Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1533

What is the man of old-style fan device? The man of old-style fan device is which regardless of arrives, any posture will arouse others' interest. At this time although Xia Tian the person lies down on the ground, but their several all looked to Xia Tian. In Xia Tian is taking also last Rank 2 random Chu Wudai. Opens this, the tour of their this time buried treasure have also been completed, before seven young masters have divided four, almost any good thing not to have opened, wooden Jianying opened five, opens Advanced Spirit Tool. Now only the remaining affections discuss in the hand this. Opens!” Seven young master faces anticipate looks at that Rank 2 random Chu Wudai in Xia Tian. Xia Tian opened Rank 2 random Chu Wudai in oneself hand directly. Volume!” When he opens Rank 2 random Chu Wudai stares slightly. How?” Seven young master and wooden Jianying all looked to Xia Tian. Volume.” Xia Tian wanted to say anything, but has not said probably. This next seven young masters worried. What is?” Seven young masters asked again. Xia Tian gaining ground slowly, looks to them, calm saying: Is ultimate Spirit Tool.” What?” Seven young master and wooden Jianying were all shocked, Xia Tian unexpectedly said that is ultimate Spirit Tool, this was also too scary, in Rank 2 Chu Wudai can also start out ultimate Spirit Tool? They have not heard. Wooden Jianying also thinks a moment ago one opened the best thing, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has started out ultimate Spirit Tool, this is the thing in legend, although Advanced Spirit Tool and ultimate Spirit Tool only missed a rank.

However in the Advanced Spirit Tool respected family definitely has, but in the ultimate Spirit Tool respected family absolutely does not have. They are very curious, actually Xia Tian this is the destiny of any rank, this also went against heaven's will a point, early knows that random Chu Wudai all gave Xia Tian to come, even if cannot start out ultimate Spirit Tool, started out Advanced Spirit Tool is also good. The corrupt wolf has the big destiny person, his destiny seems the God's favored one is the same, but the corrupt wolf is the same with a child in front of Xia Tian. If the destiny of corrupt wolf can arrange in this world to first ten, that Xia Tian destiny is first. Their differences lie, regardless of the corrupt wolf makes anything, the destiny is best, but the Xia Tian destiny will be arrives at a flashpoint hotspot to appear, so long as he will appear, the destiny of that corrupt wolf before him will be the department of pediatrics. Your anomaly, is greatly abnormal.” Saying that seven young masters disguise to envy. Ha Ha!” The Xia Tian right hand wields, a brown pillar appears in his hands. Really is ultimate Spirit Tool, looked like from this above Spirit Tool density knew, the good thing, absolutely was the good thing.” Saying that seven young masters envy. Xia Tian had studied a moment ago the function of this small bead. He discovered that this small bead is the earth attribute treasure. In other words he does not have the earth attribute physique, he can add to his attack the earth attribute now. Initial Lei Feng was earth attribute. Now a Xia Tian person can use, the hot attribute, ices the attribute, the water attribute, with earth attribute, naturally, attribute, only then five types, [gold/metal] Mushui the fire clay, the ice is the variation attribute. His hot attribute came from that several tattoos \; His water attribute is to also come from tattoos, small water dragon \; His earth attribute from earth spirit bead \; His ice attribute from day cold sword and Northern Army ices Divine Art coldly. After normal person Heaven Grade, can sense the attribute, but Xia Tian was only half Heaven Grade can use the attribute now. Moreover normal Heaven Grade Expert will only choose the same attribute to come cultivation, because the potential of person is limited, the attribute of everyone possibly different, which attribute value at this time the best way was to have a look at oneself [gold/metal] Mushui fire clay is highest, on cultivation which attribute.

Naturally, the majority of people did not have the leeway of this choice. It looks like the Zhao Family juniors and interior door many people are not the hot attribute is under strongest, but they can only the cultivation hot attribute, because in Zhao Family, the cultivation hot attribute speed return quickly. Therefore they can only choose hot attribute. Xia Tian has not tested has been anything attribute, he only knows one think cultivation anything, on cultivation anything. After Xia Tian took the gathering miracle cure and restored the compounded drug, on the ground lies down for three hours to stand. Their this times must turn toward the heart of Songyuan. Although to Songyuan has hundreds of thousands of heart the person every year in all directions, but can enter to finally inside is also less than 100 individuals, this year difficulty, this year how because does not know, in the woods of Songyuan unexpectedly presented the large quantities of Rank 5 spirit beasts. Whistling!” Finally came out. Xia Tian long expiration. Hissing hissing! At this moment, a black small snake appears in the Xia Tian side: Well, is you?” Xia Tian discovered that this is pours into that small snake of its within the body the strength of Heavenly Connection, but the small snake was smaller than at this time at that time, turned into the palm of the hand to be so big, seemed compared with earthworm Freshman some. This time small snake completely is the grinding type of snake, did not have the face again. Hissing hissing! The small blacksnake goes round and round in the foot of Xia Tian. „Do you want with me?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the small snake.

The small snake crawled directly on the leg of Xia Tian, little crawling to Xia Tian the place of control. unexpectedly also has such intelligence, the pet that but others raise is very attractive, what I raise is a snake, this was also too disgusting.” Xia Tian awkward saying. Since it looks for you, that proves you to be predestined friends, accepts it.” Seven young masters said. Good, the kid, that has tailed me, do not lose.” Xia Tian said. Xia Tian just said that small snake entered in the Xia Tian pocket. Unusual intelligential. I heard after the strength arrives at two cauldrons, must exit to subdue own spirit beast, because Expert of two cauldrons have been able imperial to be beastly, when the time comes this spirit beast can for this two cauldron Expert fights.” Seven young masters open the mouth to say. Imperial beast? Controls these ominous beasts?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally was is not ominously beastly, was the spirit beast, I do not know that the spirit beast was any thing, but was my Little Sister tells me.” Seven young masters said. „!” Xia Tian little has not listened to seven young masters to mention his Little Sister all the way, but his Little Sister in day Yong city wind and cloud figure, Zhao Family proudest existence, words that therefore he said generally real. That quite therefore fights a helper.” Xia Tian nodded. Right, I think your this small snake on quite intelligential, so long as you train it well, perhaps it in the future also will have the opportunity becomes the spirit beast, when the time comes you did not need to spend the big strength to exit to catch are smart beastly.” Seven young masters said. Good, lets this kid with me, but we should full speed go forward, after all we lost a lot of time.” Xia Tian must take the ranking first.