Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1546

Sometimes, the contradiction between men not big. But once had the woman to mix, that matter affirmation small, Xu Shangqing anger originally was very big, at this time heard Zhao Yushu such to shout with him that his mood was worse. He now only then an idea, that kills Xia Tian. In his eyes, Xia Tian is only ants. Strength he, background he is not big. World that although the spirit world is Expert is Venerable, but if no protection of respected family big influence, that same allows to be oppressed. In outside, so long as you said that you are the disciple of any mountain, the average people are not willing to provoke you, because the spirit world entrance and respected families hide shortcomings, in this has contradiction that is not any important matter, once outside some people dare to bully their person, that is not absolutely good. Because this is the issue of honor, had been bullied one time by others, that also some people dare to bully you next time. Xu Shangqing strength was not bad, cauldron Rank 7, only missed a rank compared with Zhao Yushu, but Xia Tian was only Earth Grade is greatly complete, the strength day left badly, completely was not a scale, after Heaven Grade. Below strength cauldron Rank 5 disparity is not quite actually big, once the reality is above cauldron Rank 5, that each Rank 1 is the day badly leaves. Therefore in the strength, Xu Shangqing suppressed Xia Tian completely. Next is the background. Xia Tian is only in a Rank 1 city the Zhao Family servant, although Zhao Family Patriarch enhanced his status saying that intentionally he was seven sons' sworn brothers, but was so, can compare with him? He is in the Rank 3 city the Xu Family young master . Moreover the disciple of Qing Yun (Clear Sky) mountain. These two status take one casually is very scary. Reason that Zhao Yushu has that high status in Zhao Family, nobody dares to move seven young masters , because Zhao Yushu is the person in day Lingshan. Thus it can be seen, after becoming the entrance disciple, is how influential. These two status add, Xu Shangqing also ends oppressively Xia Tian in the status and status.

Therefore is he wants Xia Tian dead, nobody dares to block, because nobody is to offend his such one to have the person of formidable backer. Boy, do you want to hide in a woman behind?” Xu Shangqing used the method of goading somebody into action directly. His unexpectedly copes with Xia Tian with the method of goading somebody into action, this was really too comedy, who was Xia Tian? Xia Tian saw various wealthy family young masters on Earth, he has never paid attention to Xu Shangqing. Although Xu Shangqing strength compared with him, the background was older than him, but he was just in front of a Xia Tian stepping-stone. You must kill me is right? Why?” Xia Tian has put down the chopsticks in oneself hand, sat looks at Xu Shangqing there calmly. At this time their bearing was very obvious. Xia Tian sits here the elegant bearing, making the person seem is a very safe person, but Xu Shangqing was different, at this time he stood there threatens, reddens all over the face, as if experienced the big matter to be the same, was exceptionally excited. Their contrasts were too obvious. Depends on my strength compared with you, my background is older than you.” Xu Shangqing said directly. Xu Shangqing, I told you, I have decided that I will not marry you, I must marry marry him, in my eyes, he was a hero.” Zhao Yushu points at Xia Tian to say. When hears Zhao Yushu these words, all people were all shocked. But Zhao Yushu day arrogant female, the goddesses in day Yong city all person hearts, but her present unexpectedly said that must marry Xia Tian. Since old times beauty loved the hero. But is Xia Tian a hero? No, Xia Tian is rascal, at most is a chief. Each beauty, splendid and successful beauty hopes one can marry a chief, because they think that they can turn into the good person a chief, this is the control desire of woman. Is just like the man always to hope that has a bad effect on a chaste woman, but often they meet these Ji time, always wants to urge Ji to become an honest woman.

This is the instinct of man and woman. Good that the old saying said that the man does not go bad, the woman does not love, you display how seriously uselessly side a woman, the woman will possibly have moved to you, such woman will also pretend very properly, the final two people have not waited for the love time. Suddenly killed a very wild man, crazy pursue this woman, and took this woman, the heart of that this woman finally absolutely with this crazy person, but before was not, that serious person. Also can hit the individual place. Goes to KTV most to attract the woman attention often is sings of pleasant to hear, person who can manage the general situation, but is not that type opens mouth is the national anthem or is Ao Shu the person. Zhao Yushu these words. The scene was not only Xu Shangqing was shocked, the head of the clan and Zhao Family of that several family that several brothers all were also shocked, that what Huanhuan of her side. One generation of goddess Zhao Yushu, unexpectedly said on own initiative must marry Xia Tian. Scene exceptionally peaceful. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment, the sound broke the peace of scene together, but said these words was not others, was Xia Tian. Hears Xia Tian to speak, all people all looked to Xia Tian, but the Xia Tian vision is looking at Zhao Yushu: „Haven't I complied to marry you probably?” Humph! Hears the Xia Tian words, scene in an uproar. Day Yong city first goddess Zhao Yushu of must marry Xia Tian on own initiative, Xia Tian unexpectedly rejected. This simply is huge news. Hears the Xia Tian words, Zhao Yushu was shocked, she is helping Xia Tian get free, but Xia Tian unexpectedly is in front of these many people to reject her, this really made her lose face. Seven young masters and the others also hoodwinked.

Does does not understand that actually now is any situation. But Xu Shangqing complexion turned into the sauce purple, Zhao Yushu who he has pursued said on own initiative must marry this person, this person unexpectedly has also rejected, this is hitting his face. He felt at this time Xia Tian probably was saying: Your that she works as the treasure, I may unable to have a liking. Zhao Yushu looks at Xia Tian to ask: „Am I very bad?” I am not ripe with you, how I know that you are bad!” Xia Tian said. Why do you so directly reject me?” Zhao Yushu puzzled asking. Person who I have liking.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Hears Xia Tian these words time, Zhao Yushu has a frustration, but she suddenly discovered own unexpectedly does not hate Xia Tian, instead is felt that Xia Tian looks like a real man very much, outside not by others' enticement. At this time she also really has one type to marry Xia Tian impulsed. Depends on person who you like also to match compared with rain Shu? The boys, my backer is older than you, I want you dead, nobody can block, moreover I can make you have many causes of death.” Xu Shangqing coldly looks at Xia Tian. „, You said the backer, I have.” Xia Tian put out a badge to hang in the front directly. Ps: The brothers, said something to smooth things over with beauty should better not to choose strange beauty actually, but side must choose, if own circle were small, that expanded own circle, knew with the friend of friend. Goes to some female student quite many places, studies thing that some female students are interested. After turning on a record player, starts to demonstrate that your humor has been OK, naturally, what is main is must have the connotation, making the person seem you sunny and vigor, but was not an interest hobby saying, except for playing the game reads the novel.