Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1531

Rank 4 Formation. Hears Rank 4 Formation time, the wooden Jianying whole person was all shocked. Rank 4 Formation, that is only a legend, he has only heard, but has never seen, has the Rank 4 Formation place, only then big entrance in legend, but front unexpectedly has Rank 4 Formation at this time. What is main, Xia Tian unexpectedly said that he can break Rank 4 Formation. Rank 4 Formation inside treasure, that definitely was needless saying that absolutely was the good thing. Your can unexpectedly break Rank 4 Formation?” Wooden Jianying surprised looks at Xia Tian to say. This is only simplest Rank 4 defends Formation, moreover small, therefore breaks is not difficult, but my comprehension to the Rank 4 Formation is insufficient, therefore needs to abandon on some Kungfu.” Xia Tian said that he is not the comprehension is now insufficient, but is Realm is insufficient, if he can display Rank 4 Formation, he can break this Rank 4 Formation afterward. He now is most can only use Rank 2 Formation, therefore he breaks Rank 4 Formation to break conveniently, but is the need dismantles gradually, is good because of this is only simplest Rank 4 Formation, if this is some complex Rank 4 Formation, he will be more troublesome, so long as Formation has in the Xia Tian mind, he can break. The broken day Formation knowledge is very entire. Rank 5 following Formation absolutely does not have any issue regarding him. Wooden Jianying does not know that now should say any was good, although Xia Tian said that is in Rank 4 Formation is simplest, may be simplest is also Rank 4 Formation, camel of skinny is big. How simple Rank 4 Formation, that is Rank 4 Formation, the might is not ordinary Formation can compare again. Although seven young masters know that Xia Tian Formation is fierce, but he has not thought that Xia Tian Formation unexpectedly can be so fierce, breaks Rank 4 Formation. Xia Tian, are you big this year?” Seven young masters asked that question in oneself heart.

18 th birthday just crossed.” Xia Tian said. What?” Hears the Xia Tian words, seven young master and wooden Jianying also shout, on their faces is inconceivable, Xia Tian unexpectedly is only 18 years old, 18 years old by their effort can cultivation to this Realm, this be in ten thousand do not have a talent absolutely. Moreover they are very curious, Xia Tian starts cultivation from mother belly? The strength is the day has been jealous, but his Formation senses is more terrorist, if not use the brute force, wants to break Rank 4 Formation, that must be the Rank 4 above Formation master, otherwise Rank 4 following Formation master, only if to the Formation comprehension very high, the opportunity success of faint trace. Otherwise is impossible to break. But Xia Tian unexpectedly said that he can break this Rank 4 Formation, the Xia Tian strength merely does not arrive at Heaven Grade, his unexpectedly can break Rank 4 Formation. Really envies the envy to hate.” Shaking the head that seven young masters keep. Truly, I have thought own talent is good, but closes right up against the supplies that the family gives to break through Heaven Grade in 25 years old, at that time I also thought very proudly, but visits you now, I thought really one were too at that time laughable.” Wooden Jianying felt one are subject to the attack. Luck is good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. If others are the luck are good, or the family is big, the background is big, I also believe that but you? I do not believe that your operational experience was too rich, moreover few that method also that many, the war grasps, definitely climbs over several times people back and forth from the life and death edge.” Seven young masters said. „The war of each time life and death, can have the sensibility, if challenges the strength strong person, the sensibility will be bigger, is enters the step the best means that but can jump the ranks truly challenges successfully and has several people?” Although wooden Jianying had also heard jumps the ranks the challenge, but he has not seen, but he had seen a moment ago, Xia Tian by the Earth Grade greatly complete strength, move of several packages of cauldron Rank 2 Expert: Xia Tian, the how many wars of secondary dying have you experienced?” How many times?” Xia Tian gained ground: Does not remember that several hundred times? Almost.” What? The wars of several hundred times life and death, are you doing? Are you battling with Expert every day?” Wooden Jianying looks at Xia Tian to ask surprisedly.

„The war of life and death, must some people die.” Xia Tian said. Hears the Xia Tian words, the singlestick was wisely white, the Xia Tian mouth war of life and death, is the real life and death, but solely is not jumps the ranks the challenge. Starts!” Xia Tian arranged one small to gather directly spirit, then threw into mouth gathering miracle cure. bo! Racket that the Xia Tian both hands fast knot seal, his hand keeps afterward above Formation. Each hand imprint as if can Formation bring a fluctuation. bo! Both hands of Xia Tian tie seal fast, he tied the speed of seal to make wooden Jianying look silly, his first time saw to tie the seal speed such quick person . Moreover the Xia Tian hand imprint all was very strange. He is very curious, such many hand imprints, actually Xia Tian how remembers. Moreover wooden Jianying has also taken down a Xia Tian hand imprint, he wants to attempt to do, finally he failed. His finger flexibility absolutely does not have Xia Tian to be so abnormal. Was too fierce.” Saying that wooden Jianying keeps. Ha Ha, the custom was good, I saw too many surprised on his body, regardless of now he has achieved any matter, I think that is normal.” Seven young masters laugh were saying.

Was right, Zhao seven brothers, he said that he is your servant? Has such a matter?” Wooden Jianying asked. In the status is, but I have taken him to become the brothers.” Seven young masters truly have regarded as their blood brother Xia Tian, even must kiss compared with his several blood brother. Brothers' your luck is really also good, can run into such outstanding brothers.” Saying that wooden Jianying envies. Em, I also thought that this is the fate, since he arrives at my side, my life had the tremendous changes, regardless of I encounter any difficulty, so long as there are him, that all can be easily solved.” Seven young masters said. They more chatted, wooden Jianying was interested in Xia Tian, inquiry seven young masters who therefore he kept. Moreover one side, Xia Tian sitting stands there one day a night, in his mouth 40-50 gathering miracle cures had been bitten by him completely. Bang! A bang transmits, afterward the body of Xia Tian fell down. Seven young masters went forward to help up Xia Tian hurriedly: „Are you all right?” Whistling.” Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath: I am all right, is a little tired, first does not need to manage me, Formation broke, you have a look inside to have any treasure, cannot make me be busy at work in vain night of this day.”