of the influential have smiled immediately, they as if heard this world funniest joke to be the same, servant unexpectedly dares to be so wild. Sits is puzzled looks there qin Xiao to Xia Tian. She felt that Xia Tian is an odd person, because of the Xia Tian conduct extremely in the high-sounding talk, generally his such person definitely was any others big young masters, but Xia Tian unexpectedly was a servant, moreover in front of her such beauty will be the servant average person will not acknowledge that but installed, but Xia Tian unexpectedly was in front of these many people to acknowledge were a servant. He had anything to say anything probably, did not abstain from. Like a moment ago such, oneself has thought that the opposite party is the person who understands the temperament, but opposite party unexpectedly denied directly. What is main, she discovered that Xia Tian seems interested in Li Yuanba. The ratio is interested in this super big beauty.

She even suspected that on Xia Tian her ship to intentionally be mad Li Yuanba, challenges Li Yuanba is his ultimate goal. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the seventh child, your person is really fierce, unexpectedly also dares to challenge Li Yuanba, Earth Grade challenges Li Yuanba greatly completely, laughed at me, fight between ant and elephant.” The big young master laughs was saying. Seventh Brother's person is outstanding, having courage color, ha ha ha ha.” Nine young masters laugh to say. They think that Xia Tian this time definitely died, moreover brought about own destruction, Li Yuanba was super Expert, to Li Yuanba, that was the dead end, he bone tearing down of Xia Tian. Seven young masters finally understand the meaning in beforehand Xia Tian words now. His unexpectedly must challenge Li Yuanba. But this is not the fight that is possible to win. Brat, why do you want to challenge Young Master Li? Depending on you are the person status of servant?” Is, your servant unexpectedly also dares to challenge Young Master Li, do you have that qualifications?” Young Master Li a finger can be run over and die you.” Surroundings these people were flattering and raise Li Yuanba, this already can obtain Li Yuanba favorable impression, can disparage Xia Tian. Naturally, what is main is they want to disparage Xia Tian. I accept!” Li Yuan dominates saying of coldly. What?” Hears Li Yuanba words, the surrounding person all stares, Li Yuan dominated unexpectedly to accept, Li Yuan dominated unexpectedly to accept a challenge of servant.

Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he knows that Li Yuanba will certainly accept, all are deferring to his plan, Xia Tian wish makes seven young masters the Patriarch successor, must help seven young masters set up the prestige, helping seven young masters become famous. But the best means of becoming famous to hit fiercely. Li Yuanba is that fiercest, he is in the day of Yong city in the youth juniors is fiercest, that Xia Tian must hit him, such Xia Tian can fight to become famous, the entire day Yong city when the time comes knows that the Zhao Family seven young masters have a super subordinate. Such Zhao Family Patriarch has no alternative, can only give seven young masters the successor position of family. He is only a Zhao Family servant, if challenges Li Yuanba directly, Li Yuan will dominate will definitely not comply, after all among them the status difference was too big, Li Yuanba won his sense of achievement not to have. Therefore he when heard that Li Yuanba likes zither Xiao, Xia Tian has been ready. Especially after the qin Xiao lets he embarks, he to this time meeting is more self-confident. He believes that wants exciting exciting Li Yuanba, Li Yuanba absolutely will not refuse to challenge in the front of oneself beloved woman. Good, one month later, the place you elect.” Xia Tian looks that Li Yuanba said that afterward he turned the head to look to zither Xiao: One month afterward observed, I believe that you should understand me a moment ago those words.” Snort!” Li Yuanba noticed that Xia Tian is still sexually harassing zither Xiao, immediately has exuded the discontented cold pshaw. Em!” zither Xiao nodded. zither Xiao unexpectedly nodded, this represented him to look at Xia Tian and Li Yuanba competition, Li Yuan dominated to be all of a sudden happy, the beloved woman must look own big show invincible might, this lets he very excited matter absolutely. He even a little thanks Xia Tian now, he looked at qin Xiao several years here, but does not know how should and qin Xiao pulls closer the distance, perhaps this competition is one hauls in him and between zither Xiao the good opportunity of distance. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Xia Tian jumped up directly the shore, afterward and seven young masters went out of here.

The performance of Miss zither Xiao had not ended, but Xia Tian their unexpectedly walked, this explained that Xia Tian they to not look at zither Xiao absolutely come, before such situation, has not occurred. zither Xiao the performance is others asks unable to strive, how can also the midway leave. But now Xia Tian they leave. Shortly after Xia Tian they just left, another person also left. „Should you really do not fight Li Yuanba?” Seven young masters look puzzled to Xia Tian, he thought that Xia Tian worked is was too unexpected, his unexpectedly dares to challenge Li Yuanba. Naturally has hit, has won him, the Zhao Family Patriarch position is your.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. But do you hit? You know that what strength Li Yuanba is? He is cauldron Rank 4 Expert, moreover his inborn supernatural power, is it can be said that invincible in the same rank.” Seven young masters a little do really do not understand how Xia Tian thinks. So long as I break through Heaven Grade, defeats him people should not be difficult.” Xia Tian said. First did not say how long you break through to Heaven Grade need, even if you did break through Heaven Grade to be what kind of? You are only between cauldron Rank 1 Expert and cauldron Rank 4 have very big disparity, once after entering Heaven Grade, Realm promotes, the strength will have very big change, I had never heard cauldron Rank 1 Expert can defeat cauldron Rank 4 Expert.” Seven young masters answered. You see Earth Grade to be greatly complete can kill Heaven Grade Expert? Have you heard?” Xia Tian smiling looks to seven young masters. This.” Seven young masters understood the meaning in Xia Tian words. When they just went out of Mingyue Tower. Encircles to me, has killed that boy.” Drinks to transmit greatly.