Almighty Student - Volume 16 - Chapter 1549

After Xia Tian breaks through Heaven Grade, with seven young masters right a fist, this fist made him see the day hot might. Similarly also made big young master den see his place of fierce personally. Xia Tian just broke through Heaven Grade. Seven young masters are cauldron Rank 4 Expert, but seven young master unexpectedly are not his match. Thus it can be seen, actually the Xia Tian present strength is strong, his talent is high. Fierce, is really fierce.” Five young master to praise sighed. They have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can be so strong. However hears the Xia Tian words, their how many were shocked, Xia Tian unexpectedly must see Zhao Yushu, before Xia Tian had rejected Zhao Yushu, now does he want to see Zhao Yushu for what? Regretted? This is also normal, but after all Zhao Yushu the goddess in day Yong city. All ray collections in a goddess. Good, I help you call her.” Seven young masters said. Which you told me her to live, I went on the line, you continued to drink, when I one will come back us to drink together.” Xia Tian said. Good!” Seven young masters nodded, afterward he told Xia Tian Zhao Yushu residence. Xia Tian went out of own courtyard directly, after he walks, person who these saw his all notified him, calls him for Young Master Xia.

The manner is good. Zhao Yushu residence is away from Xia Tian not to be far, walked less than ten minutes he to arrive at the entrance of Zhao Yushu Residence. Thump! Xia Tian has sounded Zhao Yushu front door. . Young Master Xia!!” The maidservant of opening the door sees Xia Tian time is also on the face one startled, after all Xia Tian but now Zhao Family wind and cloud figure, nobody did not know that all Zhao Family people saw Xia Tian to call a Young Master Xia. Helps me notify.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Saw that Xia Tian has smiled with oneself, the face of that maidservant immediately one red: Young Master Xia, the young lady said that if were you came, did not use the circular.” „?” Xia Tian has not thought that Zhao Yushu unexpectedly knows he must come. Walks, Young Master Xia.” The maidservants said. The maidservants brought Xia Tian to go to living room, afterward bowed slightly: Young Master Xia, you waits a while here, I notify.” Xia Tian nodded. He discovered that this courtyards and other courtyards are different, in this courtyard has to gather spirit, but other courtyards do not have, including Xia Tian and seven young masters, thus it can be seen Zhao Yushu in the Zhao Family status actually high. After a half hour, Zhao Yushu of red long skirt walked from behind.

Today's Zhao Yu Shu Fei is often attractive, she as if underwent the careful appearance, when a lust red long gown a little looks like the marriage new bride, a little looks like a beautiful butterfly. Volume!” Xia Tian stares slightly. Jade, how does not give Young Master Xia to serve tea.” Zhao Yushu said. Which my is any Young Master Xia, I am a servant.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Young Master Xia did not need to disparage itself, you close right up against your strength to obtain the present status, this was in itself you tests own effort to come, therefore called your young master point also right, most at least closed right up against the family to be called young master’s person compared with other.” Zhao Yushu said. Actually I am want to ask you to help today.” Xia Tian is a little been also embarrassed, therefore he who Zhao Yushu praised cut into the subject directly. „? Young Master Xia has anything, although told.” Zhao Yushu said. „Can you be not so polite, feels strangely, moreover told anything, I want to ask your matter.” Xia Tian said. Good.” Zhao Yushu shows a faint smile: What matter?” Is this, I want to know the matter of related crevice prison.” Xia Tian said. Crevice prison? How will you know this place?” Zhao Yushu asked. „After this, explained again that now I want to know the matter of crevice prison, where it, how passes.” Xia Tian asked. I know that the matter of related crevice prison are not many, I only know that is the spirit world biggest prison, it is said inside prisoner is the bastard rank, everyone is figure in talent, or in spirit world renowned big figure, I also heard the person who in detains has Nine cauldrons Expert, but that is only the legend, where does not know as for its me.” Zhao Yushu said. Hears detains Nine cauldrons Expert time, the heart of Xia Tian sinks, he is not clear, actually the deicide is how runs away from inside.

He just started to think that the deicides can run away from inside, definitely have the opportunity, but he has not thought that in unexpectedly has Nine cauldrons Expert. How does that place bar up Nine cauldrons Expert?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. It is said inside handcuff and foot chain are build by the special material quality, regardless of any person by the handcuffs on, that is spiritual energy cannot use . Moreover the meat stamina quantity will become will be also same as the average person.” Zhao Yushu said. „!” Xia Tian nodded, if so, that Brother Xiaoma was not dangerous, otherwise is unable to contend with other inside criminals by the Brother Xiaoma strength absolutely. I heard that is the spirit world first big prison, has gone, that was for a lifetime impossible to come out, only if spent the high price to go the person to pull out, but that high price cannot leave including Nine cauldrons Expert probably.” Zhao Yushu said. Hears to be able the person pulls out, on face of Xia Tian immediately one happy, although Zhao Yushu said that Nine cauldrons Expert does not have that much money, but Xia Tian is different, he is confident to himself, he can certainly accumulate these money, Brother Xiaoma pulling out, but his also important matters, which that is finds out the crevice prison now, how to pull out the person. Otherwise he has received when the time comes enough money, he cannot pull out Brother Xiaoma. How can know the crevice prison in which more news?” Xia Tian asked. In our day Lingshan has the books of record crevice prison probably, but I have not looked specifically too, after all enters the opportunity in library to be precious, therefore after we go, little will look there uselessly . Moreover the time limitedly is found any related cultivation looks at anything.” Zhao Yushu answered. The book collection pavilion in day Lingshan is not casual can go , needs the degree of contribution to go, goes in one time also to have the time limit, the people who therefore these go in treasure the opportunity that oneself go. The matter of related crevice prison is the Eight Trigrams type book, will not have gone to waste the time on this Eight Trigrams, they are look at the related cultivation thing, can enhance the strength the books. Xia Tian clenched teeth, afterward looks up to Zhao Yushu, kept a serious look, incomparably earnest asking: How can join day Lingshan?”