Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1511
One line of 12 people directly have encircled Xia Tian and seven young masters. „Isn't this local tyrant elder brother? Also wants to deliver me money?” A Xia Tian face badly smiles looks at Sun Changyun. Sun Changyun heard Xia Tian saying that the matter of money on the vitality, the Xia Tian pit his 1000 low grade spirit stone, seven young masters, these 1000 low grade spirit stone is the affirmation, or came back, but he must make Xia Tian die. I want you dead!” Sun Changyun a face angry looks to Xia Tian, that is 1000 low grade spirit stone, although he is the Sun Family eldest son eldest grandson, although he is also very rich, but 1000 low grade spirit stone regarding him are not the small numbers. Young Master Sun Da, what do you mean? To kill us? Kills us in the Mingyue Tower entrance, you think that you are Sun Family Patriarch? Even if you are, you did work as the air our Zhao Family?” Seven young master expression ice-cold saying. „The Zhao Family seventh child, you could rest assured that I will not kill you, but do not want to save him, I carefully had observed, this boy is just the Earth Grade greatly complete strength, here has 11 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert and Heaven Grade Expert, you said that he can also live?” Sun Changyun shows a faint smile: I do not believe your Zhao Family for a servant will look for my trouble.” Truly so, if seven young masters have had an accident, that Zhao Family will definitely not give up, otherwise Zhao Family did not use in the day Yong city mixed, the family juniors were killed have not dared to speak, what if homicide was only a seven sons' servant, that Zhao Family definitely was disinclined to pay attention, even seven young master embarrassed said. This matter very much loses face, the solemn big young master could not protect including own servant, this can only say one mixed was too bad. Therefore this matter happens, that can only confess bad luck. Although seven young master’s own strength formidable, but Mr. Sun Da strength is not weak, so long as Young Master Sun Da delays meets the time, he believed his subordinate definitely Xia Tian killing. Seventh Brother, I did not ask a moment ago your has seen the Earth Grade greatly complete person to kill Heaven Grade Expert?” Xia Tian looked that asked to seven young masters. „Do you want to do?” Seven young master puzzled asking. Naturally was makes you have a look.” The Xia Tian left hand stretches out forward! The technique of third deep meanings eight Qi! Seizes dragon! Grasp!

The left hand of Xia Tian is grasping to the air, the body of that Heaven Grade Expert flew directly to Xia Tian, what the Xia Tian technique of third deep meanings eight Qi looked was Spiritual Force, so long as his Spiritual Force were higher than the opposite party, he can display successfully. His Spiritual Force already compared normal cauldron Rank 1 Expert to strive to excel, in addition at this time his opposite fellow is a big fellow, the opposite party obviously is the cultivation body technique, but is not the cultivation soul. Therefore Xia Tian had confidence. Puff! The body of that Heaven Grade Expert like this has flown in the hand of Xia Tian. Afterward golden light flashes dodges. A number of people high flies. Insta-kill! What?” Saw that such scene seven young masters and Sun Changyun were all shocked. All these occur was too quick, they have not even understood that actually what happened, that Heaven Grade Expert unexpectedly like this died, although that person is only a cauldron Rank 1 strength, but he after is Heaven Grade Expert. unexpectedly can by person Insta-kill. Seventh Brother, this saw.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. He made seven young masters look how a moment ago Earth Grade greatly complete Expert cuts to kill Heaven Grade Expert, now he has achieved, moreover Insta-kill, Earth Grade greatly complete strength Insta-kill Heaven Grade Expert. This. How does this possibly see?” Sun Changyun whole face puzzled looks to Xia Tian, he confirmed a moment ago that Xia Tian has not arrived at Heaven Grade absolutely. But his unexpectedly has killed Heaven Grade Expert.

Puff! Puff! Puff! When his god, is 11 numbers of people high flies, the principle that Xia Tian cultivates the behavior is, you must kill me, I definitely kill you, you dare to expose weaknesses in the fight, I dare to kill you directly. These 11 person unexpectedly still there god, how such good opportunity Xia Tian possibly missed a moment ago, therefore Xia Tian began to kill their 11 directly. This time, Sun Changyun thorough hoodwinking, but the Xia Tian following movement is makes him speechless, Xia Tian unexpectedly has all picked these Chu bags of people, kills a person and takes his possessions. Although this matter in the day Yong city also frequently occurred, however is absolutely unlikely among these family juniors. Because fell the surface. However he realized immediately, although Xia Tian is the servant of family juniors, but he is not the family juniors, just the normal servant under not having the agreement of master does not dare to go to Chu Wudai. But is Xia Tian the ordinary servant? Naturally not. He is most Qiangjia Ding. Was a pity.” After Xia Tian looks at the sun|descendant was long-term, helpless shaking the head. What to be a pity?” Seven young masters asked. If can be good the homicide, his Chu Wudai thing are definitely more than these people.” Originally Xia Tian in the caring grandson's long-term Chu bag. The sun|descendant is seen by Xia Tian long-term, at heart one cold, he felt that he turned into a meat probably, but Xia Tian is a wolf, oneself already by this wolf to caring, although Xia Tian has not dared to kill him temporarily, does not have that skill to kill him. Good that but the old saying said that does not fear very steals, feared that very keeps thinking.

He now by the Xia Tian caring, Xia Tian is a wild wolf. Seventh Brother, walks.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Walks! Goes home.” Seven young masters show a faint smile, afterward they returned to Zhao Family directly. You may set up many enemies today, these people on dare to move outwardly your are not many, but may have many people to want secretly to kill your.” Seven young masters drink tea while open the mouth to say. The enemy who today Xia Tian sets up may be really many, because he was too crazy today, if juniors of respected family is so crazy, possibly everybody did not have too many ideas, but Xia Tian anything, is not a servant, his unexpectedly also dares to be so crazy, this made these family juniors not be feeling well. Therefore they will definitely find the way to kill Xia Tian. You felt relieved that besides Zhao Family your several brothers, other people cannot be what kind of me, some people do not hope that I die now.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Who?” Seven young masters asked. Li Yuan dominates!” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. He?” Seven young master brow wrinkles. If I died, you think that Miss zither Xiao can also watch the competition? In Li Yuanba at heart I absolutely possibly am not his match, he complies with my challenge also just to display before the qin Xiao young lady, afterward Miss zither Xiao agreed that my request watches the competition, Li Yuanba will not make me die.” Xia Tian answered. Seven young masters, are not good.” At this moment, seven Monarch walked from outside.