Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1544

This female Xia Tian understanding. Gives him that female of Zhao Family token. Little Sister, you also came.” Seven young master excited saying. „Is she your Little Sister?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to seven young masters. Em, I give you to introduce, she is my Little Sister rain Shu, our Zhao Family glory.” Seven young masters introduced. „Are you Zhao Family super servant in that legend?” Zhao Yushu has doubts looks at Xia Tian. Volume.” Xia Tian nodded. „Don't I give you block token?” Zhao Yushu saw the Xia Tian first time recognized Xia Tian, at that time she happen to came back from outside, if were not Xia Tian, that child died absolutely. „, I gave to forget.” Xia Tian has not forgotten, has not planned to use from the start, he has not mixed by the situation that the woman eats meal. „Did you know?” Seven young master faces strange looks at Xia Tian and Zhao Yushu. Em!” They also nodded. „.” Seven young masters scolded one. He with Xia Tian has boasted also own Little Sister good, finally before their unexpectedly, knew. Was good, be not standing, City Lord and Patriarch are still waiting in front.” The big young master said. „, A bit faster passes.” Seven young masters said directly. When their group walks, City Lord and Patriarch also walked. Was laborious, the Zhao Family virtuous nephews, I represent all people in day of Yong city to thank your payouts.” Said that City Lord bowed directly, sees the City Lord movement, their several go forward also to bow hurriedly, City Lord status in that moreover their elders. City Lord, we may unable to receive.” Big young master and the others said hurriedly.

Receives, this time you could be said as for our day Yong city felt proud and elated, walked, I have arranged the banquet for you, everybody drank together well.” City Lord very open saying. Your several boys, great.” Patriarch appreciation time, especially when sees Xia Tian, nod of effort. Xia Tian now could be said as very famous. The entire day Yong city knows that Zhao Family had a super servant, seven sons' servants, have taken highest record in history. 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron. The scroll celebrates everywhere. 10,000 jin (0.5 kg), this is a legend. At this time in the day Yong city main street and small alley are celebrating these 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) matters, moreover is spreading the related Xia Tian legend everywhere. Some people said that Xia Tian is superhuman. Also some people said the Xia Tian height eight zhang (3.33 m). Also some people said that Xia Tian four eyes, looks up the day, windy rain. City Lord Mansion is very big, wants on big one time compared with Zhao Family, at this time here guest full house, sits the person here is in the day of Yong city honored and popular big figure, at this time saw that Xia Tian they walked, these people all stood. Respects the hero!” City Lord gives a loud shout, nearby servant hands over one bowl of liquor to each of them. Dry! All people all the liquor in bowl doing. Bang! Afterward City Lord falls the bowl crushes, afterward all people all with everybody the smashing that the bowl falls.

Good, below made our these heroic each people say two first, Yuan tyrant, you came first.” City Lord shouts to Li Yuanba, but Li Yuanba here celebrity, the day Yong city has not known his, he is the first person that in the youth recognizes. Thanks hospitality of City Lord.” Li Yuanba words extraordinary few, in the past he was young frivolous, he was also in the day of Yong city first, therefore he spoke at that time despises the world, he was very full to his confidence. But this time he only spoke such a few words. Volume! The Zhao Family brothers, you come.” City Lord also understands that Li Yuan dominates definitely a little does not feel better at heart, although he this time had broken through compared with before . Moreover the noun has also promoted, but he is not in the day of Yong city first. Therefore his mood is also lowly normal. I come first, I am the ranking of this setting the base set the base, ninth, but I was very happy, this time Songyuan big game compared with past wanting misery many, the Rank 5 ominous beast everywhere is, before entering the heart of Songyuan, we have also met over a thousand Rank 4 ominous beasts, if we clash hardly, that can only die finally not entire corpse, but we succeed has gone, reason that we can go, because of our heroic Xia Tian, he helped us direct these Rank 4 ominous beast of our front, therefore we had the opportunity to enter Songyuan. Heart, and attains the position.” Four young master imposing manner soaring saying: I thank hospitality of City Lord Mansion here, but also since must thank Patriarch continuously to our cultivations, otherwise we are absolutely impossible to have the so glorious opportunity.” Good, said well.” Saying of City Lord appreciation. „The brothers who can say said that although I obtained seventh, but I think that I can certainly obtain in the future am higher.” Seven young masters said. Also ha, my these younger brothers said that my this that can say eighth does not have anything said that thanked everybody to celebrate for us, our Brother Zhao Family will not disappoint everybody absolutely.” The big young master laughs was saying. Although I have attained sixth, but I also want to be higher, most at least I hope some day me to surpass Li Yuan to dominate.” Five young master light saying, he is also in the day of Yong city outstanding youth juniors. But in the day Yong city, everybody think that Li Yuanba is first, although also some people think that he possibly is second, but everybody is only willing to remember the first person, is actually not willing to remember the second person. Therefore he has hoped one defeat Li Yuanba, takes this first. After their several said that all people all looked to Xia Tian. Because Xia Tian is today's lead, he is that holds up the person of 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron. Regarding everybody, they want to listen to this mysterious and formidable youngster will say anything here, perhaps they to seek one flaunted, later they have opportunity again this situation time can also study study Xia Tian. I, I am a servant, the Zhao Family seven sons' servants.” Xia Tian spoke such simple words, but was such a few words makes all people all shock. At this time the Xia Tian status, that absolutely be higher than all people, but he is willing to acknowledge now one is a servant, matter that this is the face, but his unexpectedly does not care, thus it can be seen, actually his heart is how broad.

Moreover he also said his status. Zhao Family seven sons' servants. Seven sons' servants so are fierce, after that seven young masters, certainly must make a rapid career advance. Hey, interesting.” In the corner, a female shows a faint smile. Zhao Yushu hears this sound time turned the head to look directly: Is you! When do you come back?” ------------------------------------- Looked that «Top Grade Versatile Students» gets rid of the life of unmarried dog, today the pair 11, did the brothers prepare to escape the list? As the saying goes, the man does not go bad, woman does not love. The women like the behavior badly bad boy, but the innermost feelings must be safe. First works to want the atmosphere, must make the woman feel that has the face very much, for example the birthday scene in preamble, naturally, dot. The female students also like the disposition sunlight, the male student of speech comedy, has not certainly been able to be vulgar, in way books of these comedies also had, everybody can study. After here society knowledge can go to most goddess. First, you must guarantee that the goddess is unmarried, next goes to close goddess intentionally, making him see your sunlight aggressive side, then starts to the goddess personal maidservant quietly, making her speak well for you, finally is you needs to do slightly some romantic, then vindicated with the goddess before many people that naturally the gift or the scene did not use too in a big way, but was attentive. PS: Today's after before down, will write teaches everybody to escape the single way and comedy words, the brothers, I can only help you to this.