Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1513

Dares, you have certainly dared, but you think that I will stand am waiting for you to kill same place? I have the confidence before you begin lets here day fire thorough violent anger, is not ten meters is so simple, but can burn down entire Zhao Family that violent anger.” Xia Tian smiling sees five young masters. You dare to threaten me.” Five sons' complexions were getting more and more ugly. Well!” At this moment, Xia Tian stares slightly, afterward on his face has piled up with the smiling face: Perhaps you did not have the opportunity to kill me.” You said that I don't have the opportunity to kill you? Why? Depending on you are a servant?” Saying that five young masters disdain. Depends on me here, you do not dare to kill people.” At this moment very dignified sound appeared together, hears this sound time, five sons' complexions change afterward hurriedly turn head. See Patriarch.” All people also bowed. Gets up.” Patriarch very serious saying. Patriarch, how you came.” Seven young masters asked that actually present Patriarch is their fathers, but they cannot call Patriarch for the father, can only call Patriarch, this was the custom in family. You noisy, I can also turn a blind eye, but you did not think that today went too far?” The Patriarch vision 11 has swept in these people: Day fire you also dare to move, was insane, you knew the day fire, once erupted to have the big consequence? The entire day Yong city may be destroyed in a moment.” All people all did not speak. Boss, kneels down.” The Patriarch vision looked to the big young master. Puff passes! The big young master knelt on the ground directly. Knows wrong?” Patriarch asked. Knew mistakenly.” The big young master said.

Two days were the Songyuan congresses, I did not punish you, if Songyuan congress time you did not do well, I punished you again together, did you take?” On the face of Patriarch never will as if have the smiling face to be the same. Thanked Patriarch.” The big young master said. Seventh child!” Patriarch looked continues to say afterward to seven young masters: You displayed recently well, well diligently.” Thanked the Patriarch commendation.” Seven young master innermost feelings one happy, although Patriarch has not said anything, but obvious Patriarch to him is very satisfied. But Patriarch usually few quart people. Patriarch looked at Xia Tian afterward, led you slightly the nod, but any words had not said. Saw that the day fire has subsided, Patriarch direct turn around left. After Patriarch leaves, big young master has stood, his complexion is ugly, he does not have to think own unexpectedly has made the bridal clothes to seven young masters, frames seven young masters obviously, finally made seven young masters reveal a face in front of Patriarch. This Patriarch commended face to face seven young masters indicated he regarded as important seven young masters very much. This time Songyuan congress is a very big opportunity. Most good that they who displays, that this person may become the Patriarch successor, therefore they will regard as important this opportunity, before they were suppressing seven young masters, but this seven young masters may be stand up from failure. Greatly broken Rank 2 Formation, this suppressed day hot merit putting together made Patriarch carefully examine seven young masters in addition well. Walks!” Seven young masters looked at Xia Tian to say. Bye-bye!” A Xia Tian face badly smiles looks that the big young master said.

After seven young masters and Xia Tian leave. Kills, must kill, regardless of spends the big price, must kill, if he does not die, the seventh child definitely meets.” Saying of five young master coldly. Em, this person secret of were too many, if makes him continue to help the seventh child, seventh child's future may not expect.” Four young masters nodded. Kills?” The big young master asked. Songyuan congress time has killed him forcefully.” Five young masters said. „In front of Seventh Brother to kill?” Nine young master puzzled asking. Em, keeps him only to be a disaster.” Five young masters must kill people, that absolutely will not make this person live, no matter with any price, the Xia Tian variable has surpassed his foreknowledge, therefore he planned to kill Xia Tian forcefully. In seven sons' institutes. Today had been lucky had you.” Seven young masters said. Is the minor matters.” Xia Tian light saying. I have not thought that their unexpectedly dares to move the day fire, although the day hot matter has been solved, but this Fifth Brother will not let off you absolutely, I was worried Songyuan congress time he will get rid to kill you directly.” Seven young masters know that five sons' dispositions, he most is worried is five young masters directly begins to kill people. „Do I have am so good to kill?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Sometimes I really do do not understand that your self-confidence came from where, but there is a good news is, if the Songyuan congress we can display good, I have self-confidently must come out the day erysipelas.” Seven young masters said. Told that me the Songyuan congress is anything.” Xia Tian asked.

Songyuan, is Nancheng, there is a piece of serious famine, inside has the innumerable ominous beasts, the so-called Songyuan congress breaks through numerous surrounding of ominous beast, then enters the heart of Songyuan, there has the Songyuan big cauldron, there is a Songyuan protector, after that holds up the big cauldron to obtain the protector to provide Songyuan the badge, what on badge quarter is many jin (0.5 kg), is you holds up many jin (0.5 kg) cauldrons, above writes many jin (0.5 kg), in recent years, Li Yuanba is first, nobody can he compares, now therefore we struggle is not first, But is second.” Seven young masters said. That is whose meat stamina quantity is big, who can obtain the high position?” Xia Tian asked. No, naturally, was not living going, was living, wanted to arrive at the heart of Songyuan not to have is so simple, at least I one time has not had been, our Zhao Family only then the Fifth Brother had been to the heart of Songyuan, reason that Sun Changyun the status was so high, was because he had been to the heart of Songyuan.” Seven young masters said. „, In other words holds up the multiple cauldrons not to be unimportant, so long as can enter the heart of Songyuan to win right.” Xia Tian said. Also can say, but in can enter, and is living the person must look on the badge that who obtains the number of words was big.” Seven young masters answered. This too easy to do a point.” Xia Tian said. Easy to do? Do you know difficultly? Even if Heaven Grade Expert much will also die in inside every year, moreover is not a person in our city attended the Songyuan congress, the people of nearby all cities will all participate, this is a big grand meeting.” Seven young masters said. „Will nearby city participate? Does that have to compete?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally had, the cauldron weight that who lifts is bigger, his name will be higher of the ranking, in the ranking will record the name of your name and status as well as city, so long as your name appears in the ranking, that City Lord layer on layer will grant you, I remember that Li Yuan dominates has obtained fifth high, at that time City Lord invited various respected families to dominate celebration for Li Yuan.” Saying that seven young masters envy. „Does ranking altogether have several quotas?” Xia Tian asked.