Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1522

The vision of all people were all attracted the past. Because there sound was too big. When they looked in the past discovered that the Sun Family person has all drawn back, but their front this time was having a person with these greatly ominous beast fight, person unexpectedly shouldered that ten ominous beast. The sound was he hits. He to fighting ten greatly ominous beasts, unexpectedly so with ease has also overthrown a head. Kills elder brother keep it up.” That person behind unexpectedly also followed the fans group. Bang! Also is a bang transmits, a big end of ominous beast was hit to fly by that person directly. All people were all shocked. Good! Quite fierce.” Sun Changyun was shocked by this sudden Expert. Your this group of silliness. Basket. You favored, this big ominous beast, their brains have the issue, must win by the strength, therefore you, so long as rushes to their , helping their, then they will fall.” That man and ominous beast fight while was explaining with the way of ominous beast fight. The idle courtyard is free. Time unexpectedly of the person's to fighting ten ominous beasts can also the so idle courtyard be free. This person is quite fierce.” Seven young master surprised saying. Seven young masters discovered that Xia Tian has not spoken, therefore he turns the head to look to Xia Tian, he saw Xia Tian time was shocked, because the Xia Tian complexion is ugly at this time, Xia Tian that he usually sees is smiling, or badly smiles. But this time he actually sees Xia Tian callous side. Very cold! Xia Tian present expression very cold, moreover his vision stubbornly is staring at the front that person, among them has probably any bitter hatred to be the same.

„Do you know him?” Seven young master puzzled asking. Did not know.” Xia Tian said. You.” Seven young masters had not said that because he knows that Xia Tian definitely understands the meaning in his words. This person I must kill!” Xia Tian only said these characters. Let alone the nonsense, you possibly were not his match, this fellow already strong was fearful, even if were Li Yuanba also absolutely is not his match.” Seven young masters console saying that at this time in front of them the man was too strong. A person copes with ten greatly ominous beast unexpectedly also to be able the so idle courtyard to be free. These ten ominous beasts all are the Rank 4 ominous beasts. The Rank 3 ominous beast can be possible Heaven Grade Expert to contend, the Rank 4 ominous beast must many people be able to resist with joint forces, why this is also Sun Changyun their loss such big reasons. Before these wolf kings were in strength of Rank 3 to Rank 4 ominous beasts, but the strength of wolf emperor is the Rank 5 ominous beast. The Rank 5 ominous beast is very fearful existence, but it has bumped into the strength of Heavenly Connection. Xia Tian to cope with wolf emperor, his within the body the strength of Heavenly Connection has very big loss, needs to be able fully to restore for a long time. Was kept thinking about on person dead by me sooner or later.” Xia Tian vision cloudy and cold looks at that person, on Earth, Lei Feng is a legend, fearful existence, an invincible symbol, but he still died in the hand of Xia Tian finally. Sees Xia Tian this vision time, seven young master whole bodies tremble, he felt that this vision is not humanity should have, but is a fearful ominous beast. Bang! Also was a Rank 4 ominous beast is hit to fly by that person. Kills elder brother keep it up.” That person behind little brother of continues to shout. Your this group of silliness. Basket. Favored to me, after don't, always gets rid with me.” The pet phrase that man most likes using is these characters, before he spoke each time, as if must say that these three characters were the same.

Otherwise does not have the imposing manner. Bang! The present fight all has shaken thoroughly all people. Fierce. This person was too fierce, these ominous beasts as if are the toy are in his hands same, how whatever he hits, now most depressed was Sun Changyun, if he were late spirit stone a moment ago gives Xia Tian, even if were only evening's one minute, that spirit stone he did not need to give. But is this minute. He has been short of 2000 low grade spirit stone. This is 2000 low grade spirit stone, his heart in drop blood. Bang, as after the last ominous beast was overthrown by that person, his behind little brothers started to go forward to harvest ominous beast material, but they, so long as Advanced material, so long as were small, fur and so on they radically motionless. They are motionless, others do not dare to move. Because that person was too strong. Kills the elder brother, kills the elder brother, we love you.” Saying that these little brothers worship. Your this group of silliness. Basket. Do not be infatuated with Elder Brother, Elder Brother is only a legend.” That person has suspended very charming POSS. At this moment, that person of vision suddenly changes Xia Tian. Whiz! His body appears in the Xia Tian front instantaneously: You looked probably I am not feeling well very much.” This time he has not added that prefix.

Sees such situation, seven young masters and in his behind will of the people all are one tight, because they saw this person a moment ago fiercely, at this time this person arrives in front of Xia Tian, is very likely finds fault. Once begins, probability that they win is very low. However Sun Changyun actually very excited, he is hoping now, he hoped for this super Expert to be able for the homicide Xia Tian. This Expert has not gotten rid directly, but was inquiring Xia Tian. Peaceful. The scene was directly peaceful. They were waiting for reply of Xia Tian, they want to take a look, Xia Tian was recognizes has instigated, prepared to carry on a bloody battle. Right!” Xia Tian said directly, but his such remarks mouth, seven young masters give a loud shout directly: Standing by.” Regarding seven young masters, Xia Tian is his hope, is that can help him step onto the hope of life peak, he cannot make Xia Tian have an accident, when Xia Tian said right these two characters, he ordered all person preparations to begin. Regarding seven sons' these, Xia Tian is also their saviors, if no Xia Tian, they already died under the sharp claws of pack of wolves. Was Xia Tian cuts to kill wolf emperor, has saved them. Because of Xia Tian, seven young masters also will have also the material to apportion these ominous wolf meat their, in a moment ago, Xia Tian gave back to their to divide ten low grade spirit stone, can say that they can be Xia Tian go all out. „The Sun Family juniors obey orders, standing by , helping our saviors.” Sun Changyun also gives a loud shout, he said that to show good will to that man, simultaneously he also wants to tell that man not to use any taboo, wants to kill kills. After all he very much hopes that Xia Tian dies. The vision of that person stubbornly stares at Xia Tian saying: I did not know you before probably, has not seen you, does your hostility come from where?” Which comes that many idle talk, you ugly, I visit you not to be feeling well, enough.” Xia Tian very aggressive saying.