Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1547

When Xia Tian puts out this badge, Xu Shangqing and City Lord and the others were shocked. Nine cauldrons gate faith token.” They knew that this is any thing. Nine cauldrons gate faith token. In the Nine cauldrons gate legend is Yu Wang the posterity, the entire mainland has the Nine cauldrons gate person everywhere, heart of there person Songyuan is the Nine cauldrons gate person, the Nine cauldrons gate strength is wrapped in a shroud of obscurity, person who no person dares to provoke the Nine cauldrons gate. How is this possible?” Xu Shangqing whole face inconceivable looks at the Xia Tian front that Nine cauldrons gate faith token: Vacation, is certainly false.” Fool, you thinks that I this year am 18 years old, holds up 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron by the Earth Grade greatly complete strength, the Nine cauldrons gate meets does not pay attention to me?” Xia Tian looked that said to Xu Shangqing, when the surrounding person hears the Xia Tian 18-year-old time, they were shocked completely. They have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is only 18 years old. 18 years old are greatly complete to Earth Grade on cultivation, this is very quick speed, moreover his unexpectedly has lifted 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) cauldron by the Earth Grade greatly complete strength, this is the how terrifying strength. „, The Nine cauldrons gate has sent out the invitation to me, I momentarily can join the Nine cauldrons gate.” Although Xia Tian does not plan to join the Nine cauldrons gate temporarily, but he must protect itself using the Nine cauldrons gate reputation. In the spirit world, not having the backer to go on living is very difficult. Especially bumped into Xu Shangqing such person, his strength, the background was big, if did not need the Nine cauldrons gate to suppress him, he will get rid to cope with Xia Tian absolutely. Now since he knew the Xia Tian background, he most at least on outwardly does not dare to get rid to Xia Tian, moreover after and other Xia Tian returned to Zhao Family, he obtained a day of erysipelas, he can break through to Heaven Grade. Once he breaks through Heaven Grade, then he also had the ability of self-preservation. When the time comes was Xu Shangqing wants covertly to kill Xia Tian not to be perhaps simple. „Do you also want to kill me now?” Xia Tian looked that said to Xu Shangqing. Snort,” Xu Shangqing cold snort, direct turn around left afterward: This matter I such will not consider as finished.”

He has only left behind such a few words, afterward turn around leaves directly. After the matter, the atmosphere was a little awkward, what Huanhuan badly has been smiling looks at Xia Tian. At this time only then a Xia Tian person in the there big mouth is eating. Several Senior, I respect your one cup.” Seven young masters noticed that the atmosphere said awkwardly hurriedly, his these broke the awkward atmosphere directly, everybody has also drunk, but has the atmosphere of several people very strange. Xia Tian has lowered the head to eat there. Zhao Yushu is looking at Xia Tian, nobody knows that she is thinking anything, what Huanhuan is looks at Zhao Yushu and Xia Tian who a face badly smiles. Meanwhile in a graceful room. Young lady, latest news, that the person who called Xia Tian Xu Shangqing who the Rank 3 city came insulting, has rejected then also Zhao Yushu.” „? Was really getting more and more interesting.” Zhao Family! After the banquet had ended, they returned to Zhao Family, Xia Tian to go back later to discover own unexpectedly also independent courtyards, moreover inside facility very entire, anything had. Meat, no, miracle cure and spirit stone. Although the quantity are not many, but seemed also has the treatment of young master rank. In Zhao Family Patriarch room. „The seventh child, the position of this Patriarch candidate was your, I hope that you can make the family move toward Zhao Family Patriarch to say magnificently. Relax, Sir Patriarch.” Seven young master respectful saying.

Here, only then you and I, you can call my father.” Zhao Family Patriarch said. Considers as finished, I already routine called your Sir Patriarch.” Seven young masters show a faint smile. Good, I do not demand you.” Zhao Family Patriarch said. Sir Patriarch, I need the day erysipelas.” Saying that seven young masters come straight to the point. That boy wants, I do not want to you, boy unexpectedly to be in front of that many people to reject my daughter actually, loses face very much.” Zhao Family Patriarch said. Many thanks Sir Patriarch.” After seven young masters direct has snatched the day erysipelas, ran the room. Brat.” Zhao Family Patriarch helpless shaking the head. At this time in Zhao Family mood not best was two young master their this group of people, now they had been disregarded, seven young master’s rays have covered them completely, Patriarch announced a moment ago, seven young masters now are the Patriarch candidates. At this time they spent many painstaking care also to be useless. The general situation has decided. Just started them also to incite seven young masters and big young master and the others the contradictions, but now the big young master their unexpectedly also and seven young masters has become reconciled, not only disagreed seven young masters to struggle, but also supported seven young masters in turn. Now what to do?” Eight young masters asked. Endures, we must endure this pass, moreover we must enclasp, otherwise the seventh child will certainly cope our.” Two young masters said. But the seventh child usually likely is not that person, now the Boss they take the seventh child, or we also took, perhaps otherwise the later day can not feel better.” Saying that six young masters worry about. „It is not good, is not absolutely good, his present benevolent is installs, once we have pledged allegiance to him, we definitely one by one will be defeated, the Boss they pledges allegiance to first, therefore naturally gives favored treatment, but we are different, after we are, passes, will receive when the time comes definitely unfair treatment.” Two young masters stated categorically that seven young masters definitely will harm them. What to do that present changes? The surrender is not good, does not throw is not good.” Six young master depressed saying.

Now the seventh child just became the position of Patriarch candidate, he definitely does not dare to move us, now we must do is finds an opportunity to topple him.” Two young master vision firm looks to say. Topples? Topples? Has that woman, now were also many Xia Tian, we do not have the opportunity.” Eight young masters said. That woman also several days must walk, as for Xia Tian, he also will definitely walk, our small temples may unable to supply this Bodhisattva, after he walked, we begin, was not good directly has been the seventh child.” In two young master vision divulged the mean look. At this time in Xia Tian room. Bang! The Xia Tian gate was trampled a foot. I said that you have not to have politeness a little, does not know that this knocks on a door first?” Saying that Xia Tian is not feeling well, trampled the gate a moment ago is not others, is seven young masters. „, I think that you worry to want the day erysipelas, has rushed, looked that your appearance does not want probably, that considers as finished, I carry off see somebody off.” Seven young masters said to toward leaving. Whiz! The form appears in his front together. On this time Xia Tian face has piled up with the smiling face: Seventh Brother, are you thirsty, do my you steep tea?” ________________________ PS: Naturally, behind the first four chapters said is ** the counterattack of silk, if you are Gao Fu are graceful, can neglect. Simultaneously here sought to recommend ticket, the monthly ticket and hits to enjoy. Asked everybody to support the legal copy, legal copy address: chuangshi. qq. com or lands QQ to read, cell phone QQ can watch.