Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1548
Has saying that speed that Xia Tian turns hostile was really too quick. Was one must a moment ago the appearance that seven young masters drove out, but he actually turned into another appearance now, a face curried favor with sees seven young masters: Seventh Brother, you, if hungry my also had the meat.” „, I do not eat your thing, the thing gives you, I walked.” Seven young masters threw the day erysipelas to Xia Tian. Hey, didn't you tell me one this to take? What has to abstain from or needs match what to take?” Xia Tian shouts loudly, is seven young masters already the disappearing trace. „, Such does not have the loyalty.” Xia Tian scolded one. Xia Tian turns on the small jar, flame compounded drug appears in his hands. This may the flame compounded drug tentacle not be hot, moreover makes him have a very cool feeling, Xia Tian just touched to this flame compounded drug time, on feeling put Buddha to grasp an ice piece to be the same. Should take directly.” Xia Tian said that has thrown into own mouth directly. He waited for that this day erysipelas waited too for a long time, now he wants to break through Heaven Grade impatiently. When under he takes this day erysipelas, he feels around the own body hot element to be clear, oneself probably hover to be the same in the flame, moreover his within the body the small fire dragon on shoulder also as if in continuous to his within the body vomit flames. This was too mysterious, is this feeling of Heaven Grade? Getting a light from another light element unexpectedly has the so high sensitivity.” Xia Tian felt before own present getting a light from another light element the sensitivity enough is ten times. He believes that own present uses the day hot words, before the attack that he makes can also be ten times. But before him, thinks after one break through to Heaven Grade, own overall strength will stiffen, is, the ice, the water, the earth ability has not stiffened, as if is also needs the day erysipelas this class treasure compounded drug to break through. In the day erysipelas entire day Yong city only then Zhao Family has, moreover one year can refine one merely.

That other and compounded drug of day erysipelas similar effect, was definitely precious. After breaking through Heaven Grade, Xia Tian the place of dantian presented cloud, is Fire Cloud, this Fire Cloud the place above of small insect. Kid, I warned you, you absolutely my Fire Cloud swallowing.” The Xia Tian reminder said that this is his fountainhead of present strength, if by the small insect swallowing, him must turn into the average person. Present Xia Tian is happy. He finally broke through to Heaven Grade, present he was also Heaven Grade Expert. Although is only cauldron Rank 1, but he gets rid now is the day fire, the day fire were too more than ordinary flame, if at this time lets seven young masters and Xia Tian to the fist, seven young masters definitely are not the matches. Because the Xia Tian flame has restrained his flame completely. Moreover the hydro-energy to subdue fire, this also is only restricted in the same level rank the water and fire, if wants with the ordinary water the hot element resistance of element and Xia Tian, that is impossible to win, the volunteer fire brigade of opposite party was swallowed by Xia Tian instantaneously. What is main was present Xia Tian has been able to arrange Rank 3 Formation, in the spirit world, the Rank 1 Formation master possible quantity to be many, where the Rank 2 Formation master will arrive at to be noted, but where regardless of the Rank 3 Formation master arrived, he was ten thousand people focuses attention on, will be these respected families also will provide for him. Can say, once became the Rank 3 Formation master, which regardless of arrives cannot starve to death. What other Xia Tian and Formation master are different, Formation that other Formation master can use is limited, moreover their cultivation Formation time consumes the time, some large-scale Formation they even also need to study for one year to study to understand, consumes the resources. Therefore does not have the respected family to support, they are unable to continue to study Formation, moreover wanted to promote to use the rank of Formation more difficult. Draws an analogy, if the spirit world has ten Rank 2 Formation masters, in that finally this only then can turn into the Rank 3 Formation master.

Rank 3 Formation was existence in legend. Is no one can turn. I also walk the shortcut, did not need to study diligently Formation to other Formation master such all day, did not need to seek for Formation like other Formation masters everywhere, Rank 3 Formation in my brain reached as high as more than 100, other Formation master turns into Rank 3 Formation master also merely only such 1-2 Formation, wanting many Formation to buy, met or the big city to here big sales buys, but these Formation were very expensive, these Formation in my present mind is the broken day remains, he was affirmative also to spend many Kungfu to make at that time. Hits finally with the Ancient hand imprint.” Xia Tian could be said as has picked a pork pie in vain, before had not come the spirit world time, actually he could not feel the broken day fierce, but he finally understands now some broken day multi- cow B, the broken day strength was immeasurably deep, moreover Rank 5 Formation, perhaps in spirit world meeting were not many. In addition he Ancient hand imprint of meeting. No wonder he will be sneak attacked, wooden show in Linfeng must destroy it! He was too outstanding, has caused others' envy, moreover definitely also many people wanted to snatch these Formation in his hand. If I, when does not have the ability to protect my Formation master status, I will not make others know that I am the Formation master, otherwise I will be also same will bring in the fatal disaster.” Xia Tian now is the Rank 3 Formation master, but before his absolutely not again person, displays, otherwise that many eyes are staring at him, which person guarantees not to permit to disclose the news, he will enter finally possibly becomes a fugitive the profession. Formation will turn into his card in a hand. Only the critical time, or crucial moment, he will use Rank 3 Formation. Although now he is only a cauldron Rank 1 strength, however in day Yong city small place, he temporarily is safe, because breaks through him after Heaven Grade, had the ability of self-preservation. ! When Xia Tian opens the door, seven young masters and big young master they are drinking in the courtyard. Sees Xia Tian to come out, they all looked to Xia Tian.

Bang! Seven young masters fight with the fists. Bang! Xia Tian also fights with the fists. When two walls with flues for heating hit in together, seven sons' walls with flues for heating disintegrate instantaneously, but several other people also hurriedly leave that stone table, the direction that because the Xia Tian fist hits is their here. Bang! Stone table instantaneously hit smashing. That several brothers all is a face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, because Xia Tian just broke through Heaven Grade with seven young masters to contend to occupy to have the matter, moreover what Xia Tian uses is the day fire. I want to see your Little Sister.” Xia Tian looked that said to seven young masters.