Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1542

Ok!” Xia Tian looked that said to Sha Lanzi. The person all does not understand that actually what happened. Ranking second Sha Lanzi unexpectedly will cut an own arm directly, this was also too ruthless, when he looked to Xia Tian, everybody guessed that was definitely related with Xia Tian, as for has any relations they unclear. However they also really admire Sha Lanzi. One cut oneself arm this needs very big courage. Moreover Sha Lanzi unexpectedly does not have the throat, has not shrieked with pain, as if cuts is not his arm is the same. Sees here time, everybody also very much admires him. Who?” Sha Lanzi vision stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian, he seems was waiting for the reply of Xia Tian is the same. He wants to know that actually Xia Tian why visits him to have the hostility. Reason that I have hostility with you because of you with that person long exactly the same, that person is called Wang Bao.” Xia Tian saw the Sha Lanzi first time has remembered that empty shade, that prologue is: My name was Wang Bao, you can call my baby. Although the prologue so funny forces. But he is actually the demon lord, hoodwinking the public big figure, he shuts in the crevice prison Brother Xiaoma. Now Brother Xiaoma is the life and death does not know. Therefore Xia Tian hates this Wang Bao. Good!” Sha Lanzi nodded, afterward he took compounded drug directly. Puff! Is been again long by the arm that he cuts: Has another chance to meet.” All people all surprisedly look at Sha Lanzi, they have not thought that also has such mysterious compounded drug, the arm of being cut off can also the rebirth, Xia Tian also such compounded drugs, lives bone pill.

Saw Sha Lanzi to walk, the person has not understood that was how a matter. But Xia Tian actually understood, oneself guess absolute good. Although the spirit world is very big, there are many people, looks like has very possible matter very much, but Sha Lanzi and Wang Baochang really has looked like, they simply look like in a mold the quarter. Therefore Xia Tian suspected that either Sha Lanzi is Wang Bao, either Sha Lanzi is Wang Bao the brothers. However underwent his confirmation a moment ago, he discovered that Sha Lanzi should be Wang Bao the brothers. Demon main brothers running world of human beings. Because of this, therefore Xia Tian is hostile toward him, Sha Lanzi has also tacitly approved, therefore he will hear Wang Bao this name time left directly, although Wang Bao walked, but has not affected the atmosphere. After all they with own eyes watched a occurrence of miracle. 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron! This absolutely is a legend, but the person of testimony this legend is these people on the scene, this is, although to the present that they personally see they do not believe that this is real, but this truly real. Xia Tian broke the legend, broke the limit. Speed of this news like wind has disseminated, nearby all cities immediately heard this news, after they hear this news, all shocked. This ranking unexpectedly has six is the person in day of Yong city, this day Yong city has it can be said that shown off, moreover five are the Zhao Family people, including four are the Zhao Family young masters, one is the Zhao Family servant. But captures ranking first, is the Zhao Family servant. In day Yong city. City Lord Mansion already thorough chaotic, all people are bustling about, they are preparing to greet the return of hero. But Zhao Family.

Zhao Family was busier, person who at this time ahead of time comes to give a present everywhere, Zhao Family Patriarch early smiled could not close including the mouth, this Zhao Family felt proud and elated finally, has taken first ten in five at one fell swoop. Moreover has taken one first. This Zhao Family wanted not to be hot is difficult. Great, is great, what did our that heroes call to come?” On the face of head of the clan Zhao Family is the excited look. Head of the clan, called Xia Tian, was seven sons' servants.” Butler said. What servant, changed a statement to me, that was the hero, the Zhao Family hero, seventh child's sworn brothers, understood?” Head of the clan Zhao Family these words have hauled all of a sudden in relations between Xia Tian and Zhao Family. From now henceforth, Xia Tian was also the Zhao Family person. Regardless of after him, what develops, everybody remembers that he is the Zhao Family person, moreover is seven sons' sworn brothers, if some people want to look for the trouble of Zhao Family, that must think the consequence. Zhao Family has one to be able hand to lift ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) super talent to be the backer. Arranges to well to me the seventh child that greeting the team must place to the city gate position directly, this goes to each crossroad have the person who our Zhao Family greets all the way.” The Zhao Family Patriarch instruction said. City Lord now is also very happy. The day Yong city is he manages, now the day Yong city presented these many outstanding youth juniors all of a sudden, that above person will distribute the reward, although the day Yong city is only the Rank 1 city, but the day Yong city has proven with the strength, it is one has the potential city. Time that City Lord of day Yong city this time gets together again and so on finally can feel proud and elated, gains ground to throw out the chest. Prepares the best meat and food to me, the team of welcome must be magnificent.” City Lord Mansion and Zhao Family very excited, but other how many situations were not too good, although Li Yuan dominates this time to break through, but he is not in the day of Yong city first, although the noun rose, but is not the day of Yong city first, before City Lord has also been able to look like, looks after their family? Definitely cannot, therefore they somewhat do not select happily. But Sun Family and Mu Rong situation was more awful, two links a disciple to rush in the woods of Songyuan does not have, therefore they do not have including the noun, being a mass of cuts and bruises that loses.

Although the day Yong city, lifts the city to rejoice now, but how their these two families are happy. 10,000 jin (0.5 kg), interesting.” Saying that Miss zither Xiao the bullet hit qin thought aloud. Young lady, that person is quite truly strange, on previous time him your ship to provoke probably Li Yuanba, but this time he has held up 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron directly, this broke the legend.” Em, am I unattractive?” Miss zither Xiao asked. Young lady was certainly pretty.” But he actually disregarded me.” Miss zither Xiao said. In Zhao Family. You came.” Zhao Family Patriarch very optional saying. Em!” Zhao Yushu nodded. Seventh child long face, sought the limelight greatly, the position of Patriarch candidate was his.” Patriarch said. „The previous time matter, I did not agree.” Zhao Yushu said. Rain Shu, you have also grown up, I know that you do not want to marry, but have you thought that actually you do want to marry what person? Marries that young master your future to be light . Moreover the Zhao Family future can also be light.” Patriarch consoles to say. I want to marry that to hold up the person of 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron.” Zhao Yushu opens the mouth to say directly. ------------------------ Enjoys for hitting of imperial crown clothing LLC.