Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1529

Enters!” They also nodded. In the riches and honor danger asked. This truth they understand. Although here possibly is a trap, possibly has the danger, but they long to the buried treasure. Good, we enter.” After Xia Tian nodded, directly enters in Formation. He has the X-Ray Vision eye, power of observation compared with these person, therefore he goes also to help them advanced inquire the situation, after he enters here, other six people also followed. Here some people have come, moreover is not quicker than us many.” After Xia Tian comes, said. How do you know?” Wooden Jianying asked. In the air has the flame flavor . Moreover the ground has stepped on the trace. Hears the Xia Tian words, wooden Jianying also was really admires Xia Tian, the flame flavor he could hear, moreover here was so black, his unexpectedly can also discover some people have stepped on trace. Walks, a bit faster walks, should be able to overtake the front person, if made them find the treasure first, we were white.” But seven young masters have not suspected the Xia Tian words. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment, Xia Tian has held on several people of advance suddenly forcefully. On Earth. Xia Family. „Is this possible? Too inconceivable, our several old fogy unexpectedly could not have compared two small girl.” Eastern Man is unable to believe all that really one see at present. Yeah, our several old fogies, or goes home to coax the child to go.” Northern Army is also subject to the attack. Congratulates you, succeeds to break through Heaven Grade.” Yin Nie light saying.

At this time stands in their opposite two women is not others, one is Lin Bingbing, one is Yun Miao, this time Lin Bingbing and Yun Miao two people were many one unusual refined makings. Lin Bingbing imposing manner was colder, is that elegantly beautiful. But Yun Miao were many beauty of the immortal spirit, present Yun Miao probably is fairy maiden descends to earth. Really is the miracle, congratulates you, two sisters-in-law.” Qi Huan said. A half year, only needs six months, our three can break through Heaven Grade.” Eastern Man self-confident saying. Congratulations!” At this moment, mountain village inside presented a person. Monster jade! Monster jade Senior, you came.” Qi Huan respectful saying. Their two broke through, I how possibly.” The monster jade said. Monster jade Senior, we want to look for Xia Tian.” Yun Miao looked that said to the monster jade. Xia Tian walks the beforehand meaning is to let me sends you to monster the entrance, although after all monster bad risk, but absolutely does not have world of human beings that many mistrusting each other.” The monster jade consoles saying: Said again, demon and world of human beings entrance by Xia Tian destroying.” No, monster jade Senior, we can induce, the demon entrance and world of human beings entrance all reappeared.” Yun Miao said. What? Did unexpectedly appear? This was also too quick.” Monster jade surprised saying: „But if you have an accident, I do not know how really later should explain to Xia Tian.” Monster jade Senior, many thanks your attendance, reason that but we go all out cultivation, wants to enter the spirit world, only then a reason, that is looks for Xia Tian.” Yun Miao very earnest saying. Good, I cannot convince you, since is you chooses, I deliver you a regulation.” Monster jade helpless shaking the head. Spirit world, the woods of Songyuan.

Xia Tian, how?” Seven young master puzzled asking. In the team of opposite party has a Formation master and hidden weapon master, they Formation and hidden weapon link.” Xia Tian picks up a stone in the ground, afterward throws to front. ! Several hundred ray of light glow flash through. At this time several people were one startled, if a moment ago were not the Xia Tian reminder, they also really must walk, here space was narrow, although their strengths were very strong, but was impossible to buy these rays completely. Is the poisonous needle, on these poisonous.” Xia Tian said. Poisonous needle! Hears these two characters time, that several people thanked Xia Tian. Also goes?” Seven young masters looked that asked to Xia Tian. Since has come, that naturally must go, most fearful forever is unknown, if not know that the details of opposite party, we actually must be careful, but we knew now the details of opposite party, that did not need to fear.” Xia Tian said. Although the Formation master and hidden weapon masters are quite scarce existence. But can they be scarcer than Xia Tian? Good!” So long as Xia Tian said that that seven young masters think that absolutely does not have the issue. Several people have been going forward, this trap are really all the way many, is that Formation master and hidden weapon master makes, but these mechanism had all been explained by Xia Tian, Xia Tian from just started to play the silver needle, moreover his Formation Bang Potian super Formation. Therefore these small Formation and hidden weapon mechanism regarding him is the department of pediatrics. Overtook, these people in front, but they have encountered any difficulty probably.” Xia Tian said.

„Do they meet to be difficult you also to discover?” Wooden Jianying took Xia Tian. Xia Tian resembles any matter to discover to be the same, does not have the impossible matter regarding him. Because they stood are freezing.” Xia Tian said. Wooden Jianying regarding was full of admiration, obviously was only Earth Grade greatly complete Realm that the Xia Tian power of observation and induction force really admired, but the power of observation and sensation strength actually be more terrorist than their these Heaven Grade Expert. Really, after they walked for about five minutes, they saw several are taking the person of flare. But the opposite party has also discovered them. This time opposite party is breaking through the enemy lines, when they discovered Xia Tian these people, stopped the movement in hand, but is a face alert looks at Xia Tian they, because of this, they have prepared all the way many mechanism and hidden weapon, but Xia Tian they can also appear perfectly here. Thus it can be seen, Xia Tian their strengths are not simple. „Who you are, here is we discovered first, first come , first served.” The opposite party is one person said directly. Your? Wrote your name? Moved your family?” Seven young master very impolite saying. It seems like you did not plan to reconcile, since this, the Jianghu custom, single Tiao, you selected a person in our team, we selected a person in your team to carry on single Tiao, a side that won can continue to go forward, a side that lost must leave, how is it?” The opposite party put forward the condition. single Tiao, truly can avoid blood spelling. After all their this time enters woods of Songyuan goal is the central rankings. Good, you elect first.” Seven young masters said. I elect him.” That person directly has aimed at Xia Tian with the hand.