Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1517

That what to do?” Seven young masters looked that asked to Xia Tian. He does not know why one will inquire Xia Tian in this situation, but he is hits relies on Xia Tian at heart, although he knew that the Xia Tian time is not long, moreover Xia Tian also merely is only the Earth Grade greatly complete strength, his servant. What to do can also, begin together.” Xia Tian jumped down from the sedan chair directly, he also planned to be loaf a moment ago, but he perhaps does not have that opportunity now. ! A wolf ate delicacies to reach in the ears of all people, this time pack of wolves has been away from them to have ten meters to be far. Ten meters! Ten meters distance regarding ominous wolf is not anything. The flash, these ominous wolves directly plunged Formation inside person. Puff! The ominous wolf that but at this moment, the first batch throw changed into the flesh and blood directly, the body by the formidable air/Qi blade incision. What?” The person had all been shocked by this condition, a moment ago they were also the incomparable anxiety, even they think that they died, but they clearly suddenly had the fresh hope in this moment. Formation. This Formation was really too fierce. These wolf unexpectedly flash were embezzled by Formation. The flash, at least 70-80 wolves by the air/Qi blade incision that Formation sends out. Person who attack, has the weapon can use the weapon to attack in the Formation edge, but do not exit.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, although Formation is he does not know that he also probably knows the Formation might. However personally sees, he deep shock was occupied by the Formation might.

No wonder called to unite beast, the wild animal does not have the thought that they saw that the person wants to clash, this simply was the Formation living target, if were the person were different, when the person discovered here had Formation, they will launch the long-distance range attack outside, like this wanted is Expert, attacked a meeting, Formation will naturally break.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he is also sighing with emotion now, unites beast is inborn is used to cope with the beast group simply Formation. Kill! These Expert in Formation all extend to puncture their weapon on wolf that directly, in these threw. At this time they specially excited, they have not fought such crisp war, the opposite party have not attacked them, they can actually attack outside wolf at will. This Formation might unexpectedly is so big.” Seven young master surprised saying. That was natural, did not look that was who arranges.” Xia Tian proud saying. These wolves basic on fierce do not fear, although front death, but behind immediately threw, just started Formation also to cut to kill these wolves with ease, but afterward needed inside person to coordinate, because Formation also needs to transfer spiritual energy, but was not continuously the never-ending fire. The mechanism (spear|gun) also needs to change the bullet, let alone Formation. Although inside person also in the killing wolf of going all out, may the attacks of some wolves project in Formation, their attacks project in Formation, Formation will experience some fluctuations, although will not burst, but if has suffered this attack, that Formation also anti- how long. Everybody keep it up, do not make these wolves attack above Formation.” Seven Monarch shouts loudly. So long as everybody can resist passes this pass, after I guarantee, sends three times of money, making everybody relax well.” Seven young masters shout loudly, under the generous recompense must have Isao. Let alone under premise of maintaining life. Attack that scene these people start to have no scruples. ! Also is a wolf howling voice transmits, afterward a head two meters high great wolf directly flushed. Cannot make it hit Formation.” Xia Tian saw great wolf time shouts. Hateful, is the wolf king, wolf king unexpectedly hits offensive, actually that this time attacks our wolf leaders is what rank?” Seven young master wrinkles, he has not fired into the position of that great wolf afterward directly.

dāng! Seven young master right hands extend, a Duke Guan broadsword presented in his hands, his blade has divided afterward. Bang! The broadsword and wolf Wang Zhuang, wolf Wang Zhijie were hit to fly together. Expert! Seven young masters themselves are Expert, in Zhao Family nine child, seven sons' strengths can arrange to first three, moreover he is known as the talent greatly strengthened person, then big wolf king unexpectedly one was hit to fly by him. Seventh Brother, fine athlete.” Xia Tian said. My this is sneak attacks successfully, if the direct engagement, that wolf Wang Ke so is not good to cope.” Seven young master modest saying. Seventh Brother, it stood.” Xia Tian refers to the direction that wolf Wang to rush came. Snort!” Seven young master cold snort, the Duke Guan broadsword in his hand has flung afterward directly, wolf king already preliminary had intelligent, otherwise it will not attack Formation on own initiative, was hit to fly by seven young master blades a moment ago, he knows that seven young masters were not good to cope, when seven young masters left the blade it approached retreat to go intentionally. Hateful, its unexpectedly plays me, if I can exit, I must kill this bastard.” Seven young masters looked said angrily to wolf Wang. Wolf king unexpectedly is enticing him to exit, but Xia Tian also said a moment ago, cannot exit, will otherwise be attacked by Formation, Formation does not recognize people. Exits easily, came to be possible to be difficult. !! That wolf king bellows, afterward ten wolves have fired into seven young masters directly, but that wolf king in these ten wolves rushed, its unexpectedly will also look for the pad back. Bang! Seven young master blades pounded directly on the body of that ten wolf, ten wolves were pounded to fly directly.

Meanwhile, that wolf king hit directly to Formation. Depends on your this trick also to want with me to fight?” Seven sons' a broadsword in body revolution of right hand traded the left hand directly, a big windmill has flung directly. Bang! The body of that wolf king maliciously was pounded to fly by seven young masters . Moreover the body of wolf king presented a long opening. Was injured. This wolf king was injured. Seventh Brother Might.” Xia Tian said. Whistling! The respites of seven young master big mouths said: Do not help me boast, I do not have am so fierce, if not it finishes in a hast, I am impossible to hit is so relaxed.” Has not thought that the wolf king is so fierce, the Seventh Brother you takes such big effort to be victorious.” Xia Tian says with emotion. ! At this moment, a series of howling transmit. When hears this series of howling, Xia Tian and seven sons' complexions simultaneously change, because this roar was just the same as the roar of that wolf king a moment ago, in other words a here wolf king incessantly head. It seems like I guess right, this leading is not the wolf king, but is the wolf emperor.” The complexion big changes of seven young masters.