Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1534

At this time Xia Tian they turn toward the heart of Songyuan to go forward. Enters the person of heart of Songyuan to have the superiority. Holds up the person of same cauldron, arrives can arrange at front of ranking. Moreover what the congress stipulates, the age over 50-year-old person cannot participate to lift the cauldron, in the spirit world, within 50 -year-old person maturity times, the spirit world person life generally is high, 50 years old quite 27 or 28-year-old man on Earth. Therefore before here stipulation is 50 years old. Reason that everybody the primary cause that goes to the heart of Songyuan to lift the cauldron is, the heart of Songyuan recorded nearby several urban all youth Expert result, the person of being on the list has been representing his talent. Next also reason is, the nearby besides the heart of Songyuan, can build over 2500 jin (0.5 kg) cauldrons without any place, in the common family has 1000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron. Therefore everybody to examine own strength, to heart of vanguard Songyuan. Brother, do your this plans lift the multiple cauldrons?” Wooden Jianying asked. I plan to lift over 2000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldrons.” Seven young masters said. Brother Xia, you?” Wooden Jianying more curious Xia Tian wants to lift the multiple cauldrons, after all Xia Tian in their eyes is very mysterious. Does not know.” Xia Tian said. Actually he has not experimented to be able action many jin (0.5 kg) cauldrons, therefore he does not know actually one can hold up the multiple cauldrons, his human body on Earth be too more than others formidable. After arriving here, has absorbed the essence and blood of three Rank 5 ominous beasts, therefore he also very much wants to know that actually he can hold up the multiple cauldrons. Good, we anticipated the Brother Xia performance.” Wooden Jianying said. You? Do you plan to hold up the multiple cauldrons?” Seven young masters looked asked curiously to wooden Jianying.

3000 jin (0.5 kg).” Wooden Jianying said directly. What? 3000 jin (0.5 kg)?” Seven young master whole faces puzzled looks at wooden Jianying: „Do you want to hold up 3000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron? Did you lift before excessively multiple?” I had not lifted before, but I hope that I this time holds up 3000 jin (0.5 kg).” Wooden Jianying said. Good, has lofty ideals than me.” Seven young masters said. At this time their person quantity of this team, although is not high, but the strength is not all weak, first did not say seven young master and wooden Jianying all are great Expert . Moreover the wooden Jianying's these under strength also is very formidable. What is main also has a Xia Tian such unknown. Reason that said that Xia Tian is the reason of unknown is, the strengths in various Xia Tian aspects are very strong, moreover those present had not seen he uses the complete strength. Front has three Rank 4 ominous beasts.” Xia Tian that gone forward said. Fights a battle to force a quick decision.” Seven young masters said directly. Afterward, one line of seven people have fired into the opposite Rank 4 ominous beast directly. Puff! Puff! Puff! Ten seconds. Seven people of firepower full, has only used for ten seconds, cut to kill these three Rank 4 ominous beasts, regarding others, the Rank 4 ominous beast was the fatal ominous beast, but regarding the people of their this squad. The Rank 4 ominous beast is just delivers the material. After has processed the material of Rank 4 ominous beast simply, Xia Tian they continue to go forward, has saying that the distance of heart of Songyuan is really not near, Xia Tian they so told after running for two days two nights, stopped.

The reason that however they stop did not arrive at the heart of Songyuan, but has run into the Zhao Family big young master they. At this time their over a thousand people of team remaining about 100 people, other people does not only know that died or escapes. Yeah! This chapter of trouble came.” Seven young masters sighed to say. Before outside bumped into these people had Li Yuanba, therefore they have avoided a tribulation, but now Li Yuan Ba Ke not here, when Xia Tian discovered big young master and the others, the big young master they have also discovered Xia Tian and seven young masters. Enemies often cross each other's path. They are not the young enemies, but is the big enemy. Here is the woods of Songyuan, is not the day of Yong city. Therefore had any accident, some people will not investigate absolutely. Your personal enemies?” After wooden Jianying sees Xia Tian and seven sons' expressions, guessed correctly. Personal enemy is not, but killed people definitely cannot avoid.” Xia Tian said. Wooden brother, we separate in this, has the opportunity words, I will go to the log city to look your.” Seven young masters want to open wooden Jianying, after all this is their family work, he does not hope that also curls the sword wooden Jianying, moreover this wants the deceased person. The big young master they already looked at Xia Tian not to be feeling well, must kill Xia Tian inevitably, moreover here is the woods of Songyuan, even if the big young master they together has also killed including oneself, then does not know outside person some people. What did you say? Is my wooden Jianying that type in Guatemalan mechanism the person who throws the brothers?” Wooden Jianying very disgruntled saying. Wooden brother, this is my family work, does not need to curl you comes.” Seven young masters said hurriedly. „It is not good, no matter I you with do not take my wooden Jianying to become the brothers, in any case you were my wooden Jianying's brothers, my wooden Jianying will not make that type matter that absolutely abandoned the brothers, if you must make me do, that has killed me.” The wooden Jianying's manner is very clear, will be absolutely will not abandon the brothers, will not leave this absolutely.

He must shares joys with seven young masters and Xia Tian, shares sorrows. Many thanks, Brother.” After seven young masters see the wooden Jianying's manner, understands how, no matter said that wooden Jianying will not walk, therefore he has not continued anything. Big young master and the others, when saw that seven young masters and Xia Tian walked. Boy, I thought that this chapter who can preserve you.” The big young master is staring at Xia Tian stubbornly, this time can say that was really the enemies often cross each other's path, they hated Xia Tian to hate slept on pins and needles. „The seventh child, read is in brothers' share, now you walk, I did not kill you.” Saying of five young master coldly. Fifth Brother, many thanks you can also remember brothers glossary now, but you think that I will possibly walk?” Seven young masters looked that said to five young masters. Since you do not walk, that do not blame the brothers being cruel and merciless.” Five young masters trace their ear, this was must kill people. The blood brother also kills. Five young masters are this kind of person, so long as chooses with him for the enemy, that must be ready that dies, anyone, he will not show mercy. This Xia Tian they want to hide unable to hide. Snort, the brat, I thought how your this time dead.” Nine young masters hate to the marrow of the bones to Xia Tian, he was not very many swallowed Xia Tian while still alive. Since could not hide, that hit.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. He does not want with big young master in their several to, after all these people seven sons' brothers, once makes war will present the life and death.