Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1527

In this flash. The body of that Rank 5 ominous beast starts to wither fast. Bang! Finally the Rank 5 ominous beast fell down directly, the essence and blood of its within the body was all absorbed by Xia Tian. My strength has been promoted again, the woods of this Songyuan, I altogether have swallowed the essence and blood of three Rank 5 ominous beasts, now my strength obtained the infinite strengthening, I have the confidence to fight with the fists dead cauldron Rank 1 Expert.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Although he now is also only Earth Grade greatly complete Realm, but his meat stamina quantity is fiercer than these cauldron three Rank 4 Expert, this is the Xia Tian formidable place, his strength was promoted again. At this time that several people all is a face strange looks at Xia Tian. They have not seen this ability. A moment ago was the Rank 5 ominous beast well, now unexpectedly such dies. Although beforehand Xia Tian said that he has confidence to strike to kill the Rank 5 ominous beast, but these people entirely have not believed that but is holding the manner that gives a try, after all Xia Tian has also rescued their life, therefore they should also listen to Xia Tian one time. Finally Xia Tian not only struck to kill that Rank 5 ominous beast, but also made them so surprised. Even if were seven young masters sees Xia Tian the method, watching of this time short distance, he was somewhat thinks so inconceivable. However is quick he to think that Xia Tian is in itself abnormal existence, therefore does not have anything not to be impossible. Brother, this time too thanked you, my name was called wooden Jianying, from the log city, these four people was my guard, wooden one, wooden two, wooden three and wooden four.” In five people are that person of head very grateful sees Xia Tian and seven young masters. Does not use politely, Lu Jian does not put down lends a hand in emergency, I called Xia Tian, this was my family seven young masters, we came from the day of Yong city.” Xia Tian light saying.

„The young master anything young master, our two are the brothers, you can call my Zhao seventh child.” Seven young masters are also very good crisp saying. Good, two brothers, I visit you are personality people, was inferior that together how we do lead the way?” Wooden Jianying looked that asked to Xia Tian and seven young masters, first, Xia Tian they had just saved the five people of lives, the second Xia Tian their strengths were very strong. Their several forming a team words, it can be said that power-and-power union. Even if bumped into the Rank 5 ominous beast they not to need to be afraid again. Excuse me, our two present is looking for the snake, perhaps cannot go forward with you.” Saying of seven young master apologies. Looks for the snake?” Wooden Jianying stares slightly, afterward said: It seems like we are really also predestined friends, we passed by a snake nest a moment ago, there snake quantity were too many, moreover there are many poisonous snakes, although we have not approached, but can affirm that there definitely has the Rank 5 ophidia.” Snake nest?” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright, he said how he looked for a long time had not found any snake, originally here snake unexpectedly gathered at one, if did not bump into wooden Jianying, perhaps how long he must look. Right, we lead you to pass.” Wooden Jianying said. Xia Tian this time felt that really the life-saving was not Bai Jiu: „Is this so-called Karma retribution? I had just saved them, they led me to look for the snake nest.” Many thanks.” Xia Tian has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest. He compared to worry to find the snake, after all the strength of Heavenly Connection will not necessarily erupt, therefore he must not embezzle his time while the strength of Heavenly Connection found the snake, then shifted within the body the strength of Heavenly Connection. Thanked anything, must say thanks, was we tells you thanks, if were not you comes, several of us should die in this.” Wooden Jianying said. Wooden Jianying guides directly. Although he said that the distance is not far, but walks Xia Tian to discover that the distance may not be really near, moreover is not very good to look, if makes him look, perhaps how long will look.

Front was the snake nest, we must try to find a solution in the past, if such passed directly, perhaps our several could not come out, there snake was really too many.” Wooden Jianying said. Has thanked, leading me to suffice to this, you in this I, I came back quickly.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. „Do you go? There is very dangerous, words that you go, if were troubled by the poisonous snake sneak attack.” Wooden Jianying reminded hurriedly, after all Xia Tian was his savior, therefore he does not hope that Xia Tian died in this. Relax, he can be good.” Has not waited for the Xia Tian start to talk, seven young masters spoke, seven young masters understood now, cannot with regarding the Earth Grade greatly complete vision regards Xia Tian. Because Xia Tian was aloof his expectation completely. In his eyes, does not have the matter that Xia Tian cannot accomplish. „?” Wooden Jianying does not understand Xia Tian, therefore he looked to seven young masters. Look, he will come quickly back.” On seven sons' faces has shown the self-confident smiling face. Good.” Wooden Jianying nodded. After Xia Tian entered the domain in snake nest. Technique of First Layer deep meanings eight Qi. Hidden rest/breath technique! Xia Tian direct hidden went to own body, afterward his gradually walks forward, he must look for a small snake, moreover must not have the toxin, just entered the snake nest time, here snake may not be small. Is older than the person, is the bucket waists.

These snakes do not meet the requirement of Xia Tian obviously. Inside should have, but walks here also really carefully, here snake were also too many a point.” Xia Tian looks, everywhere is the snakes, at least also over ten thousand, these snake some hang on the tree, some lie on the ground, if Xia Tian is not careful, momentarily may step on to several. Once steps on to these snakes, his body might expose very much. Hateful, doesn't have the small point snake?” Xia Tian depressed saying, here minimum snake about two meters are long, but Xia Tian wants to look is below one meter. Therefore he can only continue to penetrate. „It is not good, such continues is not the means that will walk one to bump into the Rank 5 ominous snake to end again accidentally.” Xia Tian was pondering that actually should how look for the small snake. Was right, tries with Spiritual Force, can look find the small snake.” Xia Tian has closed the eye directly, he expands to the surroundings his Spiritual Force. Became! His Spiritual Force can treat as the eye to help him really seek, moreover thing that in the energetic space, he sees three-dimensional. Was less than one minute, Xia Tian has discovered the target. My little darling, what I discover is the snake egg nest, there everywhere is the snake, how I should go.” Xia Tian has discovered the small snake, these small snake and snake egg in a position, but nearby there is the snake.