Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1516

Was surrounded?” Seven young masters look puzzled to surroundings, but his anything has not seen. All people strongly in the same place.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, these people all have concentrated afterward, although Xia Tian is not their eldest children, but they know status of Xia Tian in seven young master hearts. Therefore they listened to the Xia Tian words. Whiz whiz whiz! Xia Tian threw ten spirit stone directly, afterward his both hands started fast knot seal, the speed was fast, each knot prints him to pat in the ground. Ancient hand imprint. Ancient hand imprint that Xia Tian uses. All people all steadily looked to Xia Tian, after all the Formation master were not many in the spirit world, say nothing was the day of Yong city, their first short distance watched others lineup. Seven young masters have not inquired Xia Tian anything, because he knows that Xia Tian such makes the truth that definitely has him such to make. After five minutes. Becoming! The Xia Tian last hand imprint patted on the ground. bo! Formation directly forms in the surroundings. This Formation is one kills, no one must exit, develops the ominous beast to come to kill, but must remember, cannot exit.” The Xia Tian injunction said. Listens his.” Seven young masters shout.

Whiz! Xia Tian returned to the sedan chair. What ominous beast have you discovered? unexpectedly let your personally getting rid lineup.” Seven young master puzzled asking. I do not know that is any ominous beast, I only know that is one crowd, from clashes one crowd of ominous beast quantities that to be many in all directions.” Xia Tian answered. pack of wolves!” A seven sons' brow wrinkle, he shouts afterward directly: Is the pack of wolves, all people paid attention, stands to me in the Formation edge defends separatedly, so long as there is a wolf to clash, kills to me, no one must exit.” How you know that is the pack of wolves?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to seven young masters. Because here in groups has wolf, is the ominous wolf, other ominous beasts little form groups, because they have their domain.” Seven young masters answered. „, Is this.” Xia Tian nod of silently. „Our time is not in luck obviously, the pack of wolves is not casual can bump into, moreover we just entered the forest to bump into the pack of wolves, this does not conform to the common sense.” Seven young masters said. Where that past person will bump into the pack of wolves, what are their striking power?” Xia Tian asked. „The spot in the forests is the active area of pack of wolves, the strength that they take individually is not strong, but wolf in groups adds striking power very formidable, said that if generally meets 200 to the teams of 500 wolves, our teams can live finally is less than 50 people, if the teams of 1000 wolves, our teams must die without doubt.” Seven young masters spoke of here time looked at Xia Tian one: Was right, have you discovered the multi- discount wolf?” Heard seven sons' words, Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head. How many?” Seven young masters also asked. At least 1000 heads.” Xia Tian awkward saying. What?” After hearing the Xia Tian words, was idle courtyard free seven young masters sat a moment ago directly, whole face inconceivable looked to Xia Tian: You determined that has 1000 heads?”

Em, otherwise I cannot arrange Formation intensely.” Xia Tian said. „Do we have the hope of running away?” Seven young masters asked. No, had been surrounded, these wolves probably have the wisdom to be the same, our present points are the encirclement rings that they complete, so long as we come, that pack of wolves will launch the general attack, now periphery is the wolf, does not have the crevice, even if broke through forcefully also without enough time, when the time comes can only be attacked front and rear.” Xia Tian said. My Fuck! exactly what happened? Why will these many wolves appear in the forest surrounding?” Seven young masters jumped down from the sedan chair directly, thus it can be seen he now actually anxious. Thousand wolves. Here is the legend, although before him, has heard, but has not seen absolutely, it is said met the team all destruction of thousand wolves, living did not have. But thousand wolves should not appear here, their territories should in is right, but their unexpectedly comes to the surrounding now. Do not be anxious, my kills and ordinary Formation is different, a base is ten spirit stone, so long as is not the incomparable terrifying strength is impossible to break, so long as they intrude the surrounding, that will kill an attack to form, although cannot extinguish completely kills them, but should be able to kill the majority, once they will intrude here, the strength will be weakened half, when the time comes only needed our people to get rid to kill these fish slip through to be OK.” Xia Tian said. Em?” Seven young masters strange looks to Xia Tian: What Formation are you? So will be why fierce, how haven't I heard this Formation?” Knew after me, you will hear before being many, has not heard matter.” Xia Tian Formation is broken day remains, in these Formation has many ordinary Formation , the part is called Ancient Formation. These Ancient Formation are used to deal with the person, although the function will be stronger than ordinary Formation, but is not obvious, but copes with the wild animal, the effect absolutely is very remarkable. These Ancient Formation probably specifically are used to cope with the wild animal. Kills like that Xia Tian arranges now. The name is to unite beast. Unites beast, as the name suggests, slaughters Formation of wild animal.

Bang! The ground started to rock, the beast group came. All people prepare, breakneck calls me, does not allow any wolf to clash.” Seven young masters shout loudly. ! The wolf howl transmitted. Afterward Formation outside presented the dense piece of pack of wolves, nobody can investigate thoroughly is the multi- discount wolf, at this time these person of controls in Formation all are the perspiration, when they have seen such scene. This is thousand wolves. shit, is this 1000 wolves? Can't see the boundary?” Seven young master face panic-stricken saying. I looked up a moment ago is no less than 1000 heads, definitely has the error, now looks like has the error, I carefully considered as finished a moment ago, should at least 2000 heads.” Xia Tian said. What? 2000 heads? In the forest did all wolves all fire into our here?” Seven young masters felt at this time their drop carried to the family, thousand wolves are not that easily can cope, now Xia Tian said that was 2000 wolves, this was not they can cope. Your can Formation shoulder?” After seven young masters deeply inspired, looked that asked to Xia Tian. 2000 cannot shoulder absolutely.” Xia Tian shook the head, if can give him again time, perhaps he can also arrange bigger Formation, was the present already without enough time.