Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1512

The appearances of seven Monarch have broken Xia Tian and seven sons' talks. Seven young masters understand, person who seven Monarch is not that type does not have the discretion, he such anxiously to running over, that definitely has the reason. What happened?” Seven young masters asked. Day moved irritably!” Seven Monarch said hurriedly. What?” Hears the day to move irritably, seven sons' complexions immediately changed: How can like this.” Does not know that before had not had this matter, the guarding day hot disciple had been swallowed by the day fire.” Seven Monarch said. How?” Xia Tian asked. Day fire is our Zhao Family basis, our Zhao Family all person cultivation is the hot attribute, is closes right up against the day fire to come cultivation, the day erysipelas also with, the day fire that the day fire refines is by we nine people in turn guards, to prevent to have any accident to occur, this day moves irritably, definitely was the guarding day hot person causes trouble.” Seven young masters stand up directly, he must have a look at the day hot situation. Now will the day irritably moved, what bring to affect to you?” Xia Tian asked. Punishes lightly, heavy expels the family.” Seven young masters said. Has a look at the day fire, before Patriarch had not discovered first suppresses it.” Xia Tian said. Em.” Seven young masters nodded, afterward their three hurry to the Zhao Family backyard directly. The day fire in the Zhao Family backyard, is the same with the darkroom that here constructs, the day fire is cultivating in the darkroom, here has the big hole that will construct the day after tomorrow, the big pit depth about ten meters, the length and breadth is the square, is ten meters, day fire at this time in this big hole. The day open fight between factions naturally does not form here, but will be brought the day after tomorrow. This time day fire has burnt. Normal day hot flame, only then five meters high, but the day fire rose now ten meters, this definitely people fudged.” Seven young masters deep frown.

Did not need to ask, definitely was your several brothers does, if I guessed right, they should draw near.” Xia Tian light saying. Now has troubled, the day moves irritably will definitely bring to the attention of head of the clan.” Seven young masters deep frown. Has me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You?” Seven young masters look puzzled to Xia Tian. I have said that regardless has any matter, I can help you solve, but you must help me keep off meet your brothers.” Xia Tian said. „Do you have confidence?” Seven young masters asked. Xia Tian nod of slightly. Good, I block their meeting.” Seven young masters said that went out of the secret room directly. At this time in secret room only remaining a Xia Tian person. Day fire, Ha Ha, so-called day fire unexpectedly is the white flame.” Xia Tian looks here day fire helpless shaking the head, actually he before also in the guess day fire was any thing, but looks now, unexpectedly was the white flame. Can help him break through the Heaven Grade day erysipelas with this flame refinement. If I have a day erysipelas, I can study the refinement method of day erysipelas absolutely.” Xia Tian is self-confident to own Pill Refining skill, but is he does not know that actually now the day erysipelas how builds up. The method and accessory material of refinement he does not know, otherwise he can refine the day erysipelas. How first thinks to help seven young masters pass this pass, if he has had an accident, I could not obtain a day of erysipelas.” Xia Tian looks at a white flame brow wrinkle, he currently has an idea. That swallows.

Initially the small insect was the use swallows the small fire dragon swallowing. Now he also wants to try itself to be able the Berserk flame swallowing, this can play suppresses here day of hot function. Reason that Zhao Family did not make day of fire Berserk after to avoid day of fire Berserk got up entire Zhao Family all destroy, therefore they used the special material suppression day fire, did not make it burn, only maintained at five meters altitude. Naturally, was unable to make the day fire extinguish. Therefore here must remain individual looks after carefully. This person is nine sons' subordinates. I can control this white flame now, therefore it could not injure me.” The Xia Tian left hand wields one group of white flame to appear in own hand, afterward vanishes to disappear. Spelled!” Xia Tian clenches teeth. Swallow! He directly used has swallowed this skill. Swallowed one group of flame to enter in his mouth, helplessly looks that one group of flame were swallowed by oneself, Xia Tian also really had a scare, he worried that the flame can burn out his mouth and intestines, when the flame entered to his mouth, he discovered that unexpectedly was not hot. Well, anything feels does not have, and drinks water equally simply.” Xia Tian discovered after such situation, was more self-confident. Afterward he starts the big mouth swallowed the flame. He little used to swallow this skill before, because his not too familiar this skill, is after this time matter, he discovered that swallowed this skill is really too easy-to-use. Moreover after he has slurped the flame, all entered in his left arm, the design of that dragonet also became clearer a point.

unexpectedly will have full the feeling, it seems like swallows has swallowed down, but has the limit that does not have no scruples desirably, I swallow these flame today am my limit.” Xia Tian has found out some ways of swallowing. At this time the flame restored five meters altitude, afterward he walks toward outside of darkroom. He just about to opens the door time, gate opened. The big young master their four rushed directly. „The seventh child, how I must have a look at your person to protect the day fire but actually.” The big young master said directly. Well!” But when they come in has not seen the Berserk day fire, but saw Xia Tian: You how in this?” Young Master asked me to guard the day fire, I naturally in this.” Xia Tian said. „Do you guard the day fire? On that day the fire was made Berserk by you?” The big young master is still continue inside walks, he possibly cannot see clearly in the entrance. „The big young master’s news is quite quick, probably before has not come, discovered that day fire Berserk was the same, does the big young master have the ability of having foresight?” Xia Tian smiling looks that the big young master said. Does not have Berserk, impossible Ah! big young master brow a wrinkle, he to tell immediately obviously, that person goes back to report time also said the day fire already Berserk, but a day fire unexpectedly sound does not have now. Seven young masters also walked, saw that the day fire restored, he naturally also relaxed, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly restored the original design the day fire. Excuse me, big young master, disappointed you.” Xia Tian said. Boy, are you ghost who does? You think that I don't dare to kill you?” Five young masters of one side little speech finally opened the mouth.