Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1519

When this statue appears, a formidable pressure covers. That the fierce incomparable wolf emperor body started to shiver a moment ago, as if saw the most frightened thing. Wolf emperor, emperor of this flock of wolves. Strength incomparable formidable. But he saw at this time Xia Tian behind that empty shade time actually runs away does not dare. Puff passes! The both legs of wolf emperor knelt on the ground directly. The wolf emperor, emperor unexpectedly of wolf clan knelt down to Xia Tian, this was too simply inconceivable, if side has the person at this time, that definitely cannot believe one see, wolf emperor unexpectedly kneels down to a humanity. This is the fierce place of strength of Heavenly Connection. Your King or the ominous beast of emperor rank, saw the strength of Heavenly Connection to submit. This is strong. Succeeded!” On face of Xia Tian one happy, afterward he moved toward the wolf emperor slowly. On the face of wolf emperor is frightened, but it kneels there is motionless. „The strength of Heavenly Connection is really the strongest strength, I only obtained such little unexpectedly to have the so big might, that past that two statues will I be actually strong?” Although Xia Tian said that is bets, but he also only wants to suppress a strength of wolf emperor using the strength of Heavenly Connection, then fights with the wolf emperor. But the result makes him very surprised. Has not fought. An ability of wolf emperor unexpectedly revolt does not have. This is the absolute strength. Strength that true Expert can have.

Since you could not revolt, I am impolite.” Xia Tian has arrived at the front of wolf emperor directly. When he thinks, if cuts with [gold/metal] Dao kills the wolf emperor, he suddenly had a new idea: Swallows, was right, the small insect can swallow various living thing, can't I? Naturally, I have not wanted to eat it, body such pilosity, but can try other method.” The hand of Xia Tian has placed the head of wolf emperor. On the face of wolf emperor presented the panic-stricken look. Does not kill you, these people must die, therefore you must die.” Xia Tian said that the direct utilization left hand used has swallowed this skill. Succeeded. His unexpectedly really success. Is less than ten seconds, the energetic sparkling wolf emperor directly was a moment ago weak on the ground. Its body was smaller than several before, probably was the essence and blood in within the body is absorbed was the same. Quite comfortable.” Xia Tian closes one's eyes to enjoy this feeling, his body each muscle obtained the strengthening, his unexpectedly has all absorbed the essence and blood of wolf emperor, moreover these essence and blood are nourishing his body. His body each muscle, each cell obtained nourishing. I felt that own present has been full of the strength, my was all of a sudden stronger.” Xia Tian has grasped own fist, his present within the body has been full of the explosion -type strength. ! At this moment an intermittent wolf howl transmits. „, Almost forgot the proper business.” In the Xia Tian right hand golden light flashes dodges, left hand, the head of wolf emperor appeared directly in his hands, afterward his direct round trip ran, the left hand lifted up high the head of wolf emperor to run. ! Sees in the Xia Tian hand the head of that wolf emperor, surroundings these wolf kings have all sent out a pitiful yell. Powder!

The pack of wolves started to diverge. The wolf emperor is their leaders, is their props at heart, at this time the wolf emperor died, probably was the ancient general is cut to be the same, all wolves all diverged. Seven young masters who and the others in Formation, to fight out saw the pack of wolves to retreat, was shocked: Succeeded? Xia Tian really success?” The pack of wolves disappeared completely. But the distant place also presented a form. Is raising the form of hammer. Xia Tian, is really he, his unexpectedly has succeeded, how he achieves?” Seven young masters see time surprised saying of that form, even if that moment that Xia Tian exits, he does not think that Xia Tian can achieve. But now the Xia Tian left hand is raising hammer. But the pack of wolves retreated a moment ago explained that Xia Tian kills is the wolf emperor, in his left hand is raising is the head of wolf emperor, he truly achieved. He really wants to clash to greet Xia Tian now, but he knows that he exits definitely to be attacked by Formation, therefore he can only stand is worrying same place. bo! Before Xia Tian returns to Formation, he directly remove Formation. Seven young masters directly flushed, held Xia Tian to throw to the crowd, the crowd caught Xia Tian, then threw. Has filled the cheers everywhere. Today they have created the miracle, broke the legend. Can live under the attacks of thousand wolves from nobody, what their this facing is 2000 wolves, moreover wolf emperor's family from direction, but they live now, dying does not have, although on everyone somewhat a little injures, but death truly is one does not have. Reason that they can create this miracle , because has existence of Xia Tian. Xia Tian helped them create this miracle.

extraordinary, too extraordinary.” Seven Monarch face worships looks at Xia Tian. Was good, puts me to get down.” Xia Tian said. The people then put Xia Tian. Seventh Brother, everybody consumes much, makes everybody rest first well.” Xia Tian said. Good, in same place rest, we improve the meals today, eats the wolf meat, all people roast the wolf together.” Seven young masters open the mouth to say. The meat, is no one can eat, especially ominous wolf meat, the ominous wolf meat ate to strengthening the body has very big advantage, usually they almost could not eat the meat, say nothing was the ominous wolf meat, but this time they can eat the ominous wolf meat. Moreover ground these many corpses, this time they can eat all the way. Roasts, all people begin together, many everybody minutes get down, can bring many to bring many, turn over to you, these wolf materials also turned over to you.” Seven young masters said that hears seven sons' words, the scene is cheers. Must know that they are seven sons' entrance door juniors, although these wolves are they begin to kill together, but the spoils of war only turn over to seven young master people, now seven young masters make them divide to get down. That this grants them obviously. These many ominous wolf meat, after they bring , can definitely sell a lot of money, moreover can leave behind some to eat, can play the role that strongs and healthy body. Xia Tian, you were really too extraordinary, actually did you how achieve?” On seven sons' faces has been full of the look of worship, this Heaven Grade Expert also worships Xia Tian, although he is main, Xia Tian is a servant. But in his eyes, Xia Tian is his brothers. I have said that that position definitely is your, others could not have snatched, this just started.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward he moved toward side of tree: Actually did my strength strengthen to what degree?” Bang!