Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1545
Xia Tian these words gave fully the Zhao Family face. Also to fully seven young master faces. Today seven young masters want not to be hot difficultly, Zhao Family wanted not to be hot is more difficult. Was good, our heroes spoke, then takes a seat.” City Lord very heroic saying. He led Xia Tian and the others to arrive at the seat of honor directly. The seat of honor is no one can sit, the person who Xia Tian their several enter the ranking has this qualifications, next is Patriarch of day of Yong city four respected families, City Lord, naturally, Zhao Yushu also had the qualifications to sit here. However at this time by Zhao Yushu also sat a female, the appearance of this female does not miss compared with Zhao Yushu, her eye is very big, making the person seem feels the ancient spirit demon. „Are you that hero in their mouth?” That female looked that asked to Xia Tian. I am not the hero, is only a servant.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Xia Tian is seventh child's sworn brothers, is our Zhao Family person.” Zhao Family Patriarch said hurriedly, although Xia Tian will say to the Zhao Family long face, but he must care about the Xia Tian status. After all now Xia Tian broke the person of legend. Holds up 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron, even if their these established Expert cannot achieve. You like immediately the person so much, that gives me immediately the person!” That female said. Huanhuan.” City Lord said hurriedly: Xia little brother, should not be angry, my daughter, was spoiled by me since childhood.” Miss what was really more and more attractive . Moreover the talent was high, over 20 years old, the strength has pressed up to our these old fogies.” Zhao Family Patriarch said. My this is anything, rain Sister Shu called fiercely, rain Sister Shu joined the day Lingshan two years, the strength has achieved cauldron Rank 8, our nearby entrance inside all people have all heard the rain Sister Shu's given name, otherwise Xu eldest son will not have a liking for our family rain Sister Shu not.” what Huanhuan said.

„Is Huanhuan, teased me including you.” Zhao Yushu honk drew out mouth. I hear some people to discuss me.” At this moment, a heroic spirit threatening man walked from behind, sees him to come, the head of the clan of City Lord and four respected families have all stood. Xu Shao, how you came.” City Lord opens the mouth to ask, his manner is polite. The Xu Shao status of thus it can be seen just having is not simple, everybody should guess correctly from what Huanhuan the words a moment ago a point, that is this Xu Shao is pursuing Zhao Yushu. Your several, have seen Xu Shao, but Xu Shao in the Rank 3 city the Xu Family juniors, are the disciples of Qing Yun (Clear Sky) mountain, the talent is very high.” City Lord is Xia Tian and the others introduced. Li Yuanba holds the fist in the other hand with Zhao Family several young master 11 pairs of Xu Shao, only then Xia Tian sits there eats the thing, as if has not seen Xu Shao to be the same. Xia Tian, has seen Xu Shao.” Zhao Family Patriarch said hurriedly. Has seen Xu Shao.” Xia Tian lazily saying, although he said that has seen Xu Shao, but he has not lifted, has not stood up, the manner is very optional. This little brother is in legend holds up the person of 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron, I do not believe this is real, the little brother, said to look that actually you used any method to hold up that cauldron, do not tell me depending on the truly learned and genuinely talented, deceived others to be good, in my useless.” Xu Shao felt that Xia Tian does not give him the face, although the Xia Tian reputation now is resounding. The person who however in his eyes, in the Rank 1 city comes out no matter what, does not match with him is coordinated. Because he is the person who in the Rank 3 city comes out. This had been discovered by you, is it possible that do you have the X-Ray Vision eye? However your skill definitely compared with that several person of Nine cauldrons gate, otherwise why they cannot look, but you are away from such to look.” Xia Tian has lifted the head, a face admiration looks at Xu Shao. Hears in the Xia Tian mouth to mention the Nine cauldrons gate, moreover such a Freshman charge will buckle all of a sudden above him, immediately secretly thought is not good, although he is the person in Rank 3 city, but compares with the Nine cauldrons gate, the sons of the influential in this Rank 3 city may anything not calculate: Do not speak irresponsibly, I do not have that meaning, I guess.” „, Guesses, I guess that the young master you certainly are positive. Atrophy. Early. Releasing. Nature. Does not have. Can, not mind that I guess.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Hears Xia Tian these words, City Lord and the others the complexion changes, they know the matter, or was good.

Drinks, everybody drinks.” City Lord said hurriedly. Bang! A Xu Shao palm patted on the table: Snort, do you court death?” What's wrong? To kill me? However I must remind you, generally wants to kill my person to be killed by me, therefore you must prepare for by that I kill.” A Xia Tian face badly smiles looks at Xu Shao. Boy, I told you, my temperament was not good.” Saying of Xu Shao coldly, if not look in the City Lord face, he perhaps already began. Changes!” Xia Tian said. Changes!!! Hears the Xia Tian words, in addition his optional manner, on all faces is the heavy line. You court death!” Xu Shao said that must begin. Xu Shangqing, here was the day of Yong city, was not your family.” Zhao Yushu expression ice-cold saying. Rain Shu!!” Xu Shao noticed that Zhao Yushu spoke, hurried face smiling face looked to Zhao Yushu. Please call me full name Zhao Yushu, I and your relations not good to such.” Zhao Yu Shu Fei often impolite saying, no matter what everyone can look, the atmosphere is awkward, Xu Shaoxian was provoked by Xia Tian, now so is dug the face by Zhao Yushu, this time could not get out. Although before Zhao Yushu, quite resists Xu Shao proposing, but she had estimated Xu Shao face, has not stated clearly, but this time her unexpectedly was in front of these many people to make Xu Shao unable to get out directly. Xu Shangqing tooth bit, afterward changed Xia Tian the vision. In the world always does not lack this person, bullies the weak and fears the strong, he does not dare to provoke Zhao Yushu, then wants to aim at Xia Tian the spear point, vents anger with Xia Tian, then manifests his formidable strength.

„Does boy, I hear you very good?” Xu Shangqing looks at saying of Xia Tian coldly. I only think peaceful works as a handsome man.” Xia Tian said. Hears the Xia Tian words, Zhao Yushu shows a faint smile, by Xia Tian amusing. Saw Zhao Yushu unexpectedly amusing by Xia Tian, Xu Shangqing was angry, he clenched teeth, afterward directly to shouting: Boy, you courts death.” His these words shouted the time, all people all looked to here, but this table of atmosphere of also completely coagulated. Yeah, the big young masters in Rank 3 city are different, I eat meal in this, anything has not done must kill me, you kill me.” Xia Tian exhibits you have been able to begin at any time the manner. Xu Shangqing, do not go too far.” Zhao Yushu also erupted. Right, here reminded, my these chapters of following words did not collect fees, because this book died according to thousand characters collects fees, therefore came out not to collect fees less than the places of thousand characters, my above content was more than 2000 characters, therefore received 2000 characters before, but the following these bubble little girl skills were several hundred characters, did not arrive at thousand characters not to collect fees. Comedy words when with beauty communication: The good B perfume cannot do the fragrant-flowered garlic box again. beauty, your husband fell the ground( then lying down silently on the ground.) Sees the goddess to carry the thing, carries directly thing, if the goddess said that is not heavy I to take, you told her these things I take, you will help me with a heavier thing, the goddess curiously ask you at this time, was anything. You extended your another hand saying: Is it. PS: Wish everybody pair 11 to escape the list, the following two chapters will have the classical sentence, thanks everybody to support.